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libyan desert glass

Libyan Desert Glass

This may be one of the most powerful tactites out there, and I’ve got to say, probably my favorite tactite that I’ve ever connected with. Not only is the origin story and history of this stone fascinating and mysterious, but the metaphysical properties associated with this tektite have to do with blessings coming into your life, opportunities, and manifestations in physical form. The tektite that I am talking about is Libyan Desert glass, and in this article, we are going to be diving into this subject.


Libyan Desert Glass is a tektite that is super popular. It has a lot of buzz around it for bringing transformation and for kind of just up-leveling your whole life. We hear common characteristics with moldavite, another very popular and infamous tektite out there, but the energies do differ.

In this article, I will be talking about the origin, the history of Libyan Desert glass, going over the metaphysical properties, some things that you can expect while working with this tektite, and also sharing some personal experiences that I’ve discovered while working with this tektite.

Now, let’s dive into the origin and history of this far-out stone.

Where Is Libyan Desert Glass Found?

raw libyan desert glass
raw libyan desert glass

Libyan Desert glass is a glassy material found in the Sahara Desert along Libya and Egypt. Now, the whereabouts of this stone are kind of a mystery. Scientists don’t know where it came from, although there have been meteorite crashes along this area where deposits have been.

Some scientists argue to classify Libyan Desert glass as a tektite, so it does have this mysterious kind of energy to it. There isn’t a definite location or whereabouts of where it’s really from.

Libyan Desert Glass History

Looking into history, in ancient Egypt, King Tut was buried with Libyan Desert glass as a necklace. It was said that this energy would influence supernatural powers to the wearer even in their afterlife.

There is this very strong resonance when you are working with Libyan Desert glass, connecting with this ancient Egyptian civilization and also these influences of extraterrestrial entities.

Speaking of extraterrestrial entities, something I wanted to note about this stone is its connection to the star Sirius. This is where things get a little trippy.

We are linked to Sirius just like the moon and the sun. Our solar system and the Sirius system are heavily connected through gravitation. We move through space together, spiraling around a common center. There is a special connection of our humankind connecting with the star Sirius.

Through my time diving into spirituality and learning about Sirius and the influence that Sirius has, it’s known as the spiritual sun. It has this heavy influence of manifestation energy. There is even a day called Lionsgate on August 8th when we can feel the presence of this manifesting energy.

As the star Sirius aligns with the sun and the pyramids in Egypt, it opens up this portal where we can manifest our highest timeline. This is known as Lionsgate.

But really, this whole intertwining of this cosmic energy, this ancient energy, and kind of just the far-out trippiness of this stone all really intermixes when we dive into the metaphysics of this tektite.

Libyan Desert Glass Properties And Benefits

tektite libyan desert glass
tektite libyan desert glass

The Energy Of Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert glass carries remarkable energies for enhancing the strength of one’s will, one’s ability to create, and one’s power of manifestation. These stones help one reach their full potential.

If you’re feeling a calling inside your heart to expand your life to this next level, Libyan Desert Glass is highly recommended.

Perhaps this has to do with the impact of this stone hitting Earth, right, this meteorite crashing on Earth, and the explosive energy that this stone carries. Maybe there is some linkage there with this tremendous feeling that we feel when we’re working with Libyan Desert glass.

Help With Transformation

I think one of the main reasons why people love incorporating tektites into their lives is that they are ready for transformation. They’re ready for a change, they’re ready for an uplevel.

Maybe they want to spiritually upgrade. Whatever the reason may be, people tend to work with tektites. What’s awesome about Libyan Desert glass is that it meshes well with other tektites.

If you incorporate moldavite or black Tibetan tektite, that can help speed up transformation even faster.

Good For All Of Our Chakras

I think what I like most about Libyan Desert Glass is how it affects our chakra system. It’s really good for all of our chakras, but it enhances our solar plexus and our sacral chakra.

Help You Feel Confident

If you notice you have some underactive energy there, it will help stimulate that and help you feel confident. Some of the keywords associated with Libyan Desert glass are confidence, being able to dive into the Akashic records, manifestation, and being able to visualize and see what your sole purpose is in this lifetime.

Bring Happiness

This stone also brings about a great feeling. It brings happiness. When we strengthen our solar plexus chakra, we feel strong emotionally, we feel happy, and we feel confident.

And I’ve noticed personally that I feel these feelings when I’m working with Libyan Desert Glass. So, as I said, it’s been about a year that I’ve been working with Libyan Desert Glass, off and on.

I must emphasize that the initial months were pivotal for me in actively summoning transformation and manifesting the ideal version of myself. Now, I’m eager to share the experiences that unfolded since I began working with Libyan Desert glass, essentially setting intentions for a transformative journey toward the next level of self.

My Experience With Libyan Desert Glass

At the time when I got my Libyan Desert glass, I felt like I was ready to uplevel my content creation. I wanted to keep pursuing that. It is kind of like my life purpose, or it is my life purpose. I feel like sharing my knowledge and spirituality, crystal content like that’s just who I am and what I want to do.

So, that was a major intention going into this uplevel, and it was so funny because I started to get a lot of opportunities based on my producing content.

I’ll give you a few examples here. Something very random and wild that happened while I was working with Libyan Desert Glass was that I was contacted by a publishing company to help write a book on a subject that I find interesting, but I wouldn’t say I’m a total expert in it. It wasn’t on crystals or anything like that; it was something else, and I was very intrigued and was debating if I wanted to do this.

But in the end, I felt like it wasn’t in alignment with where I was headed, or what I wanted to do. So, I passed on it, but it was still a very weird kind of experience to all of a sudden be offered, like, “Hey, we’d love for you to write this book,”. It was just kind of wild.

Another thing that happened, like literally a week after this whole publishing opportunity came about, was I got contacted by a VR game show. They wanted to have me come on and be like a guest on the show, and I thought it was so interesting. That was a really fun experience and stepping into me.

So, as you can see, there was this pattern with me knowing what I wanted. I knew I wanted to change. I was kind of going in a direction with my career, my business, and my passion, trying to mesh it all together. I felt like these opportunities were really in alignment with the person that I wanted to be.

Looking at my current situation, I can confidently say that I am in a much better place than before. This improvement, I believe, stems from my clarity regarding intentions and goals. I identified the aspects that truly ignited my passion and discovered my true calling. By actively seeking change and transformation, I’ve noticed these positive shifts gradually taking shape in my life.

Conclusion On Libyan Desert Glass

I’ve observed a unique quality with tektites – when you possess clarity about your goals and desired outcomes, tektite energy seems to facilitate their realization. There’s a special magic to it, a phenomenon I’ve also experienced with moldavite. Now, if you’re contemplating whether to acquire Libyan Desert glass, let me share that its energy differs slightly from moldavite. It feels softer, and more inviting, encouraging you to pursue your desires with willpower and courage.

Taking those steps, Libyan Desert Glass becomes your ally. It instills confidence and provides the boost you need to call in your manifestations. Personally, it stands out as my favorite tektite due to its solar plexus energy and connection to Sirius. When I work with Libyan Desert Glass, I sense a powerful manifesting channel within me, making it a valuable tool.

If you’re ready to elevate your life and activate your manifestation abilities, I wholeheartedly recommend considering Libyan Desert Glass.

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