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which hand to wear crystal bracelets on

Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelets On?

I think a hot topic right now is which hand to wear crystal bracelets on. Although there is guidance on this, there is something that not a lot of people are talking about online that is so important when it comes to wearing crystal bracelets. Today, I want to share that information with you.

In this article, I will discuss the following:

  • Crystal bracelet left or right hand
  • Non-dominant side of the body
  • Dominant side of the body
  • The most important thing when wearing crystal bracelets
  • The importance of palm chakra
  • Benefits of wearing crystal bracelet

Crystal Bracelet Left Or Right Hand

We’re going to dive straight into this question: which hand to wear crystal bracelets on?

which hand to wear crystal bracelet chakra bracelet
which hand to wear crystal bracelets on

First and foremost, when you get a crystal bracelet, the fact that you are choosing to connect with a crystal is not super crucial on which hand you are wearing your crystal bracelet on. You can wear a crystal bracelet on either hand. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to work for you or that you’re doing it wrong.

There are no rules with crystals; it’s all about your intention and how you choose to work with a crystal. So, I want to say first and foremost, it’s not super crucial to wear a crystal bracelet on a certain wrist, although there is guidance on this, which I will jump into right now.

Non-Dominant Side Of The Body

Which hand to wear crystal bracelets on? Traditionally, the left side of the body or the non-dominant side of the body—putting the bracelet on your left hand, your non-dominant hand—is going to help you receive the energy of the stone.

When you’re out crystal shopping, maybe you’re looking at crystal bracelets, and the crystal person or salesperson lets you know, “If you wear this green bracelet, it’ll help attract more luck into your life,” or “If you wear this citrine bracelet, it’ll help bring more money into your life.”

When you’re looking to attract something, you would then wear that crystal bracelet on your left wrist.

Dominant Side Of The Body

Whereas the right side of the body, the dominant side, where you would place a crystal on your right wrist, is more for sending out that crystal energy, to send out that energy.

Think about when you shake someone’s hand. Most of the time, we use our dominant hand to shake a hand; we assert ourselves, send our energy out, and show confidence in that moment.

I like to wear protective crystals on my right wrist because I feel like that protection is going out around me, like a shield.

If you still have questions about which hand to wear crystal bracelets on? Again, traditionally, the right side of the body, the dominant side, that’s where we’re going to be sending out energy. Whereas the left side of the body, or the receiving side, the left hand, that’s where we receive that energy.

As I said, wearing a crystal bracelet on either wrist is still potent. These are just suggestions on which hand to wear crystal bracelets on, and this is what I see a lot online when you search for this.

The Most Important Thing When Wearing Crystal Bracelets

And I feel like a lot of people are missing the main element of wearing crystal bracelets—the most important thing, and that is how often you clean and charge your crystal bracelets.

When we choose to bond with a crystal, we are in that crystal’s frequency 24/7. It’s not uncommon for someone to have their crystal bracelet on all the time. Some people even shower with their crystal bracelets on, granted it’s a water-safe crystal bracelet. No one’s taken off their crystal bracelet; they want to be in that frequency all the time.

What someone may not know is that they are depleting that crystal’s energy the more they wear it and they don’t establish a crystal practice with cleansing and charging their crystal jewelry.

If you are totally brand new to this and don’t even know how to cleanse and charge crystals or crystal bracelets, here are some tips on how to cleanse and charge crystals.

But this is my biggest takeaway: a lot of people don’t stress enough about establishing that crystal practice of cleansing and charging our crystal bracelets. It’s key to feel that energy and optimize this subtle body energy, sending it out and receiving it. It’s this flow that we want to feel with our crystals, and if we aren’t giving them the proper crystal care, we will start to notice that energetically.

The Importance Of Palm Chakra

The last thing I wanted to talk about that I think is important and something that I don’t think a lot of people talk about is the importance of our palm chakras.

Palm chakras receive energy from the universe or crystals and channel this into another energy field. Palms increase creativity in the physical and subtle energy worlds. Our palms are very powerful; they help us sense energy.

Think about people that do Reiki and all that cool stuff, right? They use their hands; they’re transmitting light through their hands. There is so much power in our palm chakras that we don’t think about that often.

When we choose to wear a crystal bracelet, this is so close to our palm chakras. We’re utilizing this energy center when we’re enhancing it with a crystal bracelet. We can utilize our palm chakras with our self-healing—putting a crystal bracelet on, hovering over different chakras, and doing energy work on ourselves or on other people.

Benefits Of Wearing Crystal Bracelet

Another really big thing that goes into wearing crystal bracelets that a lot of people talk about is their chakras, right? People will wear crystal bracelets to help them balance their chakras, or they may notice that a chakra is underactive, so they might wear a crystal bracelet that helps build up that chakra.

I have been experimenting with crystal jewelry for many years now, and I gotta say wearing a crystal bracelet probably is one of the fastest ways to work with a crystal, to shift your energy, enhance your energy, and help you with whatever it is that you’re looking to get out of your crystal practice.

I think this is wonderful, and I advise this. If you’re brand new to crystals, this is an easy way to feel and notice how crystals can affect your day-to-day life. So, I’m excited for you if this is your first time working with crystal bracelets or crystal jewelry.

Conclusion On Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelets On

I hope that these tips about which hand to wear crystal bracelets on can help you understand how to utilize that energy, and if you have any questions regarding crystal bracelets or crystal jewelry, please go ahead and email us. I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

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