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Cuprite Meaning Properties And Benefits

Cuprite Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

In this post, we’re going to dive into a crystal that is a valuable tool in our crystal collections, whether you’re using it for personal crystal healing or for supporting others. If you need to work on your base chakra and feel more empowered, safe, and able to adapt to the ever-changing world, cuprite will be an absolute gem for you. So, let’s dive in and explore cuprite.

What Is Cuprite?


Cuprite gets its name from the Latin word “cuprum,” which means copper. Cuprite is a member of a family of copper-based crystals that includes stones such as malachite, turquoise, chrysocolla, and shattuckite. They’re all green or blue, and copper is responsible for that. They are emotionally healing and very nurturing in one way or another.

Cuprite Meaning

What makes cuprite really exciting is it’s another copper mineral, but it brings in a different aspect of that loving energy. It brings strength, confidence, and courage to confront whatever is happening. 

Cuprite Healing And Metaphysical Properties

Cuprite brings in a more Yang or masculine energy, as opposed to things like chrysocolla and malachite, which bring in more Yin energy. It is a great one for helping us heal our relationship with the masculine, both within us and in our lives. 

Sometimes, we think of the masculine as being bossy, aggressive, with stiff upper lip, and showing no emotions. But, often, that is a distorted flow of the divine masculine. The divine masculine has the courage to show all and even show vulnerability. When we think of these men in the past who don’t show any emotion, it takes more guts to express and confront those emotions rather than repress and hide them.

So, what cuprite is really great for is helping to heal any relationship you have with your masculinity. Regardless of what gender you identify as, we each have a feminine and masculine side.

1) Masculine Side 

The masculine side is that side that allows us to be objective, and structured, have plans, and want to progress, grow and evolve in our lives. 

2) Feminine Side

The feminine side ensures that we’re doing what we love, what feels right, what nurtures us and cares for those goals. We actually need to have both in balance. Otherwise, if you’ve just got the feminine, you’ve got all these ideas, dreams, and things you care about, but nothing is actually getting done. 

If you need to work on that aspect of your life manifesting, cuprite can be great for that. Working with it, meditating with it, can be one great way. Or, look at your relationships with other men in your life.

Sometimes if we’ve had bad experiences, possibly with our father or grandfather or another male figure, we may have swung the pendulum the other way. 

Maybe, for example, you had an aggressive or uncaring man in your life, and so you’ve decided, “I don’t ever want to be like that,” so you don’t stand up for yourself and show too much love to overcompensate. 

Cuprite helps us bring it back into harmony and balance, where we can return to that healthy masculine. This can help us to find a resolution within ourselves and in our lives with men such as our fathers or grandfather.

This is also a really empowering stone for albino. It equalizes imbalances of the sexes in the workplace, and if that’s a problem, then carrying or wearing this can be great. Even if you find that you’re discriminated against because of your accent, who you are, or your gender, this is a great stone to empower you to stand up for yourself and ensure that you don’t get subjected to mistreatment. 

How Does Cuprite Help With Men?

raw cuprite crystal

Cuprite is also empowering for men in our lives, such as single fathers, who can bring various challenges. If you are a father raising children, then cuprite is a great one for helping you feel empowered and confident in your ability to do that.

Another challenge with ongoing blended families is stepfathers coming in with stepchildren, and these children may behave differently than they’re used to. This can cause conflict. Again, cuprite, either given to the stepfather or gridded around the home, can help blended families to get along well. 

So, whenever you want to bring harmony into the masculine side and bring healing and empowerment to that masculine side, either within or around you in your life, definitely reach for cuprite.

What Is Cuprite Used For?

You will find cuprite to be an empowering stone, and it’s a great one for giving you the courage and confidence to do what needs to be done for you to prosper.

1) Let Go Of The Worry Or Stress

Cuprite is also a great one for helping us let go of the worry or stress of things we can’t control in life. 

There are things we have control over and things that we do not, and a lot of the time, we spend a lot of mental energy or emotional energy worrying about things where we cannot affect the outcome.

But we can affect how we react to that, and cuprite helps you feel really confident and brave, better handle and tackle whatever life throws at you, and navigate your way through your journey in life.

2) Great For Workaholic

Cuprite can also be a great one for those who tend to be a bit of a workaholic. 

Sometimes we feel that we never have enough money and can never do enough work, and we work, push ourselves, and maybe achieve great success. But if you get to the top of the mountain and you have no friends, family, or people to celebrate that with, have you truly gained success? 

Cuprite is a great crystal for helping you to ground yourself and realize what’s truly important, and focus your energy on that, focus on what you can control and what is truly important.

3) Promote Ongoing Abundance 

faceted cuprite crystal

If you’d also like to promote ongoing abundance coming into your life, because remember that the Yang aspect is very much about bringing and creating an expansion, try getting four little bits of cuprite and placing them in four little plants and place them in the four corners of your home. That will surround your home in that courageous, progressive, driven energy to help you get out there and do what you need to do to bring goodness into your life.

4) Help With Base Chakra

When we think of confidence, courage, abundance, and safety, these are all very much things of the base chakra. Cuprite is a great empowering base chakra crystal, especially when you have an underactive base chakra. 

How To Determine If One Has A Sluggish Root Chakra?

Now, how do you know if you have an underactive base chakra?

What tends to happen when you’ve got an underactive base chakra is you feel unsafe, you feel insecure, you don’t feel like you can fulfill your basic needs, like feeding yourself, paying your bills, paying your rent or mortgage, and that type of thing. 

And you’re also not very good at dealing with change. You’ve always gone to lunch at 12, and they say, “We’re now doing changing. We’re changing the lunch hours, and you might have to go at one o’clock.” You’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t. I’ve always got it at 12.”

If things like that make you feel uncertain, cuprite can help. 

Again, to remember what we can control, remember we can’t change our approach to the things we can’t control, so that we can at least control our reaction, and no matter what happens, we feel grounded, safe and secure. 

5) Help Us Not To Feel Fear

One thing that can be rather frightful, especially for men and women as they get older, is this idea of not being able to be as strong as they once were, and maybe admitting to the fact that they need help. Maybe even someone is starting to feel rather fearful of death in the end of their life.

Again, cuprite helps us not to feel that fear, to realize what we can and can’t control, and to feel confident of progressing and doing what we can. 

If you or someone you want to support in your life is starting to feel or have challenges about giving up and asking for help as they get older and maybe losing some of their capabilities, or if you find or someone else has this great fear of death and that really kind of plays on their mind. Cuprite is going to be a great stone to keep near them.

How To Use Cuprite When You Feel Overwhelmed?

Now, if you feel a bit out of control, or overwhelmed by emotions, remember the base of cuprite and the coloring of this crystal is copper, which is the metal of love. 

Try meditating, putting some cuprite on your heart, and think about how you’re feeling right now, especially if there’s anger, sadness, or that type of thing. Think about the situation or the person bringing that unbalance or that dragging or draining emotion to you. 

Can you start to fill your heart slowly with compassion, understand why someone is away they are, and understand why a situation has come this way? 

If you can start to feel love around that and let those kind of negative emotions go, you can feel back in control of your own emotions, back in control of your own life, and remember that basically how we react to situations is always up to ourselves. So cuprite helps us to change our minds, which will change our approach to life and our ability to navigate life.

As you feel more in control of life, your life can become more abundant and more fulfilling, as you have greater gratitude.

How To Cleanse Cuprite?

raw red crystal stone

Like most other crystals, it’s going to be great to cleanse a new piece of cuprite or one you’ve been using a lot, especially if you’re dealing with that toxic masculine energy. 

We can cleanse cuprite by placing it out under the early morning or late day sun, bringing in that Yang energy, or you may want to pass it through a candle flame or place it about a meter away from an open fire and bring that fiery kind of energy in, depending on which one works best for you at the time.

Essential Oils With Duprite

There are a couple of essential oils that you can work with cuprite. If you’re looking at healing the Divine Masculine, you can use frankincense essential oil. 

Masculine is not someone who keeps their emotions hidden, but those that are brave enough to express how they feel. That is a true warrior, that is a true masculine. So, frankincense can help with the healing of any masculine within or with other people in our lives, if we’re looking for that empowerment and feeling in control of our lives.

Cuprite And Mars

Cuprite very much ties in with Mars. Mars rules the day of Tuesday, so doing any major working, healing or empowerment work on a Tuesday will bring in a bit more energy to help enhance whatever you’re doing with your cuprite.


Cuprite is a rarer crystal, but it’s an absolute, really valuable one to have, especially to balance out some of your other stones, such as your crystal colors, malachites, turquoises, and shadow kites, which all have that more feminine, copper-loving side. This is not one of severity or harshness; it’s of masculine, warrior love. That’s some of the words I’d use to describe that.

Have you got a cuprite in your collection? What do you use it for? What have you noticed? How has it brought some benefits to your life?


Is A Cuprite Rare?

Yes, cuprite is a rare crystal.

What Is the Chemical Formula Of Cuprite?

The chemical formula of cuprite is Cu2H2O.

Which Mineral Group Does Cuprite Belong To?

Cuprite is an oxide mineral composed of copper.

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