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5 Best Crystals For Leo

Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m so excited to share with you some amazing crystals for leo. 

Leos have always been such a shining light in my life. It was really fun to dive into this one. If you’re just excited to learn about some crystals for leo, read on.

I pick crystals that I felt resonated so much with the sign and could benefit this sign. I’m going to start with a brief introduction of the energy of leo, get the groundwork and then I’ll be transitioning over to five crystals that resonate and benefit the sign leo.

Leo Zodiac

Leo, your passion and zest for life can’t compare to any other zodiac sign ruled by the sun, the center of our solar system. It’s easy to see how you possess this natural-born leader-like quality. The brave-hearted leo demonstrates the power, not the danger of emotional exposure. What leos must remember within is the conviction that they are worthy of love and belonging. 

Since the zodiac lion is born feeling deserving of the very best in life, they can intuitively gravitate toward the people, situations, opportunities, and choices that will place them toward their highest throne. The empowerment, courage, and confidence leo’s instilling inspires so many of us to engage with life from a space of worthiness. 

What Crystals Are Good For Leos?

I always find that I’m attracted to leo because they have this shining energy towards them. It’s like this determination and just how they create their lives I feel is very inspiring. So with all this being said we got a good grasp of the energy of leo. Let’s now transition over to some crystals that resonate with this sign. 

crystals for leo zodiac-Carnelian

crystals for leo Carnelian Crystal Stones Chips Gemstones Crystal Tree

The next crystal on our list of crystals for leo is carnelian. Carnelian is a powerful aid to those who wish to build confidence, courage, passion, and power within themselves. 

It can help one understand how to bring a concept into being. It encourages one to stop waiting for one’s dreams to appear and instead begin to direct one’s experiences as channels of divine will. 

I seriously love carnelian so much. It’s such a powerhouse, and it can help us in so many ways, and I’m really drawn to this crystal, because it activates our lower chakras and we need that activation in our lower chakras. So that we do things in our life. 

When you work consistently with this stone, not only do you feel this energy of courage and determination to keep going the distance, but you have this feeling inside that you are doing big things, you are conceptualizing something, you have a vision, and you are actively pursuing it. 

I believe that leos love carnelian because it is such a fire stone. It brings this just courage, confidence, just major energy. If you’re looking for a major like bump up in your life, a big boost, carnelian is your crystal. 

crystal stone for leo-Pink Tourmaline

Crystals for leos Pink Tourmaline Gemstone Faceted Bead Bar Bracelet

The next crystal on this list of crystals for leo is pink tourmaline. Pink tourmaline supports emotional healing and activation of the heart chakra.

It’s no secret that leos have a huge heart, and one thing that I believe leos may battle in their life is constantly showing up as this powerful strong, kind of figure that doesn’t want to show weakness or openly talk about wounds. 

Leos need to release their emotions when they feel them building up inside, and not push them away. Pink tourmaline is a wonderful heart chakra crystal that can really aid in this heart-healing journey. This can go for anyone who needs always to put on a brave face. 

Pink tourmaline has a way of really opening up our heart chakra, really going into our heart, and releasing old belief systems and repressed feelings. So that you can really dive into your heart chakra journey. 

Crystals For Leo-Tiger’s Eye

crystals for leos Tiger Eye Bracelet

The last crystal on this list of crystals for leo is the tiger’s eye. Tiger’s eye is a stone of mental clarity. It activates and weighs the intellect, sharpening the sword of logic. It assists one in taking effective actions in response to the needs and challenges of physical life and remaining grounded, calm, and centered regardless of the outer or inner situation. 

Tiger’s eye allows one to make choices based upon discernment, not judgment, in accordance with one’s higher guidance. 

To be honest, I sense that this stone is the embodiment of leo energy. Tiger’s eye brings on this balancing act, and leos have this really down with the way that they live their lives. Leos are the masters of doing what they want to do in life and doing it well. 

They are successful, enjoy building, and love to shine their inner light to help others so that they can do that themselves. And in order to be that type of person and have that type of role, leo do need to have a lot of inner balance within their own life. 

If you are a leo out there, I recommend getting some tiger’s eye jewelry and having this embodiment wash over you when you connect with tiger’s eye. 

crystals for leo-Pyrite

The first crystal on this list of crystals for leo is the pyrite. Pyrite enhances willpower assisting one in overcoming bad habits and establishing new health patterns and positive energy. 

I immediately felt a connection with pyrite, like the royalness of leo. This is fool’s gold. There’s something about pyrite that we are so attracted to, and we kind of want to keep getting more pyrite, in my opinion. 

For someone that wants to tap into their leo energy, chances are they’re probably on a mission to create something in their life or manifest something into their life, and pyrite is one of the best crystals to accompany you on that journey. 

Pyrite is a major manifesting crystal. If you’re connecting with pyrite, anything is possible. This is definitely a crystal selection for anyone out there looking to have a little more spice in your manifesting practice. 

crystals for leo-Sunstone

The next crystal on our list of crystals for leo is the beautiful sunstone. Sunstone is a stone of leadership. For those who wear or carry sunstone, it can kindle the fire of leadership.

It’s one of those crystals that when you gravitate towards working with it, you feel this boost of vital energy, which can really change your mood. It brightens your overall aura, not only does sunstone help with improving our mood, but it has a way of really bringing on this leadership role, and this can be leadership within ourselves, taking responsibility on like personal projects or new initiatives, or it can be in a group setting. 

If you’re working with a bunch of people and taking on that leadership role, getting more organized or just showing up more in that space, sunstone is your choice. 

If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, like the mighty leo, who is just naturally so good at doing this, then sunstone is going to be the one crystal that you’re gonna notice this shift, and I definitely recommend having sunstone in like your work space. 

Conclusion On Best Crystals For Leos

This list of crystals for leo can act as a crystal energy pack for anyone out there that has leo in their birth chart, so that they can harness and share their unique gifts talents and qualities with the world and those around you. 

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