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what is a crystal grid

What Is A Crystal Grid?

Today we will discuss what is a crystal grid and the power you can tap into by using crystal grids.

What Are Crystal Grids?

what is a crystal grid green and clear crystal grid

Crystal grids are a powerful energy tool that can be very useful in helping to make real your aspirations, your manifestations, and your intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the crystals, sacred geometry, and your intentions. You can use different grids for different types of intentions, goal setting, and the combination of crystals.

Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid

How you arrange your grid will be an important factor in what sort of area of your life and intentions you are working upon. The sacred geometry used in crystal grids refers to the geometric structures that hold a cosmic significance.

Many ancient and modern cultures adhere to sacred geometric forms in architecture and other aspirations. Geometric patterns are the building blocks of nature as well, and you will find geometric patterns throughout the universe, and they are the favored way of energy transmission.

What you will see in nature, which is very interesting, is that in plant life and various other structural formation, shells, and a lot of things, if you look at the subatomic molecular structure, actually take on super precise geometric patterns that is sacred geometry. And if you have never heard about it, look into it because it is fascinating.

Watch a whole documentary on sacred geometry. It will blow your mind. Sacred geometry is the universal language. It’s certainly an important element when it comes to creating crystal grids.

Now, in the home, you can create a sacred geometry grid with crystals to enhance the energy of that space.

How And Why Crystal Grids Work?

black and clear crystal grid

Crystal gritting techniques were a part of the ancient building mysteries from long ago.

Ancient Building Techniques

The first step in the building would be to ask the goddess for permission to build that. You might have found deep wells using dousing to find vortex spots of water or magnetic energy points crossed and ran where rather the magnetic energy points crossed and ran underground. These are the power points where you anchor sacred energy with a crystal grid. This would have been done before the foundation of a building was built.

Sacred Geometry Patterns

Now we’re talking about ancient building techniques, sacred geometry patterns are traced out in a proper sequence and flow, and each point is anchored with crystals. A crystal grid calls in energies for protection, as well as creating harmony and helping to support you.

Manifesting And Intention Setting

In other ways, with your manifesting and intention setting, you can use different patterns and formulas to anchor the grids, and crystal grids help to enhance everything you do within a space, making it a more multidimensional, more alive, and more vibrant, highly creative creation, making intention, setting space.

The Earth’s Grid

According to ancient teachings and metaphysical research, the earth’s grid is surrounded by a web of energetic grid lines that intersect at specific points around the world to create a type of power matrix.

Now, the earth’s crystalline iron core acts as that matrix. The earth’s grid has been given mentioned by ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Chinese, the Indians, and the Australian aborigines.

Plato also contemplated the existence of the earth’s grid upon discovering the information came from the lost world of Atlantis.


I hope you have enjoyed today’s overview, just touched on what is a crystal grid a little bit.

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