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Ruby Kyanite Meaning, Properties, Benefits

What Is Ruby Kyanite?

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Ruby kyanite is a unique and potent crystal combining two minerals: ruby and kyanite. It is formed when rubies crystallize on the surface of kyanite blades. 

This combination creates a strong link between the heart and the will, allowing one to bridge their spiritual aspirations with their physical reality. It is a powerful stone for manifesting one’s desires and helping to bring clarity to one’s life purpose. 

This stone inspires one to be more courageous and confident and act on one’s goals. It also helps to enhance communication with others and bring a deeper connection with those around you. Most of this stone currently on the market comes from India.

What Is Kyanite Good For?

  • Aids in the balance of yin and yang energies and the alignment of the chakras.
  • Encourages communication and self-expression.
  • Increases intuition and psychic perception.
  • Enhances meditation, visualization, and dream recall.
  • Stimulates creativity.
  • Promotes loyalty and fair treatment to others.
  • Helps to open the throat and third eye chakras.
  • Encourages people to speak their minds.
  • Reduces anger, frustration, confusion, and stress.
  • Aids in healing emotional wounds.

Ruby Kyanite Properties

Ruby kyanite is formed when molten lava cools and combines the two minerals. The hardness ranges from 6.5 to 8.5 on the Mohs scale. It is found in shades of pink, purple, blue, and white.

ruby kyanite ruby in kyanite tumbled stone

1) Ruby Kyanite Healing Properties

Spiritual Healing Properties

Ruby kyanite is all about connection and alignment, assisting with integrating spiritual energies into the physical plane. It can open and activate the chakras, allowing a greater energy flow throughout the body. 

Besides, it increases your spiritual awareness, allowing you to access higher realms of consciousness and connect with spiritual guides.

This stone can also help one connect with their intuition, allowing them to make decisions from a place of deep understanding and wisdom. 

Since it’s a grounding stone, it helps bring forth inner strength, courage, and wisdom and provides emotional support during times of stress and difficulty.

Emotional Healing Properties

Ruby kyanite encourages you to feel deeply and to give yourself time to process your feelings. It helps to open and clear the heart chakra, allowing for a balanced flow of energy within the emotional body. This stone also helps to increase self-love and acceptance and encourages a more positive outlook on life. 

Again, it helps to release old emotional wounds and blockages, making way for new growth and healing. It is a wonderful stone for those dealing with difficult emotions, as it supports emotional resilience, allowing one to move through the healing process with grace and ease.

Mental Healing Properties

Ruby kyanite is known to be a strong energizer and stimulator of the mind, helping to enhance mental clarity and focus. It is said to help open the third eye and crown chakras, allowing for greater insight and intuition. 

It can also help to strengthen one’s connection to their inner voice and truth, aiding in the journey of self-discovery and personal growth. 

This gemstone can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, calming the mind and promoting feelings of harmony and balance. Besides, it can also enhance creative thinking and aid in problem-solving.

Physical Healing Properties

Ruby kyanite is a powerful crystal for physical healing, with various beneficial properties for treating ailments and physical pain. It has been shown to help treat the spleen, adrenal glands, and muscular, urogenital, and reproductive organs.

This is also a powerful, energizing, and strengthening crystal, which can help alleviate fatigue and restore energy balance in the body. Lastly, it increases endurance, strength, and vitality.

2) Metaphysical Properties

ruby kyanite bracelet

Ruby kyanite creates a strong connection between one’s physical and spiritual selves and can act as a bridge between the two. At the same time, it’s an excellent stone for meditation and can help bring emotional balance and peace of mind.

While helping with emotional healing, creative visualization, and spiritual growth, this stone also promotes psychic development, intuition, and communication with spirit guides. Veritably, it aids you in tapping into higher levels of consciousness and manifesting your dreams.

Ruby In Kyanite Zodiac

Ruby kyanite is a fabulous gemstone for those born under the zodiac signs of Cancer, Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius. This stone is said to be an excellent aid in creative thinking and problem-solving.

It reduces the tendency for people with these signs to go through stress and anxiety while balancing all areas of life, including physical, mental, and spiritual. Lastly, it plays a part in manifesting dreams and goals.

Ruby Kyanite Chakra

Ruby kyanite is an excellent crystal for chakra balancing, particularly the throat chakra. It is a very calming stone that helps reduce stress and can help with communication and self-expression. 

Suffice it to say, it encourages clear communication and can help to overcome feelings of shyness and timidity. As a result, its users may open up and express themselves without fear.

How To Use Ruby Kyanite?

worry stone

1) Office

It can promote clarity and focus in the office. It’s especially beneficial for those working on difficult projects or creating creative solutions. 

Placing a piece of this stone on the desk can help stimulate the mind and encourage clear thinking.

2) Meditation

Ruby kyanite is a powerful meditation stone. It can bring balance and clarity to mind, allowing one to focus on the task. It can also open the heart and connect with the higher self. 

Holding a piece of this stone during meditation can help to create a sense of inner peace and stillness.

3) Feng Shui

It is an excellent stone for feng shui. It can create a calming and balancing energy in any space. 

Placing a piece of this stone in the home’s center or center corner can help to attract positive energy and abundance.

Ruby Kyanite Benefits

Ruby kyanite promotes healthy and balanced energy flow, relieves stress, and enhances mental focus. It is also believed to help strengthen the heart and lungs, promote good circulation, and balance the body’s pH levels.

This gemstone still reduces stress and anxiety, enhances self-confidence, and promotes emotional stability. It can also help bring peace, comfort, and clarity to mind, allowing one to make decisions confidently.

This stone opens the heart chakra, allowing one to connect more deeply with the spiritual realm. It is also believed to help release negative thought patterns, creating more room for positive thinking and feelings.

Popular Ruby In Kyanite Products

1) Ruby Kyanite Sphere

It is a stunning, hand-crafted sphere made of natural ruby kyanite. This sphere can be used for healing or simply as a beautiful decorative object. It can also bring balance, harmony, and clarity to those who hold them.

2) Ruby Kyanite Tower


It is a unique, hand-crafted tower made of natural ruby kyanite. These towers are believed to bring strength, stability, and focus to those who use them. They are often used as an altarpiece or a focal point in a room.


Where Is Ruby Kyanite Found?

It is a rare gemstone in the Czech Republic, Norwegian and Greek locations, India, and Tanzania. It is often mined for its attractive color and hardness, making it a desirable choice for jewelry.

Is Ruby In Kyanite Rare?

Yes, it is a rare and powerful combination of two minerals. It has a unique energy that can help one gain clarity and understanding of the spiritual aspects of life. This gemstone offers protection and grounding energy, which can help to balance and realign one’s energy.

How Can I Tell If My Kyanite Ruby Is Real?

One way to tell if a kyanite ruby is real is to do the rub test. This involves rubbing the stone on a piece of unglazed porcelain and then looking at the area that was rubbed. It is likely real if the stone hasn’t left a red powder or streak. Additionally, a real one will not lose its color when rubbed and will generally remain dark red.

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