Prism Crystal Suncatcher


🤔 Needed something to hang indoors on an empty hook?
💡  You will love how this prism crystal suncatcher adds some color and fun!
👍 This prism crystal suncatcher is such a beautiful piece for your home!
✨ This piece is absolutely stunning, a true work of art.

“My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky. So was it when my life began.

You will surprisingly find an easy method that keeps you in a cheerful mood by seeing these flecks of light and rainbow around you once you wake up in the morning!

Devils Eye Hanging Prism Crystal Suncatchers crystals for suncatchers
Prism Crystal Suncatcher $29.90
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This prism crystal suncatcher is also a perfect gift for your loved ones because it’s believed to protect the wearer from bad intentions. It’s a perfect way to show your care, love.

Devils Eye Hanging Prism Crystal Suncatchers crystals for suncatchers

Crystal Prism Balls

Crystal prism balls are known for dispelling negative energies and balancing good feng shui. It’s a beautiful, modern decor piece to add to your home or office window and makes a great housewarming or gratitude gift!

Blue Eyes

In the  Mediterranean culture, blue eyes are a rare occurrence, and therefore folks believe that blue-eyed people have special powers and their gaze can bring harm. 

Thus people used the evil eye beads to protect them from their gazes. Its believed that if someone with bad intentions tries to do some harm to you, the evil eye bead is cracked and warns the wearer of the dangers.

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