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moldavite crystal combinations

Moldavite Crystal Combinations

In this article, I would like to talk to you about moldavite crystal combinations. Some people find the healing energy of moldavite too strong and too intense. So, if that is you, then you can combine moldavite with these crystals and gemstones to help tone it down.

Moldavite and Halite Combination

moldavite crystal combinations
moldavite crystal combinations

In terms of moldavite crystal combinations, the first one I want to talk about is halite. Working with halite and moldavite is so nice.

Halite has a beautiful soothing effect, and when the energy of moldavite is too intense for you, combining it with halite will help to ground your energies. It will also help to soothe the nervous system.

If your nervous system gets revved up when working with moldavite, and you get a sensitive, jittery feeling, spacey, dizzy, and ungrounded, working with halite will help to tone that down and will help to alleviate those undesirable side effects.

Halite is really nice. It helps to keep you calm, relaxed, grounded, and very soothing.

Moldavite and Rose Quartz Combination

Another combination that you can combine with moldavite is rose quartz. Rose quartz has a nice, sweet energy to it, a soothing energy to it.

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If working with moldavite revs you up or you have a big energy burst and then an energy crash feeling spacey, jittery, and dizzy, the rose quartz will help to tone that down.

But for some of you, if you work with moldavite and the energy is too intense, and it creates emotional sensitivity or your emotions get revved up all of a sudden, you’re feeling irritable, angry, maybe you’re feeling moody or all of a sudden anxious or big sadness comes up for you, and then you’re crying for no apparent reason, okay, that the rose quartz can help balance out the emotions.

As you’re doing an emotional release because moldavite will bring up emotions as part of the cleansing process, which is a necessary process for healing.

Sometimes for the emotions to be cleansed, to come up and out, but if that process of cleansing is too intense, as the emotions are cleansing, combining moldavite with the rose quartz will help to tone that down.

It will help you to release emotional congestion from your chakras, from your aura, from your body in a more gentle way that is easier to handle without experiencing those big roller coaster emotions.

Moldavite and Lepidolite Combination

When talking about moldavite crystal combinations, you can also combine the moldavite with lepidolite. Lepidolite also has a beautiful soothing energy.

Lepidolite is also good for working on the nervous system. If your nervous system is becoming sensitive and you’re becoming jittery and wired but exhausted at the same time, then the lepidolite will help to temper that, help to balance that out, to also give strength to your nervous system as you’re working with the moldavite.

Plus, the lepidolite has the content of lithium in it. Lithium is an emotional balancer.

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If you’re experiencing intense emotional swings and heightened sensitivity during your emotional cleansing work with moldavite, combining it with lepidolite can help regulate and stabilize your emotions. Lepidolite acts as an emotional balancer, allowing you to process and release pent-up emotions in a more gentle, controlled manner, without experiencing overwhelming or magnified emotional upheavals. This crystal will smooth out the emotional rollercoaster, providing a more even keel as you navigate the cleansing process.

Moldavite and Black Stones Combination

As for moldavite crystal combinations, let’s dive into working with black stones, like black moonstone, black onyx, smoky quartz, black jasper, or black obsidian. These stones not only share a striking color but also complement each other’s energies wonderfully.

Those combine well with the moldavite, and the black stones help to keep you grounded when you’re working with moldavite. It helps to tone down the intensity of the moldavite.

If moldavite is too intense for you, working with the black stones is like a volume control toning it down so that you can work with moldavite in a more soothing, gentle way, and the black stones help to tone down the moldavite to help your body, your chakras, and your aura attune to the healing energies of moldavite bit by bit by bit.

So when you work with moldavite, when it’s going to be cleansing your chakras, let’s say, and your chakras are tuning it so that your chakras ascend to a higher level, really clean, pure, bright chakras, the moldavite, when you work with it with black stones and combine it with those, that it does that process bit by bit by bit, instead of like all at once being all at once is too quick, that can have undesirable symptoms for you

Conclusion on Moldavite Crystal Combinations

Do you have moldavite in your crystal collection? And have you combined moldavite with some of the crystals and gemstones that I’ve talked about in this post? What a healing effect did that have for you?

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