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the ultimate guide to crystal grid

The Ultimate Guide To Crystal Grid

This article will discuss gridding. Show you how to design and activate a crystal grid, as well as the activator at the end, and also deactivation, which a lot of blogs miss.

Crystal Grid Benefits

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Crystal grids are very versatile things to have in your home. It’s a great way of working with gemstone energy for everything from healing to sleep, protection, and abundance.

Pretty much anything you can think of, you can actually grid for it. It can also be as inexpensive or as expensive as you want, so it’s great for all budgets.

Crystal Grid Generator

The first thing you’re going to need is a generator.

You may ask, “Can I just use a tumble stone?”

Why Do You Need Generators?

We use generators in the center of our grid because they have a flat bottom and polished sides that usually come up to a six-sided top with a point. And because of how they are carved, they funnel energy in a very specific way.

If this is in the middle of your crystal grid, it grabs the energy from all of the crystals around it.

Because we do that in the activation, it pulls them up through the base of the generator. Then as the energy travels through the generator, it is amplified until it comes out of the point, where it goes back round, down through the grid, and back up again.

So we’re creating, for better words, a vortex of energy. We’re creating an energy field for whatever our intention is for this grid.

Can You Use Tumbled Stones As Generators?

If you were to use a tumble stone, you would have a flat energy.

When gridding, you can connect them all, and you’ll connect them to your center tumble stone, but the energy is very flat, because this stone in the middle doesn’t have a way to funnel the energy and direct the energy that a generator does.

Can You Use Crystal Spheres As Generators?

The thing with spheres, you can use a sphere in your grid, but it won’t panull up the energy from the stones around it. It will send energy out in all directions.

You can experiment and see what works for you, because you may find differently. But traditionally, you would use a generator for the specific reason of how it channels and amplifies energy.

Crystal Grid Budget

zodiac crystal grids
crystal grid

Large Budget

If your budget is large, you might choose to get several different generators.

You can get a bloodstone or clear quartz with chlorite included for a healing grid or a citrine for abundance and prosperity.

And that’s great if you could collect several generators for different purposes. Amazing, you can have several different grids up at the same time!

Small Budget

If your budget is smaller, we recommend buying a clear quartz generator.

You can have inclusions, but if it’s clear quartz, it can be programmed for any purpose, and it will amplify all that energy from your grid perfectly and powerfully.

These are actually in the shop at the moment, these smaller generators. Absolutely love them! I’ve kept a couple for myself, I have to admit, and this is the one I’m going to be using today because size does not matter when it comes to this type of gridding.

Do Crystal Generator Size Matter?

If you are going to grid a house or a room, then we would talk more about the size of the generator.

But if they are the type of grids that are going to be on your shelf, in your living room, by your bed, on an altar, that sort of size grid, any sized generator is perfect.

Basic Crystal Grids

crystal grids
crystal grid

Next, you need to consider your grid’s purpose and the crystals you want to include.

And you can start working in fourths, and then you also have the option of the cross-quarters.

Another point is that the basic crystal grid is still very powerful, do not think that this is not powerful gridding work because this is where gridding started.

This is the base, and with this knowledge, you can literally grow and experiment however you want.

Layer Crystal Grid Energies

We encourage people to layer their energies. So, if you’re doing a healing grid for a specific condition, don’t just go online or get a crystal book and look up crystals for chronic fatigue syndrome; they must say chronic fatigue syndrome.

Think to yourself, sit down with a pen and paper, and think, “What are all the things that affect me to do with this? What are all the physical, emotional, and spiritual sins?”

And that’s how you pick your crystals because, in gridding, you can layer, which is effective.

Best Stones For Relationship & Love Crystal Grids

Rose Quartz

You can use rose quartz to do a relationship grid for keeping a healthy relationship. Because obviously, rose quartz is the stone of love and romance. It’s also an emotional healer.


You can add some garnet because that’s a stone of passion and lust and can also ground you in your relationship.


You can have some amethyst which eases tension, stress, and anxiety and helps a couple connect on a spiritual level.

If one of you is supporting the other through something, maybe a loss, maybe a health issue, or a loss of jobs, you need that strength and that courage in the relationship, amethyst is an excellent stone to add.

Green Calcite

Green calcite is an all-around gentle healer – emotional, spiritual, and physical. So it’s great to have something for healing on all aspects in your relationship grid.


Sodalite pays us in communication – a very important part of relationships. It helps with insomnia and sleep problems. It eases tensions and anxieties and calls tempers, so that’s very valuable in a relationship grid.

Cleanse Your Stones

Once you’ve got all your stones, you need to cleanse, charge, and program them with your intent for this grid. After that, you can start gridding.

Tips On How To Make A Crystal Grid

crystal gridding
crystal grid

The Size Of Stone

They don’t have to be large tumble stones. You can do an entire grid with just small chip stones like this. So you can make this affordable.

Mix And Match Stones

You can also mix stones. For example, you can put sodalite in the grip of the garnet. It doesn’t matter, and you can mix and match.

The other thing you can do is mix rough pieces. For example, you can mix points and rough pieces. You don’t have to have all tumble stones, you can have rough. It’s completely up to you and what you have.

Work In A Clockwise Direction

You work in a clockwise direction with crystals as you’re placing them,

Keep The Intention Of The Grid

In your mind, you keep the intention of the grid.

Why are you laying this rose quartz down? What properties are these rose quartz bringing to your grid? You want to have that in mind.

You can do this silently in your mind or have something to say as you lay crystals down. You can say specifically, “This rose quartz is for…” Go with what feels best for you. There’s no way to do it wrong, just as long as you keep your intention somehow in mind.

Remember, you’ll be doing that with intention the entire time. You could be speaking your intention completely up to you.

How To Activate A Crystal Grid

Now you need to activate the crystal grids. For that, you can use a tool which can be a single terminated wand, clear quartz wand, or another crystal if it goes with your grid.

For example, clear quartz or a double-terminated wand is ideal because it takes energy and connects with your energy, yourself, and the grid. So it’s connecting to the grids in a more personal way.

But you can use a single terminated wand. It’s completely up to you, but quartz is the preferred tool.

If you don’t have a tool, do not worry about that. You can use your finger. It’s just as effective and will still connect the grid perfectly. And it’s adding your energy and your connection because it’s your finger.

You take the point or your finger, depending on which you’re using. You touch to the generator, to the first stone, back to the generator, to the second, back to the generator, to the third, back to the generator, to the fourth, back to the generator, out again.

And you’ll do this the entire way around your grid until you come back to the beginning. So you would have done all of these. You’ll be out here. You’ll come back to your generator and touch your first stone again.

You can actually go around as many times as you like, focusing on that intention. Some people like to do it three times, some people six. Some people have a power number. Some people have a number connected to what it is they’re manifesting. It’s completely up to you.

Now your grid is activated.

How Long Can Crystal Grids Stay?

A crystal grid can stay in place for a very minimum of 24 hours, but it can stay in place for months or years.

You can come back to it regularly and again retouch and reaffirm if that’s what you want to do, or you can leave it set, and it will continue working, and continue being programmed and activated.


Now you’ve learned how to choose the crystals, and how to enhance your life with crystals. Because not everyone can carry them every day, sometimes we want something more structured, and that’s always there in our home for the intention: business success, likes, a relationship, and a child’s room for sleep and anti-nightmares. You want these ways out of reach. You can create a grid on a top shelf, which will still work perfectly.

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