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blue smoke quartz

Blue Smoke Quartz

Blue smoke phantom is an incredible quartz emerging from Colombia. This quartz is a powerhouse; when held, you can feel the energy moving inside you.

How Does Blue Smoke Quartz Get Its Name?

These Phantoms derive their name from the misty inclusion of the mineral cookeite. Blue smoke quartz is remarkably expansive, addressing energy blocks, whether known or unknown. Immediately, it starts dissolving these blocks and removes stagnant energy.

Blue Smoke Quartz Meaning And Properties

This quartz is excellent for meditation, stimulating and opening energy channels like Kundalini or meridians. Prolonged use would enlighten you about energy systems, making it suitable for professional healers or individuals exploring their energy systems for personal growth and development.

Aids In Channeling Information

Mined in the same area as Lemarians, this quartz, like them, aids in channeling information.

Helps With Self-education

However, its primary purpose is self-education. It serves as a soul and energy systems textbook, teaching you to be more dimensional. It guides you not only in expanding your energy but also in moving it to feel more comfortable in your own space.

Facilitates Connections With Different Realms

Additionally, it facilitates connections with different realms, revealing how your energy interacts with them, whether beneficial or not.

This crystal is a tool for receiving downloads and enhancing your ability to comprehend more complex ones. It’s a resource for learning about universal laws and coexisting in the third and higher dimensions simultaneously, an enjoyable skill once mastered.

Protect And Shield Your Energy

Moreover, it teaches you to protect and shield your energy. As an educator on energy, it imparts knowledge on how people may negatively impact or misuse your energy.

Given its role as an energy educator, this quartz can teach telekinesis, both physical and energetic. It instructs on moving energy with your mind and reading the inner energy of a space. It covers basics like energy cords, and transference, and introduces concepts of disease and how energy systems form over lifetimes. Overall, it’s an exceptional educator for those wanting to work with quartz in this manner.

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