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blue kyanite spiritual properties

Blue Kyanite Spiritual Properties

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you a crystal that I think is beautiful and unique, both visually and energetically. It brings a sense of endless possibilities during your spiritual journey and helps you understand your inner psychic power. The crystal I am talking about is blue kyanite. Discover blue kyanite spiritual properties with me.


Some keywords related to blue kyanite are lucid dreaming, telepathy, psychic ability, past life recall, and empathy.

Kyanite’s crystal system is triclinic. It forms elongated flat blade-like crystals, which look pretty cool. Blue kyanite is very common among all the kyanites, but there are a few other color variations — orange, green, black, white, and other colors, with those being the most popular.

Where Is Blue Kyanite Found?

Kyanite is found in Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa, Burma, Mexico, and the United States of America.

What Chakra Is Blue Kyanite For?

The chakras associated with blue kyanite are all chakras, but with a heightened sense at the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. In my personal collection, I have two pieces of blue kyanite — a smaller blue kyanite blade and a slightly larger blue kyanite blade.

Does Blue Kyanite Need To Be Cleansed?

A fun fact about blue kyanite is that they are self-cleansing, so you don’t have to cleanse them.

Being that blue kyanite is a high vibrational crystal, it assists in opening the psychic channels and activates the mind center, accentuating one’s mental capacities and enhancing one’s ability to download information from higher sources.

Blue Kyanite Spiritual Properties And How To Use Them?

raw blue kyanite spiritual properties
raw blue kyanite spiritual properties

Since blue kyanite is a high vibrational crystal, something that I’ve noticed while I’ve worked with it is that I tend to get headaches.

When working with the stone, it has kind of made me not gravitate towards this stone that much because I do feel that pressure at my crown chakra. I think this is partly due to the ascension that happens while you work with blue kyanite.

Personally, I find myself not gravitating towards the stone for that reason, but there are other useful ways that you can incorporate blue kyanite even if you are a little sensitive to the energy.


The two ways that I like to utilize blue kyanite are through dreamwork and also in pursuit of my dreams for the future. This is a great stone to gravitate towards when you are in the developmental phases of planning out something significant in your life.

Maybe it’s a manifestation you’re working towards, this higher version of yourself, or a timeline that you want to get to. Currently, right now, I am thinking of a lot of projects I want to embark on, and blue kyanite has a way of helping me get in that crystal’s vibration and envision this future state.

And I’ve been enjoying the process. In terms of dreaming, blue kyanite is used for lucid dreaming because it helps link the physical, astral, and causal bodies. It helps speed up the process of being fully conscious while dreaming.

Now, I will say it is a consistent practice that you must do. It’s something that, if you are consistent with it and you have blue kyanite with you before bed, and you kind of like set an intention that you want to lucid dream, continuing this practice will help you achieve that. But it’s something that might not happen overnight.

Reflecting on my own experiences while having blue kyanite under my pillow or next to my bedside, that’s what I advise you to do if you want to try to lucid dream with blue kyanite.

To be honest, the first dream I had with blue kyanite was very jarring. It was kind of like a scary dream, so it made me nervous to have it next to my bedside again.

But I promise you, if you are consistent, there have been times when I have incorporated this with other crystals at bedtime, and I have had dreams where I feel like I’m in another dimension or, I’m astral traveling. There is something that you can unlock as far as your consciousness goes when you are in a dream state with blue kyanite around you.

Role in Resolving Disagreements

Speaking of blue kyanite spiritual properties, this stone is also a great crystal to work with or have around you when you are in a disagreement with someone and you’re looking to repair that relationship.

For example, maybe you are getting a divorce, and you want to keep your family unit strong. But you are separating from your partner. This can help with keeping communication good, it doesn’t escalate.

Also, this is great for anything with legal issues where you don’t want there to be bad blood.

Magnetic Connection With Empaths

In terms of blue kyanite spiritual properties, this blue crystal is also a wonderful stone for empaths. I have noticed that empaths are naturally attracted to blue kyanite. They’re very much in tune with this energy.

If you’re unaware of what an empath is, it’s someone who feels what other people are feeling or understands what someone else is feeling. To look at this from an energetic standpoint, you can also be an empath who can pick up the energy of someone else.

You can feel their energy even if you walk into a room, and let’s say there’s no one in there. Maybe someone had just exited the room, and an empath could walk into that room and pick up on the energy that was just there.

For the empath out there reading this, I recommend getting some blue kyanite jewelry, maybe a bracelet. It’ll help protect your energy so that it’s not super overwhelming when you are out and about in the world and you are feeling and picking up on other people’s energy.

Blue Kyanite Intentions

As I mentioned, my work with blue kyanite hasn’t been too extensive, but these are the findings that I have noticed while connecting with blue kyanite and just picking up on the energy of blue kyanite. I would love to end this article with some intentions that you can set with your blue kyanite.

Intention 1: Empowering Your Highest Timeline With Blue Kyanite

The first one is, “I see my highest timeline, and I am fearless in this pursuit.”

This is wonderful for those of you out there who are in the development stages of manifesting something really big in your life or wanting to achieve your highest timeline. Sitting with blue kyanite, setting this intention, and connecting with the stone every time you are about to meditate, possibly thinking about this higher version or journaling or doing your favorite manifesting technique, will emphasize your inner psychic power to be in that moment, to visualize it, and therefore attracting it to you faster.

Intention 2: Strengthening Psychic Connections With Blue Kyanite

Next intention, “I am awake and connected to the higher realms.”

This is for the aspiring psychic out there who wants to connect to the divine and receive those downloads. If you’re looking to build up your intuition, your psychic power, telepathy, whatever it may be, this is a great intention to consistently connect with blue kyanite to strengthen that energy center.

Intention 3: Enhancing Lucid Dreaming with Blue Kyanite

Lastly, “I can easily lucid dream and connect to inner bridges of consciousness.”

This is for the lucid dreamer out there who wants to tap into maybe past life recall, astral traveling, or anything like that where you want to be in that dream state and be conscious. Set this intention with blue kyanite before bed and be consistent. See what happens.

Conclusion On Blue Kyanite Spiritual Properties

Speaking of blue kyanite spiritual properties, this unique crystal has proven to be a powerful tool for those on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation. It’s ability to enhance lucid dreaming is a notable aspect of its metaphysical properties. I hope that you enjoyed learning about blue kyanite spiritual properties. If you have any experiences working with blue kyanite that you thought were really cool, or trippy, maybe it had to do with dreaming or gaining psychic knowledge, whatever it may be, I would love to hear about it.

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