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caribbean calcite carribean calcite caribbean blue calcite caribbean stone

Caribbean Calcite Meaning Properties And Benefits

caribbean calcite carribean calcite caribbean blue calcite caribbean stone

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Caribbean calcite can remove negativity from your life and condition your aura to attract only positive energies into your space. It is an excellent choice if you are seeking a stone that will help you relax and find inner peace.

What Is Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean calcite is a beautiful combination of aragonites of white, blue, and light brown. It was discovered in Pakistan, notably lined with druzy. Since then, its quickly become a popular choice for jewelry and other decorative items. The colors of the calcite and aragonite complement each other perfectly, and the overall effect is stunning. 

Caribbean crystal also makes a unique and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

Even with such a carbonate mineral combination, the carribean calcite hardness ranges between 3 to 3.5. Suffice it to say that it’s a delicate crystal. 

Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Caribbean calcite brings therapeutic relaxation to those who gaze upon it. It is said to heal the spirit and offer internal vision, awareness, and psychological peace. 

This stone is also known for clearing negativities from the mind and body.

What Does Caribbean Calcite Do? 

caribbean calcite carribean calcite caribbean blue calcite caribbean stone

Caribbean calcite is quite the gem. This stone is known for its ability to bring calmness, confidence, and belief in oneself. It also helps with clearing negative energy and provides deep sleep, which is great for those who have insomnia.

The crystal’s powerful energy can help you overcome any fear or anxiety you may experience. It can also help with stress and depression, as well as emotional wounds from past relationships or other situations you have experienced. 

Caribbean Calcite Properties

1) Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties

The most well-known use for caribbean calcite is as a stone to remove negative energy from the body, thus allowing the body to function more effectively. 

This can be done by placing the stone on your body during bedtime or in the morning. You can also carry caribbean crystal in your pocket or purse for added protection against negative energies.

Another use for caribbean stone is to cleanse and purify your aura, which will help you feel more connected with the universe. If you have trouble sleeping at night, wearing a piece of carribean stone around your neck should help you get better restful sleep.

Caribbean crystal may help balance blood pressure, improve digestion, help relieve arthritis pain, and more!

2) Caribbean Calcite Metaphysical Properties

The caribbean stone is very beneficial for grounding and centering. This is due to its strong, energetic connection to the earth and water. 

It is the perfect stone to use when you want to bring your energy down or ground yourself in a place where you are feeling uncomfortable or disoriented. It can also be used to help alleviate depression or isolation.

It’s helpful in clearing and balancing the chakras and promoting psychic abilities and spiritual growth. 

Caribbean crystal also enhances creativity, personal power, and self-confidence. But to reach this goal, the stone ensures your emotions are balanced. That numbs your self-destructive mental mode, stabilizes your aura, and allows you to focus more on your goals.

Caribbean Calcite Chakra

caribbean calcite carribean calcite caribbean blue calcite caribbean stone

Caribbean calcite has effects on the crown and third eye chakras

Crown Chakra brings connection to higher guidance, universal energy, and the divine. More so, it is also responsible for our ability to communicate with spirit. A blocked crown chakra can cause issues, including inner conflict, lack of clarity, and overthinking.

The third eye chakra is responsible for accessing your intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities. If this chakra is blocked, then we may not be able to use these abilities in our everyday lives.

Caribbean stone is also the best crystal for activating the mind and increasing psychic ability. It has recently become popular among health enthusiasts because it aids in accessing intuition through meditation or even being present in your daily life by paying attention to things like natural sounds or smells!

Caribbean Calcite Benefits

crystal point

Some benefits of caribbean calcite are connected to its properties. They include:

1) Boost Communication And Emotional Balance

Caribbean calcite is a stone of calm and balance. It helps to increase peace and harmony, while its effect on the throat chakra aids communication. That helps you to say what needs to be said or done. 

2) Activates Psychic Abilities

Caribbean stone helps to activate psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, precognition, remote viewing, and clairaudience. It also stabilizes energy & aura by increasing our ability to ground ourselves in the present moment.

3) It Boosts Spirituality

This crystal powerfully activates the third eye through which we can see beyond physical reality. It also brings spiritual awareness and enhances one’s connection with the divine. This crystal can also help you connect with your guides or higher self, enhancing your understanding of the universe.

4) It Clears Negative Emotions

Caribbean crystal helps to release past traumas and karma by stimulating the heart chakra. This crystal is an excellent tool for releasing negative emotions such as anger or regret and PTSD symptoms.

How To Use Caribbean Calcite?

caribbean calcite carribean calcite caribbean blue calcite caribbean stone

Ideally, the caribbean calcite functions best depending on environmental programming. 

1) Meditation

Caribbean stone is an embodiment of healing, cleansing, and purifying energies. To use the caribbean stone for meditation, hold the stone in your hand and allow yourself to be drawn into its energy. 

3) At Home

Try placing a piece of caribbean stone in each corner of your home. This will help to protect your home from negative energy and bad luck.

You can also use calcite to cleanse your home of negative energy by placing it in the center of your room and allowing it to absorb all the negative energy. 

Finally, you can use calcite to bring good luck into your life by placing it where you will see it often, such as on your nightstand or desk at work.

4) Jewelry

Caribbean calcite is a beautiful and unique gemstone that can be used to create stunning jewelry. You can wear this jewelry at work, and it will absorb negative energy. As a result, it’s a good move for those who want to wear jewelry with aesthetic and metaphysical properties.

How To Cleanse Caribbean Calcite?

You can place your caribbean stone on top of a selenite crystal for a few hours or overnight to cleanse it.

Alternatively, cleanse your calcite by immersing brown rice. Brown rice has negative energy absorbent properties. Lastly, you may use sage smoke. 

How To Charge Caribbean Calcite?

blue crystal heart

Caribbean blue calcite can be charged by immersing it in clear water for a minute. This can help cleanse the stone and eliminate any negative energies that may be attached to it. 

Another way to charge carribean calcite is to put it in selenite smoke. This will help to purify the stone and infuse it with positive energy.

Caribbean Calcite vs. Larimar

Despite being a calcium carbonate mineral, it looks like quartz but has a different chemical composition. Larimar’s composition often is mixed with potassium, a composition of the mineral iron, hematite, and calcite. 

Trace amounts of iron and magnesium cause larimar’s coloration. Because it contains so little salt, it does not exhibit any other unusual characteristics, such as luster or cleavage planes.

On the other hand, caribbean blue calcite is a beautiful combination of white, blue, and light brown aragonites discovered in Pakistan and notably lined with druzy.

Caribbean Calcite vs. Amazonite

Caribbean calcite and amazonite are easy to differentiate. 

Amazonite is nearly opaque, but its healing powers are somewhat related to what caribbean stone may do. Both stones are effective in relieving stress and anxiety, and they are also said to help promote relaxation and sleep.

The caribbean blue calcite is an excellent stone to use in the creation of crystal grids, as well as in crystal healing work. It has a gentle energy, perfect for meditation, dreamwork, and other creative pursuits.

The amazonite has a more energetic vibration than the caribbean stone. It can be used as additional grounding or protection stones. It can also bring new energy into your life when you need it most.

Caribbean Calcite vs. Blue Aragonite

Caribbean calcite and blue aragonite are both beautiful stones with unique healing powers. While they share some similarities in structure and composition, some key differences set them apart.

Calcite is a type of crystal known for its ability to cleanse and purify energy. It promotes mental clarity and understanding. When used in healing, calcite can help to release negative emotions and patterns. It also promotes creativity and stimulates intuitive abilities.

Blue aragonite is a type of crystal known for its ability to calm and soothe emotions. It also promotes peace and harmony. Blue aragonite can help ease anxiety and stress when used in healing.

Where To Buy Caribbean Calcite?

You can buy caribbean stone at thegreencrystal.


What Is Caribbean Calcite Good For?

Carribean calcite is a powerful stone used for many different purposes. One of its most popular uses is to balance the throat chakra. This chakra is responsible for communication and expression. 

When it is out of balance, we may feel stuck or unable to express ourselves fully. Caribbean crystal can help to re-awaken our focus and creativity and to end a bad rut that we may be in. It is also a great stone for allaying anxiety and promoting calm and peace.

What Color Is Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean is most commonly found in shades of sky blue and bright and aqua colors.

What Is The Rarest Type Of Calcite?

Gem-quality calcite is the rarest type of calcite. This translucent mineral can range from whitish to yellow, pink, or blue. 

What Is The Rarest Color Of Calcite?

The rarest color of calcite is purple. This color is only found in a few calcite deposits around the world. The purple color is caused by trace amounts of manganese in the calcite.

Can You Wash Caribbean Calcite?

You can wash caribbean stone in soapy water with a soft brush. Make sure to dry them off afterward to prevent them from rusting.

Is Caribbean Calcite Rare?

Carribean calcite is a very rare type of calcite that is only found in Pakistan. It is a beautiful stone that is prized by collectors and gemologists alike.

Is Blue Aragonite The Same As Caribbean Calcite?

Carribean calcite and blue aragonite are both calcium carbonate minerals. Despite the similarity, there are also some important differences. Calcite is much more stable than aragonite. This means that if aragonite is heated, it will transform into calcite.

What Chakra Is Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite is linked to the throat chakra, the energy center responsible for communication and self-expression.

Where Is Caribbean Calcite Found?

So far, Pakistan remains as only location of the carribean calcite.

Can Caribbean Calcite Go In The Water?

Yes. Caribbean stone can go into the water because it is not soluble.

What Is Caribbean Calcite Made Of?

Caribbean blue calcite is a combination of aragonites of white, blue, and light brown. Aragonite is a mineral that is found in many different rocks and stones. It is made up of calcium carbonate, the same thing that makes up limestone.

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