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green moonstone green moonstones garnierite

Green Moonstone (Garnierite) Meaning, Properties

What Is A Green Moonstone?

Green moonstone is a variety of feldspar mineral that displays a soft, ethereal bluish-green hue. Other minerals, such as chlorite and serpentine, cause the soft green-yellow color. Also, going by the name garnierite, green moonstones are rare and beautiful gemstones found in Sri Lanka, India, and Australia.

What Is Green Moonstone Good For?

raw green moonstone green moonstones garnierite

Green moonstone is a stone of protection, renewal, and inner growth. And yet, on a broad perspective, green moonstones resound emotional balance even in difficult times. And this works in conjunction with its properties to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Even so, folks in this age rely on the green moonstones for fortune, intelligence, and intuition. Again, the stone remains resilient when balancing masculine and feminine energies, manifesting dreams, and bringing about emotional healing and clarity. 

Green Moonstone Meaning 

Green moonstone means peace, calm, prosperity, abundance, and balance. But with the broadness of its property, it suffices to say the green moonstone meaning depends on how it’s programmed. 

On most occasions, it brings emotional stability and encourages you to connect with your subconscious, intuitive feelings and emotions. And, whenever you need answers or to trust your inner wisdom, green moonstones will surely make a perfect guide.

Green Moonstone vs. Garnierite

Green moonstone is a type of feldspar mineral with a translucent, pale green to green-gray color and a vitreous luster. Its therefore known for its beautiful iridescent color and is often used as a healing stone. 

However, you may have come across the name garnierite and green moonstone. They are the same thing.

That is, feldspar is composed of nickel-rich clay minerals and colors ranging from olive green to blue-green, often having a mottled appearance due to the varying concentrations of nickel-rich clay minerals.

Green Moonstone Properties  

green moonstone green moonstones garnierite

1) Green Moonstone Healing Properties

This stone relieves menstrual tension, helps regulate hormones during menopause, and promotes fertility and pregnancy. It is also believed to help enhance creativity and self-expression, enabling one to recognize their inner truth and potential. 

Additionally, green moonstones’ healing properties are said to help one understand their own emotions and the emotions of others. It also brings about a sense of peace and balance in relationships.

2) Green Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Green moonstones awaken the divine feminine power. As a result, it brings out one’s compassionate and nurturing nature. Garnierite is a powerful aid in helping to resolve internal conflicts, heal emotional wounds, and encourage self-forgiveness.

It increases one’s self-confidence, helping with communication and decision-making. Moonstones also connect you to nature and the earth’s natural rhythms. And that makes it an excellent meditation tool when coupled with its peace-making and balancing abilities.

Green Moonstone Chakra

Green moonstones resonate with the heart chakra, helping to bring emotional balance and peace. 

It is known for its ability to open and nurture the heart, providing comfort and support during emotional stress. Connecting to the heart chakra boosts creativity and encourages feelings of unconditional love and understanding. 

Also, the green moonstones are associated with the crown chakra. As a result, they open and balance it so you can connect to higher realms of consciousness and spiritual guidance.

Green Moonstone Benefits

These are the advantages of green moonstones, which stem from their metaphysical and healing properties.

1) Bolstering Intuition

Green moonstones enhance intuition and encourage one to use them to make decisions. As for the spiritual dimension, they connect one to the spiritual world and align one with the universe’s energies.

2) Promoting Self-Discovery

Green moonstones help one connect with their inner self and encourage self-discovery. And so, they allow one to see the truth in all situations and recognize the beauty in all things.

3) Enhancing Creativity

Green moonstones help to enhance creativity and unlock hidden potential. You may need them to open up creative channels and bring new ideas and innovative solutions.

4) Supporting Emotional Balance

Green moonstones help to support emotional balance and bring harmony to the heart. As a result, they provide comfort and stability during stress and anxiety. 

5) Enhancing Compassion

Green moonstones help to enhance compassion and understanding toward others. Simply put, they open up the heart and connect with the energies of love and kindness.

Popular Green Moonstones Products 

green moonstone green moonstones garnierite

1) Green Moonstones Ring

Garnierite rings are available in various designs to suit any style. The rings are typically made with sterling silver or gold and feature a large, faceted garnierite set in the center. Other styles feature intricate designs with smaller green moonstones set around the larger ones.

2) Green Moonstones Sphere

Garnierite spheres are carved from gemstones and feature a unique, polished design. The spheres are often used for meditation and healing and come in various sizes.

3) Green Moonstones Earrings

Garnierite earrings are available in various designs, including studs and drop earrings. The earrings are typically silver or gold and feature a large, faceted garnierite in the center.

4) Garnierite Tower

Garnierite Towers are carved from gemstone and feature a unique, polished design. The towers are often used for meditation and healing and come in various sizes.

5) Garnierite Palm Stone

Garnierite palm stones are polished gemstones used for healing and meditation. Palm stones typically feature a unique, polished design set in silver or gold.


What Is Green Moonstone Good For?

Green moonstones are a type of semiprecious gemstone with healing and spiritual qualities. It brings emotional healing, protection from negative energies, harmony, and balance. Lastly, the green moonstones promote fertility, intuition, grounding, creativity, growth, and self-acceptance.

What Does Green Moonstone Represent?

The green moonstones symbolize inner growth, manifestation, new beginnings, abundance, good luck, and healing. It has strong metaphysical properties that can help one attune to the moon’s energy and cycles.

Garnierite also brings good fortune and protection and absorbs negative energies. Simply put, it represents balance and harmony and may aid communication and peace of mind. 

What Is Green Moonstone Called?

Garnierite, also known as green moonstone, is a rare silicate mineral that is a significant source of nickel. Its composition varies from sample to sample, and frequently chlorite and serpentine can be found in it.

Is Green Moonstone Really A Moonstone?

Yes, green moonstones are a type of moonstone, albeit a feldspar mineral, and comprise two types of feldspar—orthoclase and albite. However, its color is caused by the stone’s small amounts of nickel, chromium, and iron.  

Is Green Moonstone Dyed?

Green moonstones are a type of feldspar that is naturally colored light to dark green and is not dyed. And if you fall victim to the wantonness of jewelers, it will help to note moonstones have orthoclase which brings out their natural high luster and iridescent properties. 

Is Garnerite And Green Moonstone The Same?

Green moonstones are the same as garnierite. It’s just one name for another.

Green Moonstone Spiritual Meaning?

Green moonstone carries the moon’s energy, symbolizing spiritual healing and awakening. As a result, it promotes a more relaxed and tranquil state of mind, allowing one to become more in tune with their spiritual side. Additionally, garnierite is a powerful stone for protection, providing psychic protection and shielding one from negative energy.

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