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blue apatite meaning

Blue Apatite Meaning

I’m going to share with you a crystal that has truly opened up my third eye chakra, helping me tap into other dimensions, providing clarity and wisdom along my spiritual journey—that crystal is blue apatite. Some keywords related to blue apatite are psychic activation, access to inner knowledge, lucid dreaming, and a soul connection. Let’s dive into blue apatite meaning.

Apatite, in general, comes in various colors: blue, green, yellow, brown, and even colorless. I have one larger piece of blue apatite and some smaller pieces for crystal gridding. I have a chunky piece of blue apatite, and I’ll share with you how I mainly use it.

Blue Apatite Crystal Meaning

Purifying Power On Psychic Energies

As for blue apatite meaning, it has a cleansing influence on the auric field, especially the mental body. Its vibratory level is associated with psychic perception and paranormal abilities. It focuses on clearing and stimulating the third eye chakra, enhancing inner vision and psychic ability. It’s particularly strong for past life recall and work due to its access to the energy levels where the Akashic records and one’s soul patterns exist.

A Gateway To Spiritual Connection And Enhanced Focus

In terms of blue apatite meaning, it helps one connect with spiritual guidance and understand how information from other lives can be best used in this life. I’ve noticed how consistently working with blue apatite brings focus to my mental state. If I need extra focus, I gravitate towards blue apatite. It enhances the feeling of being connected with my spiritual gifts and activates the third eye chakra, making me feel like I’m tapping into something.

My favorite thing about blue apatite is how it helps you see the bigger picture. It prompts you to consider what is truly at play—whether you’re sweating the small stuff or if there’s inner wisdom to conjure up to see a situation in a different light. Generally, this is a great crystal for everyday use to stimulate your mind and stay focused throughout the day.

A Stone For Lucid Dreaming

tumbled blue apatite meaning
tumbled blue apatite meaning

Speaking of blue apatite meaning, because this stone is super stimulating to visionary states, it is one of the most recommended stones to have under your pillow or to sleep with. It can enhance your dreams and bring a sense that you can see multiple levels of consciousness, tuning into each frequency simultaneously—also known as helping with lucid dreaming and astral travel.

My Experience With Blue Apatite

Probably my number one way that I use blue apatite is for dreamwork and for helping me fall asleep at night. I have experimented with many crystals to help with insomnia when I was suffering from it, and I found that blue apatite cured this for me.

If you can, I recommend placing blue apatite under your pillow or, if that may be an issue, under your mattress as close to where your head is when you’re sleeping. That’s where you want to keep blue apatite so that you can reap the benefits of getting sound sleep, having crazy wild dreams (most of them will be lucid), and also staying asleep—really, really zonked out. I’ll wake up in the morning, and I will feel like I was in another dimension; it is that heavy. I am like out of body, out of this world, somewhere else.

Blue Apatite And Aliens

Something to note about this stone that I think is kind of interesting: it is said that working with blue apatite can stimulate a connection with ET (extraterrestrials, aliens, whatever you want to call them). It helps you connect with them.

So if you are interested in ET and you want to tap more into that, having blue apatite around you may bring them around. I feel like, for me personally, I’m not super duper interested in ET, but sometimes when I am sleeping at night, I feel like maybe there’s a presence watching me.

I don’t know what it could be, but sometimes I psych myself out and think it might be like an alien or something. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I feel that presence, and I’m kind of like, I wonder if it’s because I have my blue apatite with me. So that’s just a side note that I’ve heard that it can help bring a connection with ET.

Higher Consciousness, Unveiling Healing, and Spiritual Growth

Regardless of this stone helping us tap into higher consciousness, and achieve a lucid dream, there is something so special about the healing aspects of this stone. Working with the stone consistently will trigger something in yourself to help you understand the answers you seek.

Blue apatite’s ability to tap into higher consciousness helps one see how our karma has played out in this lifetime. Seeing where karmic roots have led to imbalances, past life experiences, or past life traumas lodge themselves in our emotional body or our heart chakra.

Sometimes we can sense that we are holding on to the past, that we are living the past, and there is a blockage there, some kind of karmic tie that is keeping us from breaking that cycle. This stone enhances our spiritual development to see how we can move past these traumas, and these experiences, and find balance within our emotional body, our subtle body, and really within our spirit.

If you find yourself in a cycle that needs to be broken, you are blocking yourself from the next evolution of yourself. There is this karmic tie that you need to cut. Working with blue apatite can help you access that part, that knowledge within yourself to clear it, to self-reflect, to accept that past life, and to move forward.

Blue Apatite Intention

There is a tremendous healing aspect when we work with blue apatite. So, I’d love to end this post by going over some intentions that you can set with your blue apatite. Depending on how you want to work with your blue apatite, I’ve listed four different intentions that can assist you.

First Intention: I open my inner eye to realms of hidden knowledge.

This is great for your Third Eye Activation and receiving these downloads in this visionary aspect of blue apatite.

Next up, we have: My mind is clear, and I am connected to my higher power.

This is great for the Crown chakra, and Soul star chakra connection to have this flow of knowledge beam down into your third eye, into your crown, and see things from a different point of view.

Next up, we have: I seek to understand and learn from my own life experience.

This is great for anyone who’s on their spiritual path, going through a spiritual awakening, to understand that the universe is guiding you and that you are here to learn these lessons along the way.

And lastly, we have: I walk the path towards higher knowledge and accept myself completely.

This is beautiful for release and just going through life, this beautiful life experience we’re having, having this divine spiritual connection along the way.

Conclusion On Blue Apatite Meaning

Alrighty, guys, I hope you enjoyed this article on blue apatite meaning. Again, I recommend having blue apatite in the bedroom; it is so wonderful for getting good sleep, it’s my number one recommendation.

Blue Apatite FAQs

Can blue apatite go in water?

Blue apatite, specifically, has a hardness of five on the Mohs hardness scale, so we don’t want to get this one wet. When cleansing, avoid water with this stone.

Where is blue apatite found?

Blue apatite is found in many places, including Burma, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Canada, and the United States of America.

What chakra is blue apatite

The chakra associated with blue apatite is the third eye chakra.

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