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best crystals for throat chakra

Best Crystals For Throat Chakra

In this article, we’re talking about the 12 best crystals for throat chakra.


The throat is the center of communication and protection; using your voice, speaking your truth. Traditionally, for throat chakra stones, you have anything that ranges from the aqua color to the light blue. But, as always, you can use any crystal that you want.

Best Crystals For Throat Chakra

I have a nice collection of best crystals for throat chakra:

  • blue lace agate
  • blue chalcedony
  • topaz
  • celestite
  • angelite
  • larimar
  • aquamarine
  • amazonite
  • blue barite
  • chrysocolla
  • turquoise
  • ajoite

Throat Chakra Issues

So, a very common thing when clients come into my office, if they’re having throat chakra issues, their voice was very stifled when they were a child. They also may not be good communicators; they feel repressed with their voice and they’re learning to become stronger.

How To Use Best Crystals For Throat Chakra


best crystals for throat chakra larimar
best crystals for throat chakra larimar

When you use throat chakra stones on someone, you can keep it very simple, using one at a time.

I would put larimar on a client who needed to brighten their voice, who needed to feel confident in their voice, and who wanted an easier time expressing themselves.

Larimar With Amazonite

If I combine larimar with amazonite, this would be good for someone who wants to develop a stronger character and voice, and not feel like they’re getting plowed over the top of when they try to speak, especially for someone who has to deal with bullies.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate, for example, is a stone to help you have a very strong, sassy voice, to be able to pop off at someone when they say something rude to you. You can come back with a great retort.

Blue Lace Agate With Turquoise And Angelite

However, if you combine blue lace agate with turquoise and angelite, this would be great for someone who’s trying to channel, who can be, for example, a psychic or some sort of conveyor of higher wisdom. This would open up the dimensionality of the throat and allow the spirit to work through you.

In this combination, if you only had aquamarine, it would work.

Blue Chalcedony And Ajoite

But if you add in blue chalcedony and ajoite, this is good for treating someone who had a lot of trauma. Maybe their voice was suppressed when they were a child. They were talked over a lot; what they said didn’t matter. And they’re trying to get some sort of recovery and feel safe using their voice.

Angelite With Topaz And Celestite

I think a combination of angelite, topaz, and celestite would be really good for someone learning the power of manifesting. And I mean this in the way of your thoughts becoming your words, then becoming your actions.

If you’re trying to be more responsible with your speech and trying to use what you say as a form of manifestation, if you’re trying to be more positive and to bring your thoughts and your words into physical reality, using these three would help you to understand that they teach you how to do it.

Blue lace agate, Larimar, And Chrysocolla

And finally, I would say a blue lace agate, a larimar, and a chrysocolla would be really great for just a full-on general sort of throat chakra healing. These would build confidence in the voice; they’d build the protective element of the voice. They’d help you speak clearly or be more assertive in your voice. They would be great for public speaking.

You could also throw a blue barite in there to help you be more eloquent in your speech.

Conclusion On Best Crystals For Throat Chakra

Hope this article about best crystals for throat chakra may help you. Don’t forget that there are tons of different combinations and so many different stones that you could use to bring so many effects. So I always recommend trying, and always doing what’s right for you.

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