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opalite vs opal opal vs opalite difference between opal and opalite

Opalite vs Opal, What’s The Difference?

Hi, I’m Bess. I have been working with crystals for 7+ years. Are opal and opalite the same? Today we will discuss opalite vs opal, and the difference between opal and opalite. What Is Opalite? Want This Opalite Worry Stone?→Shop Here The Origin Of Opalite To start, we will discuss the word opalite and its […]

different types of amethyst types of amethyst crystals

Different Types Of Amethyst

Today we will be talking about different types of amethyst, the different places it comes from, and how to tell them apart. Where Is Amethyst Found?  So to start, we’re going to talk about where amethyst comes from globally. There are two no-worthy locations that we’re going to discuss today. The first one is thunder […]

Jade Vs. Aventurine

Hi, my name is Samantha. We’re going to be talking about jade VS aventurine. What’s the difference between jade and aventurine? What Is Aventurine? Shop tumbled green aventurine here To start, we’re going to talk about aventurine. Aventurine is a type of silicate. Silicate is made up of the elements silica and oxygen. Aventurine is […]

Magical Properties Of Herbs

Hello everyone, my name is Samantha, and I’m here to talk about some of my favorite herbs in my day-to-day witchcraft practices. Herbs are one of my favorite tools to use in spellcraft. Each has its magical properties that can aid in spell work. They can enhance home remedies and be the sole ingredient to […]

Plant Manifestation Spell Tutorial

Plant Manifestation Spell Tutorial

Here is a plant manifestation spell tutorial. And this gives your home positive energy. Things you will need: Step 1 Start off by thinking of an intention. Something you can condense into a single sentence. Write it down on the paper, then fold it up. Taking the time to visualize your goal. Step 2 Next, […]

how to tell quartz from glass

How To Tell Quartz From Glass?

Have you ever wondered if your favorite piece is quartz or glass? Let me show you how to tell quartz from glass. 6 Tips On How To Tell Quartz From Glass 1. Price Honestly, the first thing is the price. If you’re looking to buy a perfectly clear sphere and it’s solid clear quartz. It’s […]

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