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what is pink opal good for everything you need to know

What Is Pink Opal Good For?

We often think of pink opal as a love stone, a heart healer, and a stone of renewal that aids in spiritual awakening. However, did you know that pink opal has a super witchy side? In this article, we will discuss what is pink opal good for.

Of its many powerful uses, pink opal can be employed to banish someone and return curse energy back to the sender. It can also be used to hex and break hexes.

What is pink opal good for? Everything you need to know

  • Banishing and hex breaking
  • Truth and motive revelation
  • Protection from manipulation
  • Addressing heart blind spots
  • Guardian of innocence
  • Revolutionary energy
  • Divine feminine energy
  • Timing and karma in revolutions
  • Internal revolution and karmic correction
  • Non-Attachment practice

What is pink opal good for? Opal, in general, loves truth; it does not lie. Pink opal can help you understand the hidden motives of others.

You can use pink opal not only to return the ill will of another but also to banish them so effectively that you never see them again. This is particularly true if the person is attempting to manipulate you through your heart.

what is pink opal good for
what is pink opal good for

We have many blind spots in our hearts, especially if we desire to be a whole person who lives through their heart just as much, or more so, than the mind or the spirit.

Many sinister individuals perceive heart-centered people as weak and naive, using your kindness to get close and attempting to manipulate you for their advantage.

Pink opal can work as a bodyguard to help you protect your innocence. It can even reveal their motives, though it can be hard to believe, especially if you have a lot of bad early childhood programming where you were always taught to be nice and trusting.

Like any great divine feminine goddess energy, pink opal embodies a transcendent dimensional loving energy and a terrifying badass all in one.

On a global scale, pink opal can have a revolutionary energy if the cause is the betterment of humankind without ego. It karmically moves the world forward without the slightest concern for what humans think. It could be used to incite a revolution that would probably look and feel closest to the French Revolution.

However, timing, circumstance, and karma play crucial roles in revolutions. So, don’t think you can just wish a revolution into being because you’re carrying around a tumbled stone in your pocket.

You could use it to start a revolution within, or it could be used by a group of people to correct a situation karmically. But it will align with universal laws, not human desires. Just make sure you practice non-attachment if you use it for this purpose.

Hope this article about what is pink opal good for can help you.

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