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beginners guide to crystals

Beginners Guide To Crystals

 We will explore how to get started with crystals. On our blog, we’ve got a whole range of different posts exploring different ways of working with crystals. Still, occasionally, we get messages from people who are raw beginners, and they’re wondering, “Where do I start? There’s so much information, and I’m not sure what to do.” Here is the beginners guide to crystals.

How To Choose Crystals?

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So, let’s go back to the very, very beginning. Let’s look at how do we buy crystals.

There are beautiful local crystal shops, or you can buy crystals online. When purchasing online, we want to be aware of where we’re buying from, and normally you want to make sure it’s a reputable seller. 

There are two ways of selecting which crystals are right for you, and you can do these two steps either way.

1) Do Research

Some people like to do their research first and find out what crystal would be best for a certain need. You could look up crystals for love, abundance, anxiety, healing, whatever that may be, and search for those crystals. There are also certain crystals for different things. 

2) Trust Your Intuition

beginners guide to crystals

The other thing we need to do is trust our intuition. When you walk into a shop, maybe do no research, look around, and see what you’re drawn to. This is especially great to do with children, especially those under seven who don’t have that logical mind, and trust what they see and are drawn to.

Whether it be for children or adults, the crystals that you’re drawn to make you want to come back, and maybe do some other research. You’ll go, “Wow, it’s funny how I picked the perfect crystal for that time.” So, have faith in yourself when you’re working with crystals. You’re stepping into your spirituality, and your spiritual, magical, and intuitive abilities, so trust them. And if you buy the wrong, you can’t buy the wrong crystal because it will benefit you in one way or another.

Why Cleanse Your Crystals?

When you get your crystals home, what’s the first thing you should do with them? 

Well, I’m always a fan of cleansing them. What makes crystals magical is that they’re energetic beings, which means they hold onto energy. They have their own energy, but they also pick up the energy of what’s around them as well. 

So, think about when they’re mined, transported, and carved in different shapes, when other people in the shop touch them, they’re going to pick up that energy as well. You want to bring them back to their natural balance. 

Putting them under the moonlight, out under the early morning or late afternoon sun, near water, near fire, out on a windy day, or placing them on the earth near a tree are all great ways to help your crystals come back to balance. 

How To Connect With Your Crystals?

Once it’s been out in nature for a little while, then you want to connect with it. This can be in any way. 

1) Carry Crystals With You

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You may carry it and maybe keep a bit of a journal and carry that crystal for a week and see how you feel. Did you feel more at ease that week? More peaceful? Did you feel more confident? Did you take a few more risks? Were you a bit more outspoken? What did that crystal help you to do?

At the end of the day, you can lay on the couch quietly, put some music on and just put the crystal somewhere. Based on its color, you might want to put it on the chakra, or you might want to put it on your heart or your intuitive center of the third eye. Just relax and see what comes. 

Don’t expect massive energy surges, messages spoken in your ear, or anything like that. Crystals are subtle to start off with. It’s like getting to know someone. You only get a little from them in the first couple of dates. And while you’re “dating” this crystal, it’s going to take a little while for you to understand the language that it talks and to get that.

2) Place Crystals Around

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Another thing you can do, as well as having them on you, is placing them around your place. Generally, vibrant crystals, usually red, orange, and yellow, should be put in energetic areas of the house, places like kitchens and living rooms, where you want to have an upbeat energy. 

Whereas crystals that are more blue, indigo, and violet are more peaceful and better for places where you want to be a bit more contemplative, relaxed, or even sleep. Just pay attention to how you feel when they’re around you and the impact they have.

How To Program Crystals?

Finally, you can program a crystal. This is giving a crystal a specific job. You don’t have to program your crystals, especially as you’re getting to know them. 

But once you decide, “I’ve chosen a crystal for love, and I want to use it to attract love into my life. I’ve chosen one to attract abundance into my life,” whatever that may be, hold that crystal in the hand that you write with. (For most, this will be your right, apart from lefties) Close your eyes and visualize exactly what you’d like to manifest. 

Don’t just daydream. Engage all of your five senses. Imagine you want to manifest a new car using a crystal. What do you do?

  • You see your hand on that steering wheel.
  • You can feel that leather under your hand.
  • You can smell that new car smell.
  • You may be driving along the coast and can taste the salty air.
  • You can hear the radio playing loudly or the rev of the engine, whatever that may be.

Send that visual into the crystal. 

How does this work? Well, remember, if I were to take away your five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch), would the world still be there? It may be, but you couldn’t tell. It is through our five senses that we experience our reality. So if you close your eyes and engage your five senses in a different reality where your dream has come true, and you send that energy into that crystal will hold onto that alternate reality, send out that vibration, and bring you opportunities to bring that into manifestation. 

How Crystal Energy Works?

beginners guide to crystals

How crystals work is, you can’t program a crystal for love and knock, knock, knock, you’ll get your lover knocking on the door that night. It’s not like they’re magical, but it’s not like Disney magic. What will happen is, they will change your frequency, so you’ll be more open to love or more open to abundance, and you may find opportunities will arise. It’s then your responsibility to take advantage of those opportunities.

Final Tip For Beginners Guide To Crystals

The biggest mistake when wanting to start with crystals is by getting too many crystals. Yes, there are many different crystals to collect and colors and varieties, but start slowly. 

A lot of people “speed date” their crystals, and they’re like, “I’ve got that crystal, and that crystal, and that crystal, and that crystal, and I can’t remember its name, I can’t remember what it’s good for.” Our final tip for beginners guide to crystals is to stop being a crystal swat. You want a bit of crystal monogamy. 

You should sit with one crystal a week and carry it around, research a little bit about it, meditate with it, and do all the different things to really get to know it.

As you get to know and date each of these crystals, when you need a bit more confidence, love, open your heart to forgiveness, or a bit more money, you’ll know which crystal is going to be best for you. You’re going to find, just like all of us have different relationships with people, your crystals are going to have different relationships with you.

beginners guide to crystals

By sitting with a crystal, having it near you and around you, and carrying it in your space, you will start to get to know it. It takes time, so take your time with your life to change immediately by getting a crystal. 

Remember that we each operate on a different spiritual and magical way, with our intuition working in different ways. So take it slow, trust yourself, and allow yourself to guide what you should do with your crystals. As you continue to work with crystals over time, you will notice more and more.

Conclusion On Beginners Guide To Crystals

 We don’t know how they work, but we do know that they do work. Have confidence in the crystals, have faith in the universe, and most importantly, have confidence in yourself. Take it slow, and welcome to the magical world of crystals. Hope this beginners guide to crystals may help you.

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