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Magical Properties Of Herbs

Hello everyone, my name is Samantha, and I’m here to talk about some of my favorite herbs in my day-to-day witchcraft practices. Herbs are one of my favorite tools to use in spellcraft. Each has its magical properties that can aid in spell work. They can enhance home remedies and be the sole ingredient to many charms. What are the magical properties of herbs? Read on.

List Of Herbs And Magical Properties


magical properties of herbs

The first one that we’re going to be talking about is juniper. Juniper works as an excellent protection plant. Its leaves or branches can be burned for purification, and its dried berries can even be eaten to protect the aura from outside influences.

Juniper is a common ingredient for many protection spells as it shields from hexes, curses, and negative energy. It is typically a favorite for empathic workers. So if you consider yourself self-empathic, this herb is for you. It also helps for people trying to open the door between realms. So during meditation, burning a little bit of juniper will help that too.


magical properties of herbs

The next one we’re going to be talking about is lavender. Lavender is typically a favorite among witches. It’s an ace herb. It can be used for many different reasons and is commonly used as a stand-in for other herbs and spells.

Lavender is known for protection, love, meditation, and stress relief. So it really depends on what energy is put into the spell. Even sprinkling a little in your shoes brings protection and good luck. So it’s very versatile.

Lavender oil can also promote healing and soothing. All over, lavender is a very versatile herb, and it can be used in teas, baths, candle magic, and so much more. So I recommend this one to anyone starting out.


magical properties of herbs

The next herb we’ll discuss is a favorite of mine: rose. Rose has that beautiful floral scent, and it has the properties of love and self-love and can be used for many purposes.

I personally work with the goddess aphrodite for spell work, so having rose around is a must for me, and I include it in all of my spells, if not for the specific properties, but for an offering for the goddess.

Rose can be used for love, spells self-love affirmation, and tinctures. As I mentioned, offerings are very versatile and even known to help aid in divination work.

So if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing in witchcraft, rose is definitely a good herb to keep around. It can be used in baths, and even to make facial toners as well.


magical properties of herbs

Lastly, we’ll be talking about eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a cleansing plant, it strips away negativity, and its strong, fresh scent helps ward away evil and leaves purity in its place.

One of my favorite uses of this plant is to place them in the bathroom while having a hot shower to aid in the day-to-day cleansing of the self, aura, mind, and body.

When eucalyptus branches are fresh, I have even braided the branches to make protection talismans around the house. So it’s very versatile and very potent.

Conclusion On Magical Properties Of Herbs

These are just four of my favorite and most used herbs, because magical properties of herbs, and each can be used for many purposes. So if there’s a spell that asks for a specific herb, but you aren’t finding it, it’s difficult to locate, don’t worry, there are substitutions out there. Just make sure you’re researching to find the appropriate one.

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