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Green Calcite Meaning, Properties, Benefits

raw green calcite crystal

What Is Green Calcite?

There are so many colors of calcite, like white calcite, blue calcite, honey calcite, and mangano calcite, they all share the same base supportive properties, and each one of them has its own unique signature. Green calcite comes majorly from countries like Brazil and Mexico. 

It is the stone of renewal, usually comes in the form of large masses. This green crystal is generally a Calcium Bicarbonate Mineral with a hardness of 3. This specific mineral yields a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. Green calcite stimulates forgiveness to oneself, softening the heart and promoting compassion. 

What Is Calcite Used For?

Available in different forms, green calcite is an energy cleanser and a powerful amplifier helping to remove negativity and removing energy blockages that hinder personal growth. Regarded as a healer of the heart chakra, it removes the accumulated stress and removes pain. 

This green crystal further facilitates the release of the rigid, old mindset and false notions which no more serve any purpose. It restores balance by renewing a sense of purpose in life and motivates individuals.

Green Calcite Meaning

Made up of calcium bicarbonate, calcites can be of different forms based on geographical atmospheres. Among them, the green calcite connects to the heart chakra, constituting soothing energy that helps flow out of the negative emotions and release stagnation. 

The Egyptians first discovered the dark green, magnificent mineral. Influenced by the river Achates located on Sicily island, green calcite was found abundantly. 

This stone resembles gladness and pleasure. It is synonymous with good fortune and brings in calmness and compassion. Additionally, the gem has a love vibe and is extremely beneficial for eliminating prejudice and complex ideas. It further yields mental serenity. 

calcite green crystal

Green Calcite Properties

Emotional Healing Properties

Green calcite has extremely balanced emotional healing properties. It has the power to resonate with the positive changes in the development of an individual. 

The stone blocks and removes negative attitudes, which cause emotional disturbances. It helps calm one’s emotions due to anger or tension. By holding this green stone, one can get positive energies that help to bring mental and spiritual beings.

Physical Healing Properties

Alongside emotional healing, this green stone is also useful for physical health. Being physically active, green calcite is found to balance the energy around one. Calcite can be of significant use to those suffering from bone ligament issues and arthritis. 

It is relatively a good idea to use calcite for the body to recover at a faster rate. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor in this regard.

Green Calcite And Chakras

Green calcite is a heart chakra healer. It enables love to flourish by eliminating all the pent-up stress and the pains that the heart had been suffering till then. This stone helps to align the heart and the mind for peace and harmony, thereby restoring balance. 

Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Several people consider green calcite as a suitable birthstone. However, it is not a member of an official birthstone chart yet. Calcite is generally suitable for the Zodiac sign of cancer. It is also considered a planetary stone for the moon, sun, and venus.

Green Calcite Energy Color

Green calcite is formed during sedimentation and is a carbonate mineral. The presence of the chlorite compound during crystallization lets this crystal possess a vibrant shade of green.

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Green Calcite Crystal Benefits

Heart Center Cleansing

Green calcite is extremely cleansing for the heart. All members of the calcite family are very cleansing. They all help to refresh and renew some aspects of your life. 

It is all about the heart, the heart chakra, and heart healing. So having calcite in your room or home will help cleanse the energy of the feel, and the mood and uplift you. It helps you feel more optimistic about love and helps to cleanse attachments.

Amplifies Energies

Green calcite amplifies energies, which is another one of the base properties of calcites. It amplifies energies related to whatever color it is, and it amplifies our energies of love. 

If you’re difficult to love or there’s a particular person that you’re having difficulties feeling compassion for, then green calcite helps us tap into our heart center, tap into our compassionate self, and reminds us about the core sympathy and empathy that we should have for other human beings.

Whether we’re having a minor or a major disagreement with them, we can still wish them the best. We can still hope for goodness in their life. And that is how this stone helps in our energetic field.

Healing And Health

Green calcite is aimed toward stabilizing the heart chakra. It controls strong emotions, helps to get rid of distress, and further helps in maintaining healthy and loving relationships.


Green calcite can draw money and prosperity in home and business ventures, often used in prosperity spells.

green calcite crystal point

Love And Relationships

This stone helps in dealing with emotional grief in interpersonal relationships. It eases the pain in one’s heart and instills a vibe of love and satisfaction. It will help one to deal with the loss of loved ones or overcome complex situations like a divorce. 

Green calcite clears our hearts. It helps us release attachments in the heart. If you’ve had difficulty letting go of a relationship in the past, this crystal is an excellent stone to sit with regularly in meditation. 

It can help you recognize that part of your life is over, they were important when they were in your life, but the attachment is only causing you suffering and holding you back, potentially from future really good relationships.

Clear Emotional Baggage

Green calcite also helps us recover from emotional wounds. No matter how old they are, no matter how far in the past, it helps us sit with those feelings without becoming overwhelmed, and releasing their hold on us.

Attachments to the past really prevent us from moving forward, they cause suffering as we think about them in our minds over and over again, and feel those emotional wounds over and over again, and it’s wrong for you to feel pain about something that happened to you. 

But we shouldn’t let those situations own us, and control how we function in our lives today. This green gem really helps us just let go of old baggage, gives us optimism for future relationships, and helps us go into those relationships with enthusiasm and hope.

You can really give it a chance. This is so good if you are afraid of being hurt again. It gives you hope. This green crystal is also great if you’re working through personal or relationship therapy, this is good to have with you. You can feel this safe protected space for heart healing.

Strengthen Connection With Nature

Green calcite helps infuse positive emotion and builds a strong connection with nature. After that, it allows one to throw out negative energy and infuse positive emotions from nature. 

Release Old Habits & Beliefs

Green calcite helps us release old habits, beliefs, and attitudes that no longer serve us. We could have developed habits over time that helped us cope with the situation in the past. If you know that you are doing something in your life that helped you in the past, but is no longer helping you now, try to meditate with this gem. 

It helps us recognize those occurrences in life, acknowledge them, and actively work to let go of them and release them from our lives. This stone also works with old belief systems and old attitudes. 

If you felt deeply, a certain way about something, when you were younger, and you were adamant about it, and you’ve grown and changed, you’re really afraid of acknowledging that change within you. 

Sitting with this green stone is so helpful to help you realize that it’s okay to change your mind. Learning from our experiences and having a different outlook on things is okay. It can help you let go of things creating barriers in your life. 

This green crystal helps to refresh and renew your life, to release things from the past, and move forward into your life with new optimism and a new clear way of being. Green calcite, the stone of renewal, helps renew aspects of our lives and heart.

How To Use Green Calcite?

At Home

One can use this crystal to clean the present energy of the home to make way for fresh and positive energy. 

This is mostly recommended to be put in young children’s rooms for their hasty growth and development on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Putting it in the living room and bedroom can help to absorb negative energies. 

At Work

Green calcite further extends its application in office rooms. Usage of the same in the office can absorb all the stress and anxieties of the day. 

Green Calcite Jewelry

This stone is eligible for making various kinds of jewelry. It mainly comes in the form of necklaces containing the stone, which can be of its original shape or curved into specific designs. Apart from this, one can also use the same in making finger rings.

Meditating With Green Calcite

To remove the fear inside one’s heart, one must be free from the trauma hindering for a long time. Meditating with green calcite can be of great help. 

The calming nature of the stone clears the mind and makes one feel like a brand new person. The qualities are impeccable when meditated during dawn and dusk, the two most energetic times of the day. The profound aura of the energy makes one focus on them and maintains a better headspace. 

How To Cleanse And Charge Green Calcite?

To let the stone retain its energy and effects, one should take proper care of it. While cleansing and charging this crystal, one is advised to remove all forms of jewelry from the body and use warm water. 

It should be soaked carefully and to be dried using a soft cloth. Furthermore, it can also be cleaned using a mild soap and a soft cloth. To regain its effectiveness, complete cleansing of the stone is necessary.

raw green calcite crystal


Best Crystals To Use With Green Calcite

Crystals that can be used along with this green crystal are preferably diopside, fluorite, and rose quartz.

What Is Green Calcite Good For?

This green crystal is a mental healer that helps release rigid beliefs and discover one’s true nature.

What Does It Mean If Someone Gives You Green Calcite?

It is a sign of love and affection. This green crystal represents pleasure and gladness. It is said to be the stone of fortune.

Can I Sleep With Green Calcite?

Green calcite, combined with fluorite, gives calming and soothing energy that leads to a night of good sleep.

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