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crystal water bottle crystal water bottles crystal elixirs

Crystal Water Bottle-Go Try Them Out Seriously

I’m Alice. I’m so excited to talk about a subject that I truly love, and that is the crystal water bottle.

Do crystal water bottles work?

I’ve been experimenting with different types of crystal elixirs for a few years now, and I can 100 tell you that consistently working with crystal water bottles can help elevate your life in ways that you may not even be aware of.

Some of you out there may be like, what the heck is a crystal water bottle? Is this safe? Why would anyone do this? Don’t worry, because I’m going to be covering all of this. I’m also going to be sharing with you a very beautiful crystal water bottle. Then I’m going to dive into how I work with crispy elixirs, and give you some ideas on how you can incorporate crystal elixirs into your daily life.

Crystal Water Bottle Benefits

crystal water bottle crystal water bottles crystal elixirs

Crystal water bottles encapsulate the healing energy of crystals. All crystals emit a frequency that we can pick up on. Ingesting an elixir with crystal energy is a method by which we can connect and truly receive the energy of that crystal.

There have been many scientific studies on how water stores vibrations. A lot of people will do this by speaking an affirmation to their water, and they will write something down on the glass of their water. They’ll work with crystals putting positive energy in the water.

Are Crystal Infused Water Bottles Safe?

There are a lot of different ways of doing this, and when we do this, this vibration gets stored in the water. When we ingest it, it gets transferred into our chakras, it gets transferred into our subtle body, our physical body, and honestly, our environment depending on how we are using that elixir.

It is always recommended that when you are working with a crystal water bottle, you use a crystal that is water safe, and that would be if you are using the direct method. The direct method with crystal elixirs is when you are putting a crystal inside the water.

Best Crystal Water Bottle 

This bottle has a double wall glass, which makes your drinks either colder or hotter for longer, depending on what crystal infusion you are making. Another unique thing about this bottle is that it has two stainless steel filters for tea and herbal infusions. If you are a tea lover, this bottle is perfect for you.

This bottle also includes a sleeve that protects and insulates your water, making it easy for on-the-go travel. Two straws are included with this bottle. And last but not least, I love that they have two different types of crystals to get you started, a beautiful amethyst and rose quartz.

So right off the bat, this crystal uses the indirect method, which is super nice and convenient. Right down here, this lower chamber is where you would have your crystals go now. It is recommended that you do not use raw crystals here because the edges could be rough, and it might potentially break the glass.

Also, you don’t need to jam-pack this with crystals. You only need like two or three in here, and you don’t need to like overstuff it because you do want to have safety in mind. You don’t want anything to get damaged. That’s just something to be mindful of.

But what I really love about this crystal water bottle is the customization. You can put whatever crystals you want down here. So you can make any kind of crystal elixir. I would love to share with you how I work with crystal elixirs in my life and maybe give you some ideas on how you can incorporate crystal elixirs in your life.

How To Use Crystal Water Bottle?

crystal water bottle crystal water bottles crystal elixirs

Personally for me, I love using the indirect method with crystal water bottles. Number one because it is the safest method. And number two, you’re not limited to only using water-safe crystals. You can use any crystal you like . And the indirect method is when the crystal is touching the glass, and it’s not in contact with water. It’s just literally right next to the glass, touching your elixir.

I’m super excited to share with you a crystal water bottle that I recently received that uses the indirect method, which is my favorite. I just feel really empowered while I look at it and while I drink the water.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. I love working with crystal water bottle because you can customize your experience based on what you’re trying to achieve in your life. It truly can elevate your life in so many amazing ways.

Set Intentions

So this first practice that I will be sharing with you is my absolute favorite and I definitely recommend. I really would love it if you tried doing this because I’ve seen amazing results from it, and that is manifesting with water right when I wake up.

Setting an intention with my water and then amplifying it with crystal energy has been amazing. I have had so many experiences where I have called in energy of that day, it could be as simple as I’m gonna have a good day today, or I am not gonna feel any anxiety today, or I’m gonna feel so much love from the ones around me. Just waking up setting that intention.

Sometimes I’ll add a bit of lemon or some mint to my morning manifestation water to just have it have this really kind of like fresh taste to it, but honestly, I’m telling you, waking up, setting an intention with your water in the morning, it’s a game changer.

Make Third Eye-opening Tea

This next practice that I’ve been doing is relatively new, and I’ve been loving it, and I’ve been working with more tea in this sense. So what I’ve been doing is making some third eye-opening tea before I meditate.

I love working with amethyst, to set an intention of opening up my third eye before I meditate. I definitely recommend working with any like blue colored tea, to kind of help with that activation of your third eye-opening. But honestly, all I do is I’ll make my tea, I’ll sip it right before I go into meditation. It helps calm me down so that I can become open to receiving messages.

Also, I’ve been working with amethyst elixirs for a while, and I have seen amazing results in calming my nervous system. I get anxious a lot, and amethyst has been such a game-changer with my crystal elixirs. Whether it’s a tea blend or a water blend, I definitely recommend working with amethyst water.

If you notice, anxiety is kind of peaking up a lot for you in your life right now. The whole tea aspect with this bottle, I think is so fun, and you can really experiment with different kinds of like elixirs.

Cinnamon Tea

The next tea that I want to experiment with, and I’ll kind of give you a little heads up. I really want to work with cinnamon tea because that can help with drawing in, like manifesting more money into your life.

Cinnamon is one of those herbs that spiritually helps you attract more money abundance into your life. So if you’re out there, maybe you’ve tried this having cinnamon tea, I really want to experiment making cinnamon tea and having citrine in the lower chamber of the water bottle. That would be such a good like money manifestation elixir. So definitely try that out. That’s an idea for you.

Setting An Intention For Self-love

Another practice that I’ve been doing with crystal water bottle is setting an intention for self-love. I bet you can guess the crystal that is perfect for that which is rose quartz.

I have experienced so many amazing kinds of like downloads and insights while I’m drinking rose quartz water. Not only do I feel at peace with myself, I feel confident when I look in the mirror, but when I go out into the world, I feel like I am vibrating in such a loving energy type of way to complete strangers. I’m more talkative to people, I just feel like it has a way of really shifting our energy and our mindset when we are connecting with rose quartz.

Best Crystals For Elixirs

I really love crystal elixirs because I can take them anywhere with me. This whole grab-and-go type of element with crystal bottles. I love that, because I can have this energy with me throughout my day. If I’m out doing errands or I am going somewhere, I have my crystal water with me, and it honestly just helps me stay in a positive mood and a positive mindset, I feel good, and I just love knowing that I have crystal energy with me all the time.

Do Crystal Water Bottles Really Work?

I can definitely tell you that working with crystal elixirs, being consistent with this, trying different blends out, and really kind of like putting an intention towards what goes into your body. It really shifts your vibration, it helps you feel positive, it helps you feel just have a good outlook on life. It really does raise your vibration, and it is something that I truly want you guys to try.

If you are ready to experiment more with crystal elixirs, I recommend this bottle from thegreencrystal. I hope this post opens up your perspective your mind, you may be thinking about trying to experiment more with crystal elixirs. I can’t rave about them enough I love them I think they’re so powerful, and you can utilize them in so many ways. Go try them out seriously.

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