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garnierite benefits

Garnierite Benefits

Garnierite is an exciting mineral, often known as green Moonstone. Traditionally, speaking of garnierite benefits, this mineral is known as a stone for the goddess and a heart healer. But I want to talk about something totally different—garnerite will educate you on humanity’s relationship with power. It will teach you about power, how power influences people, how people use it in specific situations, and how it creates and fuels conflict.

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The History Of Garnierite

The name “Garnierite” is often a bit confusing and was named for Jules Garnier—who discovered a green nickel-rich mineral in 1874. Since then, the name “garnerite” has been used to describe several different minerals.

Garnierite Benefits For Relationships

Just to be clear, the energetic properties I’m talking about here are of a nickel-magnesium silicate currently being mined in Madagascar.

Our relationship with power starts at conception; it is continuous until we make our final exit.

In fact, for many people, our life lessons and life paths are based on finding, acquiring, and managing power. Our relationships, both personal and professional, for the most part, contain some sort of power dynamic.

One version of an ideal relationship is a balanced and healthy power dynamic, and another ideal version of the power dynamic is literally where our power needs are met. Many people are okay with a dominant or submissive role or a mix of both, and we want to feel safe and respected in that space.

However, this is a very advanced, sophisticated, and complex situation. Most of us will have many experiences of people trying to gather and assert power over us. This is a complex and convoluted part of life that we just cannot escape.

Garnerite Is A Profound Educator

garnierite sphere benefits
garnierite sphere benefits

So right away, garnerite teaches you about power in general—how it influences people, how it’s playing out in personal or group dynamics, and it can give you insight into people’s motives and their quest for power. It is an educator on what true power is how you can get it and how you can keep it. It can teach you how to have power responsibly and how to hone that power with respect. It can also teach you how power is being abused around you.

Garnierite Benefits For Conflict Resolution

In addition, one of the benefits of garnierite is its effectiveness in conflict resolution.

When power is being abused, it helps level the playing field so the power dynamic does not go out of balance. You can either use it before you enter into a situation or help restore the balance while the situation is occurring. It is particularly good when someone has had more power over you due to extenuating circumstances—for example, they were older than you and more skilled, but you have caught up to them and possibly even surpassed them, and they can no longer hold the edge over you like they once did.

Hope you find this article about garnierite benefits is helpful.

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