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cord cutting ritual

Cord Cutting Ritual

One of the simplest ways to let go and release something that is energetically weighing you down is by doing a cord cutting ritual. Now, there are many ways to perform a cord-cutting ritual. In today’s article, I’m super excited to share with you a candle cord cutting ritual because I believe these are the most effective.

If you are ready to let go of something that is weighing you down energetically—maybe it’s a person, a job, or some kind of situation—and you’re ready to release, then this article is right for you.


I’m going to start out by explaining what a cord cutting ritual is. Then, I’ll be sharing when it is the best time to do this, depending on what you’re going through. How to know, maybe it’s time to do a cord-cutting ritual. I’ll then be sharing everything that you need to do this ritual. I’ll be showing you a tutorial so you can know how to do cord cutting ritual. And then lastly, I’ll be ending this article by sharing my own experiences doing cord-cutting rituals and the impact that they can make in your life.

What Is A Cord Cutting Ritual?

So, what is a cord cutting ritual? In essence, it is energy work that helps release energetic ties or cords that bind us to a specific person, situation, habit, or anything like that. These cords tend to be negative; they tend to weigh us down and drain our energy, and we can feel their effect of them in an emotional way.

A big part of a cord-cutting ritual is visualization—imagining that cord between you and that thing—and also your intention going into the cord-cutting ritual. It is amazing how we can use objects to symbolize this cord being cut and this release that we feel after we’re done doing the ritual.

Now, I will say, if you are currently going through something that maybe feels scary or dangerous, please make sure that you communicate with anyone that you feel safe around and let them know how you’re feeling. Because although this can help you energetically, we have to also think about the seriousness of a situation. So, always use your discernment and use your best judgment when you are dealing with tough situations.

When To Do A Cord Cutting Ritual?

cutting cords ritual
cutting cords ritual

Let’s now go over when it is the best time to do a cord cutting ritual.

The primary time that people will normally do a cord cutting ritual is when a certain relationship has ended in their life. This can be a partnership, although it doesn’t have to be a romantic partnership. It could be a friendship; it could involve your career, a job—really, anything that has come to a halt and is over.

It’s also advised to do a cord cutting ritual when you are ready to let go of something, whether it’s a person, a habit, an addiction—anything that you feel is disrupting your flow, your energy, or you being the best version of yourself. That’s an indicator of when you need to do a cord-cutting ritual.

Lastly, you can do a cord cutting ritual if you are ready to release past traumas. This is very potent and very powerful. I know a few people who have done a cord-cutting ritual to help release trauma, and they swear that it’s helped a lot. Doing these little rituals can bring this sense of empowerment. So, I do advise, that if you are going through something or you want to release trauma, that’s another reason to do a cord-cutting ritual.

What Do I Need For A Cord Cutting Ritual?

Now that we’ve gone over what a cord cutting ritual is, the best time to perform a cord-cutting ritual, let’s now dive into what you need to do a cord cutting ritual.

  • black taper candle
  • white taper candle
  • a string or a piece of yarn
  • something that strikes a flame
  • paper and a pen
  • plate

All of the items that I share with you are quite easy to find. You can find them online, but a lot of crystal shops will have these items.

Black Taper Candle

The first thing is a black taper candle. This symbolizes negativity or the thing that you are banishing.

White Taper Candle

The next thing you’ll need is a white taper candle. This symbolizes purity. It can symbolize a new beginning, just in the realm of newness and fresh energy.

A String Or A Piece Of Yarn

Next, you’ll need a string or a piece of yarn. This symbolizes the tie or the cord.

Something That Strikes A Flame

Next, you will need something that strikes a flame. If you have a lighter or a match—anything that creates fire—this symbolizes death and rebirth.

Paper And A Pen

You will also need paper and a pen. This is part of the ritual; you’re going to write down what your cords are before you perform the ritual.


Lastly, I advise having some kind of plate because we are melting candles down; it can get a little messy. We want to make sure that everything’s safe and secure, so I advise having some kind of ritual plate.

How To Do A Cord Cutting Ritual

I have a little tutorial for you, so I’m going to explain all the steps in how to do this cord cutting ritual.

Step One: Make Sure You’re In A Good Area

The first thing, I just want to say is you always want to keep safety in mind, especially when you’re working with fire.

Make sure before you do cord cutting ritual that you are in a safe place. Maybe you have a little extinguisher if the flame gets too high or even water. You want to make sure you are creating a safe space to do this. So, first and foremost, make sure you’re in a good area.

Step Two: Get Yourself In A Quiet And Relaxed State

Next, I think it’s really good if you can kind of get yourself in a quiet, relaxed state—maybe putting some frequency music on or something that brings you a lot of calmness.

Step There: Distinguish What Your Energetic Cords Are

And you’re just going to sit with yourself and distinguish what your energetic cords are.

What is causing you to feel discomfort in your life? What is weighing you down? If it’s a certain person, you can write their name down.

Or if it’s a certain situation, put it all pen to paper, and write it out. What is this energetic cord, and claim that you are releasing it?

I like to take that paper and fold it away from me once, fold it away from me twice, maybe fold it away for me a third time. And then I like to place it under the plate. This is optional; you don’t have to do this, but this is just something I do.

Next up, we’re going to pick up a taper candle. We’re going to melt the bottom of it and stick it on the plate. We want it to be really secure.

Then we’ll do it again, and repeat the process with the other taper candle.

I wouldn’t put them too far apart from each other; a good amount of space because we will be tying some yarn around them. We don’t want it to be too far away when you are starting to tie that yarn around the candles.

Step Four: Tie Yarn Around The Candles

This is an opportunity to visualize that cord, right? What is this situation? Think about how you are binding yourself and that situation in this moment. You’re admitting that you have this connection and that you’re ready to let go of it.

Step Five: Light Each Candle

Once your yarn is completely bound to both candles, you’ll go ahead and light each candle.

As the flames are burning and the candle is melting down and down and down, and it starts to burn that yarn, a lot of people like to interpret this whole interaction.

Step Six: Let Candles Burn

As the cord is burning, they will think of what they wrote down and how it is translating in the process of the candles burning and everything going about in that moment.

Sometimes, some people will interpret the wax melts, and how they look. This is optional. If you see something kind of interesting, it’s just another way of getting more answers out of your ritual. It looks like there was a boundary and a line being distinguished here. Maybe the boundaries were set. It looks like a pretty clean line. But you can have fun with it and kind of see what your intuition is telling you in this process. What are you observing? It’s kind of like a fun little element you can do.

My Experience Of Candle Cord Cutting Ritual

To finish off this article, I’d love to share with you my own personal experience of what happened when I did cord cutting ritual about a year ago. Like I said, during eclipses, it’s a great time to do a cord-cutting ritual, anything where there’s like an ending going on. It’s a great time.

Last October, I’m not exactly sure if it was the new moon or the full moon, but I believe it was the full moon in Taurus, considering we’re approaching a full moon in Taurus now. Regardless, there was an eclipse during that time. I engaged in burning rituals together.

I wrote down what was weighing me down and just what I wanted to release. I felt like I was so in tune with my emotions and so clear with what I wanted.

Basically, what I was calling in was a new job. I felt like I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my current role, and I wanted something different. I knew that there was something better for me out there, and I was really setting this intention of energetically letting go of my current situation so I could welcome a new situation.

I did the burning ritual, and it was so funny watching my process, watching my candle burn. It was like the yarn had come off both of the candles evenly, and they both were unbound and burned down nicely. It kind of felt like a good situation for both sides in a way.

I was like, okay, that was interesting. Then, I think it was about 3 months later, I ended up getting a job offer and got a new job. It was part of this story of what I was manifesting at that time. It came to fruition, and I felt like putting this out there during Eclipse season helped attract a new situation for me. That’s one way that I’ve used cutting cords ritual.

Conclusion On Cord Cutting Ritual

You can let go of something to bring something in. There is this rebirth element that you can really tap into, whether it’s for self-improvement or calling in what you feel you deserve.

To banish something that isn’t for you, a toxic situation, you can do whatever you want with this ritual and just feel the effects of an energetic weight being lifted off of you.

So again, as you’re reading this, this is a great time to do a cord-cutting ritual. But in general, I hope that this helps you understand when to do cord cutting ritual, why to do this, and how to do this, and feel free to share any experiences with me. I’d love to hear how it went. If you did this cord-cutting ritual and saw results quite quickly, I’d love to hear about them.

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