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white apophyllite benefits

White Apophyllite Benefits

If you ever want to hold pure divine white light in your hand, perhaps the closest you can get to that is white apophyllite. In this article, you will learn about white apophyllite benefits.

White apophyllite benefits you need to know

White or clear apophyllite shines a light so bright it can illuminate even the darkest of spaces. This zeolite provides a direct link between the higher self and the physical self.

If you want more connection to the spiritual realms, white apophyllite stone will bring it because of the incredible frequency of this mineral.

White apophyllite is a great companion to help combat depression and negativity.

When used with intention, it is comforting and compassionate, sharpening the hardest edges of the soul where apathy and numbness exist.

It can renew a sense of wonder and mystery, helping you realize that the misery that exists on Earth is only a temporary space that one must master on the path to enlightenment.

Apophyllite will keep you going, and evolving, and teach you the mastery of the soul over the karma of the physical incarnation.

Apophyllite will give you something to aim for when you feel lost, positivity when you are negative, and light during dark times. It is a very intuitive stone and great fun during meditation.

It is also protective against fires and is a stone for firefighters. You very often find it occurring with stillbite, which is a nice combination too.

Who needs white apophyllite?

  • If you’re looking to experiment with astral travel or access past lives, I recommend white apophyllite.
  • If you want to understand more of the differences between the higher self, conscious self, and unconscious self, white apophyllite will teach you.
  • If you want to understand the motives behind your actions, it will provide insight.

Hope this article about white apophyllite benefits may help you.

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