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From ancient Romans to the present day, the penis shape has consistently symbolized power, strength, and fertility. Crystal penises serve as excellent tools for meditation and companionship, with common intentions such as fostering sexual healing, balancing masculine energy, and manifesting one’s ideal soulmate.

Impeccably adorned with high-quality crystals. These definitely make a statement, they are great for your collection or they would make the perfect bachelorette party gift!

“It was all very neatly packaged and had a lot of protection to make sure no harm would come to them. Great decoration on my desk, really makes people look!”-Hayden

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1 inch crystal penis
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Crystal penises are symbols of confidence, empowerment, and embracing one’s sensuality. We offer three different styles of crystal penises to better meet your preferences. You can choose from:

1-inch fluorite crystal penises with a sparkling gemstone, or opt for the larger 7-inch flame stone crystal penises. Alternatively, explore our 1-inch 3pcs combination set of crystal penises for a variety of options.

Here are some tips for flame stone: This remarkable stone derives its potency from the element of Fire, as it is under the influence of this elemental force. It channels the energies of truth, clarity, and understanding.

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What Do Crystal Penises Mean?

one inch crystal penises
one-inch crystal penises

Crystal penises, also known as crystal phalluses, are often used in alternative healing practices, spirituality, and metaphysics. The shape of penises is symbolic of masculine energy, vitality, and fertility. You can use crystal penises to balance or enhance masculine energy within yourselves or in your surroundings.

What Can You Do With Crystal Penises?

You can use crystal penises in many ways, here are some:

  • Energy Healing
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Sexual Healing
  • Intention Setting
  • Altar Decor

Benefits Of Crystal Penises

3 color fluorite crystal penises
one-inch fluorite crystal penises

Energy Healing

Crystals have unique energetic properties. Crystal penises may be used for energy healing, directing positive energy.

Sexual Healing

Crystal penises are associated with sexual healing, self-love, and empowerment. You can incorporate them into rituals or practices aimed at enhancing sexual energy, healing from past experiences, or promoting a positive relationship.

Spiritual Connection

Crystal penises can be used in rituals or ceremonies with specific spiritual intentions.

Can Crystal Penis Be Used As A Sex Toys?

7 inches Flame Stone crystal penises
7 inches Flame Stone crystal penises

Yes, you can use the crystal penis as a sex toy. But you should choose a size and texture that feels comfortable and safe for you. Are you prepared to indulge in the pinnacle of pleasure and self-indulgence?

Search no more than the crystal penises, the highly acclaimed gemstone pleasure wand that has become a sensation! Crystal Penis is an essential for those desiring a lavish and life-changing experience.

Embark on a journey into a realm of pleasure, self-discovery, and overall well-being with the Crystal Hand. Join the numerous individuals who have harnessed the transformative power of this best-selling gemstone pleasure wand. Embrace the epitome of self-care and enhance your intimate moments like never before.

Why People Love Crystal Penis With Balls

Flame Stone big crystal penis
Flame Stone big crystal penis

People enjoy the crystal penis with the balls because it’s more realistic, it’s more phallic, it’s symbolic.

The Shape Of The Penis Shape

We create the penis shape because it is like a phallus, and it’s an energetic phallus tool for healing down there. These are all just beliefs, and so the shape of the crystal is important because you’re putting an energetic tool down there, and the tool will emit a vibration in a certain wavelength.

The shape of it emits a certain wavelength geometrically in a sense of sacred geometry when you get down to the brass tacks of what a crystal is energetically doing.

My Experiences With Crystal Penises

The crystal penis is a little bit different in its effect. What I’m achieving with the penis is trying to do a sort of sexual healing and self-love and care. I use a lovely amethyst crystal penis. I just fell in love with it when I saw it at the first glance. 

Don’t forget that, we have a lot of crystal penises for you, different sizes, big, small, clear, dark but this one just popped out, sort of erected itself to me, and said, “Hey girl, how’s it going?” And I said, “Hey, how do you do?”

When Do I Use My Crystal Penises?

I like to use my crystal penis for clearing and cleansing when I feel like there is negative, stagnant sexual energy. Perhaps I’m feeling not so fresh down there, or I’ve had a bad experience with a lover, or I want to clear out some energy. I like to use my crystal penis. 

Crystal Penises are also really great for kegels, which are the muscles down there for the ladies, they help to strengthen and tighten and get you more aware of those muscles in there and how they work and how they move and utilize.

I like to use a crystal penis for more ceremonial clearing and cleansing of my sacred space. A space is more of an act of self-love or self-care. It’s not just about pleasing myself or getting off or having an orgasm; it’s sort of an act of bringing love into my sacred space.

How To Use Crystal Penises For Sex?

I like to warm it first. And then I usually, typically burn old sage, clear it, and cleanse it before I insert it. For those who might be more squeamish, I would say in about 25 seconds, you just have to, very dry so you clear and cleanse your crystal.

And then I sort of give myself a secret circle around myself before I do it. And then, just kidding, I’m not gonna do it. But I usually do it in the back to be on it, so get yourself a nice healing, cleansing bath, oils, sensual oils, and lavender, and then be there with yourself.

And I utilize the crystal inside. Then I see it clearing and cleansing any sort of stagnant energy, healing me, and nurturing and satisfying myself. I don’t always have a climax; sometimes I do. But I use the crystal penis as a meditation and clearing act to harness my sexual energy for meditation, intention, and vision work.

So yes, get yourself one from our shop, I recommend getting yourself connected to a crystal that you like. Make sure that you understand that once you use the crystal penis in there, it has absorbed some energy and it absorbs some stagnation or whatever it is that you feel as a part of you.

So after I’m done using it, I wash it; if I’m in the bath, it gets clean. I do the sage again afterward, and I cleanse it and clear it. Then I leave it on a charging plate or a salt plate overnight to clear and cleanse whatever energies have been cleared out of my space.

The next day, I usually notice that I feel lighter, and any thoughts or cords that have been attached to maybe past sexual experiences or lovers have been cleared out. I may even feel a little more feminine and soft and vulnerable but empowered because I have my strength. It’s like, this is my crystal penis, and it’s metaphysically my wand. I use it as a tool in myself or others.

6 reviews for Crystal Penises

  1. Isobel

    What can I say about my crystal penis? I love them so much I ordered a second set! They were exactly what I wanted. I gave them out to all of my friends

  2. Kiera

    These are perfect for our crystal loving brides battcheloette party.

  3. Kasey

    Love these!!!!! So excited to hand these out to strangers!

  4. Jana

    They turned out amazing! Really good quality and I bet my friends will love these!

  5. Theo

    This is so adorable and I love the earth vibes from it!

  6. Fern

    Super good quality!! Was super protected with a lot of protection around it! Thank you!

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