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Sodalite Crystal Meaning, Properties, Benefits

Sodalite Crystal Meaning, Properties, Benefits

Are you looking for your Sodalite Smart? Today we are discussing sodalite crystal: its meanings, its healing properties, and answering your top five questions about sodalite stone.

Let’s discuss sodalite and find out if you are somebody who could benefit from sodalite in your life.

The top five questions that we are going to answer about sodalite crystal today are:

  • How do you use sodalite metaphysically, and what does it mean metaphysically?
  • What is the orange in some of the Sodalite?
  • What is Hackmanite or Tenebressin Sodalite?
  • Does all Sodalite glow?
  • Is Sodalite the same as Lapis Lazuli?

What is sodalite?

Sodalite crystal is a rich blue stone with white calcite inclusions.

What colour is sodalite?

Sodalite crystal does come in other colors; it’s rare, but you can find it in other shades like pinks, purples, and greens. But the most common one that you will most likely find in the market is blue sodalite.

Sodalite crystal metaphysical properties

Sodalite Crystal
Sodalite Crystal
  • Promote mental balance
  • Encourage rational thinking
  • Help manifest good ideas
  • Connect the intuitive mind with the logical mind
  • Benefit the throat chakra

Sodalite metaphysically is all about mental balance.

It helps to organize your thoughts, encourages rational thinking, and takes your good ideas and manifests them into reality. It is also a very intuitive Yin feminine Stone, so it has that psychic energy from the Moon.

Sodalite crystal connects both your higher self, your higher mind, your intuitive mind, your third eye chakra to your logical mind here on Earth, your ego, and your everyday thoughts that run through your head. So, it’s a great connection aligning both of those mental states.

Sodalite stone is also great for your throat chakra because of its blue color, so both the third eye and throat chakra benefit from sodalite crystal.

what is sodalite good for?

Use sodalite when you want to let go of your control issues.

Sodalite is a stone that lets go of that habit of everything having to be your way. From your mental state, you can hold sodalite crystal, meditate with it, or keep it with you in your purse or pocket.

Wear sodalite jewelry to remind you of this goal. Sodalite encourages you to go with the flow, and adapt to different situations, instead of being rigid and thinking that there should only be one way.

Who should use sodalite crystal?

  • If you can relate to one or more of these statements, then you should have Sodalite
  • If you are seeking mental balance, use Sodalite at your third eye chakra.
  • If you are seeking to speak your truth, use Sodalite at your throat chakra.
  • If you are attracted to Sodalite’s blue and white, cooling, calming, and rejuvenating energy, then place Sodalite in your space.
  • If you are looking for inspiration to unblock any mental obstacles, use or wear sodalite.
  • If you want a restful sleep, and some peaceful vibrations, then sodalite crystal is exactly the right stone for you.

How to use sodalite?

Sodalite stone
Sodalite stone

There are many ways that you can use sodalite crystal in your metaphysical practice. we are going to show you a few ways.

Place sodalite crystal in your bathroom area for that Zen spa-like energy.

Sodalite is connected to the water element which is flowing, soothing, and is all about rejuvenating. Since Sodalite crystal is great for the bathroom, a sodalite facial roller is very soothing for the face, it is cool and calming, releasing that tension, and great for relaxing at the end of your day.

Create a crystal layout with your sodalite stones.

One example is you can place your sodalite crystal around your head while you are lying down. Place one on your third eye chakra and one on your throat chakra.

As we said, sodalite crystal vibrates with both of these chakras, so gathering up all the great ideas at your third eye chakra and letting you express them clearly through your throat chakra.

This is a great crystal layout to do whenever you’re having a mental block or your mind is just too chaotic and you can’t think straight.

Place sodalite crystal over your third eye, you can lie down, relax, focus on the weight and the cool temperature of the stone, and absorb that energy of the soothing balance of sodalite to help calm your mind and organize your thoughts.

So that, once again, you can think clearly, logically, and rationally.

Wear a sodalite crystal bracelet

Wear sodalite crystal bracelets when you are doing any kind of project that requires some inspiration, for some mental clarity, and for the ideas to flow freely.

If you're writing, studying, philosophizing, or a student, sodalite crystal is great for anything that requires some creative inspiration.

What is the orange in sodalite?

Sometimes, in some pieces of sodalite crystal, you will find an orange color.

The orange is an orange feldspar. It could be either a sunstone or a moonstone. In the gemstone trade, you will find sodalite with orange inclusions called sunset sodalite. It’s great for you if you are working with both the moon and the sun’s energies.

What is Hackmanite or Tenebressant Sodalite?

This is a very rare phenomenon and natural phenomenon found in this kind of sodalite where it changes colors depending on what kind of light wavelength it is in.

Half moonlight is usually found in a pink, purple, or purplish color. It can be in other colors as well. The phenomenon is that when it’s in the dark, it is a bold dark color, but when it hits the light, whether sunlight or artificial white light, it fades its color to a faded grayish off-white color.

This color change is called reverse photochromism, and it can be done indefinitely to Hackmanite. Place it in the sun, and it’ll fade away the color; place it in the dark, and it darkens the color. You can repeat this process indefinitely unless you heat your Hackmanite, which will destroy its natural properties.

So, this phenomenon is rare and making Hackmanite a very special stone. Some people say that you can leave it under prolonged darkness and it’ll turn back to its rich color, some people say you will have to place it under UV light for you to see the darker color change again.

Either way, it’s a very special stone and we are going to show you in the next question and answer how this pendant actually glows under UV light.

Does sodalite glow?

A lot of sodalite crystals glow under UV light. It has a yellowish-orange, sometimes pinkish glow under the light.

However, not all of your sodalite crystal will glow and that does not mean that it is not real. It just depends on how much sulfide molecule is in the stone when it is formed.

The sulfide molecule is what makes your stone fluorescent.

Lapis lazuli vs sodalite

Sodalite and lapis lazuli are two different stones; however, they do get confused for each other because they can look very similar. They both have this rich blue color and white calcite inclusions.

Now, a few ways to tell them apart.

Pyrite inclusion

First of all, Lapis Lazuli will most usually have pyrite inclusions, so the gold pyrite flakes within the Lapis distinguish it from Sodalite crystal, which only shows the white calcite.

This is usually a telltale sign that you have Lapis if there is pyrite, but there are very rare occasions that you may find pyrite in your Sodalite, or you may not see any pyrite in your Lapis.

crystal streak test

Another way to tell is by doing the crystal streak test. This is when you streak a mineral across an unglazed piece of tile, and the powder that comes out of the stone will indicate what kind of stone you have.

Sodalite crystal will always have a white streak, whereas lapis will always have a blue streak. It doesn’t matter what the external color is; that is the streak test that’ll determine which stone you have.


Now, another way to tell is that sodalite crystal usually has this darker tone, blue tone, and Lapis has ultramarine blue, which is like a brighter blue tone when you do have the blue stones.

Lapis will always be blue, whereas sodalite crystal, as we said before, can come in different colors.

Those are just a few ways to tell, and they are not conclusive in themselves. The best way is, of course, to send them into a certified gemological laboratory, and they can determine for sure. This is not always available to you, so the second best thing is to have a crystal shop that knows what they’re selling, they know what they’re talking about, and the difference between lapis lazuli and sodalite crystal.

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