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dragon blood jasper dragons blood jasper

Dragon Blood Jasper Stone Meaning, Properties

What Is Dragon Blood Jasper Stone?

Dragon blood jasper is a type of stone composed of quartz, chalcedony, and brecciated jasper. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, and its colors range from deep red to deep green to black. 

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As such, it is unique and has even cemented a reputation for intense energy that activates and energizes the root chakra. In addition to being a stone of protection and strength, the dragon blood stone is frequently used in meditation, manifestation rituals, and spiritual healing.

What Is Dragon Blood Jasper Good For?

Dragon blood jasper is good at protecting, calming fear, and grounding oneself. It also promotes a healthy immune system, aiding digestion and decreasing inflammation. Again, it’s useful for stress relief, emotional healing, and spiritual connection.

Dragon Blood Stone Meaning

Dragon blood jasper symbolizes protection, abundance, balance, strength, and courage. 

It is a type of jasper, typically dark red, with black veins, spots, and swirls. “Dragon jasper” means grounding, spiritual healing, and grounding. It helps release negative energy, clears blockages, and brings one into harmony with nature.

Dragon Blood Jasper Properties

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1) Dragon Blood Jasper Metaphysical Properties

Dragons blood jasper is a stone for protection, strength, courage, and grounding. But it further stretches down to emotional healing, physical healing, and balancing the chakras. It stimulates creativity and brings about positive transformation. Besides restoring harmony and balance, it’s helpful for manifestation.

However, this is just a side effect of how mental clarity works. And, with the focus that comes after, it becomes easy for one’s abilities and dreams to manifest. Needless to say, stress, fear, and anxiety may be reduced as a result.

When you want to keep negativity at bay and tap into your inner strength, Dragons blood jasper is your stone. 

It will also ground you in times of distress and connect you with the earth’s energy. This way, you remain open to receiving guidance and support. Lastly, you may need the dragons blood jasper for intuition, connecting to the astral realm, and understanding.

2) Dragon Blood Jasper Healing Properties

Dragon blood jasper is a powerful and rare crystal with a unique and intriguing energy for protection, strength, and courage. It soothes stress, anxiety, and fear. You may need it whenever you have a slippery relationship with balance and focus.

Since dragons blood stone is connected to the spiritual realm, it enables its wearer to access the knowledge and guidance of the universe. 

Dragon blood jasper may also help to purify the body and detoxify the blood. It helps stabilize emotions, reduce stress, and enhance the clarity of thought.

Spiritual Healing

Dragons blood stone can be used in spiritual healing practices thanks to its calming, grounding effect and ability to boost the body’s physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. 

Because of its ability to protect its users from negative energy, its aspects of sustaining courage and strength are also cemented. You may need it for meditation and inner reflection, which provide clarity and insight.

Dragons blood jasper opens the third eye and allows one to access past life memories.

It is a powerful stone of transformation, allowing one to access higher consciousness and become more aware of one’s spiritual path.

Additionally, dragons blood stone can help connect with divine energies and enhance spiritual communication. Finally, it is a powerful tool for connecting with the earth and deepening one’s relationship with the natural world.

dragon blood stone dragons blood stone

Emotional Healing

Dragon blood jasper is a stone of courage, vitality, and strength. It can bring balance and stability to a person’s life by reducing feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety. 

Dragons blood stone can also increase physical strength and help with difficult healing processes.

It brings courage and strength to those who use it, aiding in transforming negative thoughts and emotions. Additionally, it can increase awareness and protect against negative energies.

Mental Healing 

Dragons blood jasper, on the mental level, can help with mental clarity and focus, increase concentration, and aid decision-making. 

Besides, it helps to remove negative thought patterns and gain insight into difficult and stressful situations. 

At a deeper level, dragons blood stone can help tap into ancient wisdom and knowledge. Furthermore, it helps increase creativity and inspiration and to bring out the inner artist in all of us.

Physical Healing

Dragons blood jasper is a powerful healing stone, and it helps with physical ailments, including those related to blood. It can purify the blood and assist with the detoxification process. 

Dragons blood stone can increase energy levels and help one recover from exhaustion. It reduces inflammation and pain. Additionally, it provides protection and improves mental clarity and focus.

Dragon Blood Stone Benefits

dragon blood stone dragons blood stone

1) Powerful Protective And Healing Qualities

Dragons blood stone is known for its powerful protective, and healing qualities. It can help protect against negative energies and create a shield of protection around the wearer. It can also be used for grounding and stabilizing energy.

2) A Powerful Emotional Healer

Dragons blood stone is a powerful emotional healer. It can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as balance emotions. It aids in the release of trapped emotions and the development of inner strength.

3) Connect To The Earth And Higher Selves

The dragons blood stone helps connect the wearer to the earth and their higher selves. It can help open up the third eye and stimulate spiritual growth. It is a powerful aid to meditation and can help bring about greater awareness and understanding.

4) Help With Physical Ailments

Dragon blood stone has healing properties that can help with physical ailments. It can boost the immune system and reduce inflammation and pain. It is beneficial for the respiratory and digestive systems.

Dragon Blood Jasper Zodiac Sign

Dragon blood stone is known as a Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius stone. 

It works exceptionally well with the energies of these star signs and can help them gain greater self-confidence, stay focused and organized, and increase their inner strength. This stone also helps to bring a sense of calm and peace to their lives and encourages them to think positively.

Dragon Blood Jasper Chakra

Dragon blood jasper is a stone that resonates strongly with the root chakra and the earth element. As a result, it’s a powerful stone for grounding and connecting to the earth’s energies. To many, dragon blood stone contains the strength and courage of a dragon.

True to its meaning, it brings stability and balance to the root chakra, helps bring inner strength and courage, and fosters the courage to take action and manifest one’s dreams.

It can also help clear away negative energy and bring in positive energy. In meditation, dragons blood stone can help open up the Third Eye Chakra and connect with the spiritual realms.

Why Should You Use Dragon Blood Stone?

crystal carving

Dragon blood stone is a powerful and protective stone that can help to bring strength, courage, and emotional healing. It can also increase focus, creativity, and concentration while protecting you from negative energies and influences. 

Dragon blood jasper’s deep red color resonates with the root chakra and can help stimulate and increase passion, energy, and creativity. And it also provides emotional stability, enhances physical vitality, and promotes grounding and protection.

How To Use Dragon Blood Jasper?

1) Home Or Office

Dragon blood stone is a powerful stone for protection and grounding. It is beneficial in shielding stress and negative energy and offering a sense of balance and stability. Place the stone in any house or office room to bring these energies into the space.

2) Feng Shui

Dragons blood stone brings the energies of luck, prosperity, and abundance into a space. Please place it in the south Bagua area of the home or office or on a windowsill to attract these positive energies.

3) Meditation

Dragons blood stone has calming energies, which you can use to aid in meditation. So hold the stone in your hand or place it on the body while meditating to bring a sense of grounding and protection.

Famous Dragon Blood Jasper Products

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Dragons blood stone is a well-known gemstone for its deep red, black, and green colors. It has healing powers and is often used in jewelry and decorations.

1) Dragon Blood Jasper Necklace

A dragons blood jasper necklace is popular. It can come in various shapes and sizes, and bring healing powers to the wearer.

2) Raw Dragon Blood Stone

Raw dragon blood stones are unshaped or polished pieces of stone. They are often used in meditation or for healing purposes.

3) Dragon Blood Jasper Skull

A dragon blood jasper skull is a decorative item made from stone. It can come in various sizes and is often used for decoration.

4) Dragon Blood Jasper Sphere

A dragon blood jasper sphere is used for healing purposes or to create a calming atmosphere. But it could also work as a centerpiece or decorative item with grounding and balancing energy.

5) Dragon Blood Stone Tower

A dragon blood jasper tower is a decoration. It can come in various sizes, shapes, and colors and is a great way to add a touch of beauty to any room. It is often used as a center piece to catch the eye.

6) Dragon Blood Worry Stone 

A dragon blood worry stone is a pocket-sized stone. It helps relax and calm the mind, offering comfort and security in times of stress or worry. It is an ideal tool for meditation and mindfulness.


Can Dragon Blood Jasper Go In Water?

No, because dragons blood jasper is a relatively soft material. You should not submerge it in water.

How To Charge Dragon Blood Jasper?

You can charge dragons blood jasper under moonlight or sunlight or use a crystal singing bowl.

How To Cleanse Dragon Blood Jasper?

You can use running water or sage to cleanse dragons blood jasper.

Is Dragon Blood Jasper The Same As Blood Stone?

No, dragon blood jasper is not the same as blood stone. Blood stone combines red jasper and green chalcedony and has no connection to dragon blood jasper.

What Pairs With Dragon Blood Jasper?

Crystals that pair well with dragon blood jasper include clear quartz, rainbow moonstone, and amethyst.

What Kind Of Stone Is dragons Blood?

Dragons blood is a type of chalcedony, which is a form of crystalline quartz.

What Is Dragons Blood Stone Made Of?

Dragons blood stone is made of quartz, chalcedony, and jasper.

Where Is Dragon’s Blood Jasper Mined?

Dragon’s blood jasper is mined in Argentina and South Africa.

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