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Moonstone vs Opal

Moonstone vs Opal: Which Is Better For You?

The battle between moonstone and opal pits two ancient stones in a clash of beauty and strength. With its ethereal sheen, feldspar-based moonstone stands firm in its hardness and refractive index. At the same time, opal, made of amorphous silicon dioxide and 6–10% water, wishes to prove its delicate beauty and rarity. Will a dazzling victory fall to moonstone’s hardness or opal’s sheer grandeur? Let’s find out details about moonstone vs opal!

Difference Between Moonstone And Opal

Moonstone vs Opal

Moonstone Vs Opal: Origin

A fateful showdown between two of the oldest gems known to man, the moonstone and the opal, reveals a tale of boundless antiquity. Believed to have been first discovered in the ancient Roman Empire, the Opal is Australia’s official national gemstone, renowned for its kaleidoscopic flashes of color. 

On the other hand, the moonstone has been found worldwide, from the United States to India, Sri Lanka, and southern India.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Chemistry

So, the moonstone and opal face off in a battle of chemistry. And guess what? Moonstone is armored with sodium potassium aluminum silicate, boasting a remarkable adularescence and a delicate play of light with its vitreous luster. Its refractive index of 1.525 and hardness of 6.0 make it a formidable opponent.

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Opposing it is opal, composed of hydrated amorphous silica with a vitreous to waxy luster, a refractive index of 1.44–1.46, and a hardness of 5.5–6.5. 

Both stones are prepared for a jewelry showcase of unparalleled proportions.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Color

The majestic beauty of moonstone is often compared to the ethereal nature of Opal, yet the two differ quite substantially in terms of color. Moonstone, with its unique play of light, is characterized by a milky, opalescent sheen, sometimes in blue, gray, yellow, and peach hues.

On the other hand, Opal’s color range is much more diverse, boasting mesmerizing rainbow-like shades ranging from fiery oranges to deep blues.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Properties

Moonstone and opal’s divine properties emerge from the sparkling night sky. The moonstone holds the moon’s energy, imbuing a calming and soothing effect. It can bring balance and harmony to all aspects of life, while its gentle white light can be used to protect and heal.

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On the other hand, opal is a stone of transformation, aiding in unlocking and embracing one’s true self. Its unique blend of vibrant colors and flashes of light brings forth inner power and creativity.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Benefits

The celestial allure of the moonstone, with its ethereal glow and captivating mystique, has long been shrouded in mystery. Unlike the fiery opal, its mesmerizing shimmer is one of its most distinctive features. 

Moonstone has healing properties that can bring emotional balance, restore harmony, and aid spiritual growth. It can help open one’s intuition, promote creative expression, and foster love, joy, and inner peace.

Opal, on the other hand, is associated with passion and creativity while also providing protection and strength. While both stones are stunning in their own right, the moonstone’s unique properties and majestic aura make it an extraordinary gift from the heavens.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Value

As the two precious stones, opal and moonstone, jostle for supremacy, the value of each is sure to be tested. 

Opals fetch up to $15,000 per carat, while moonstone’s value can range from $20 to $1,000 per carat. It is a titanic battle for the hearts and wallets of jewelry enthusiasts, and the result is sure to be dazzling.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Treatment

The majestic beauty of moonstone and opal is undeniable. While both are stunning gemstones with a captivating shimmer, their differences are striking. 

Moonstone is rarely treated, with its striking iridescence and subtle hues emanating from its natural state. On the other hand, opal is often treated with various methods to enhance its color and sparkle.

Moonstone Vs Opal: A Light Show

The moonstone’s dazzling display of gleaming light captivates the eye like a beacon of beauty, standing out from the crowd. The moonstone is a sight to behold with its shimmering effect, like a crescent moon in the night sky. 

In stark contrast, the opal’s fiery flashes of color ignite the imagination like a bonfire of brilliance, dazzling the senses and bringing to life a captivating kaleidoscope of color. 

The moonstone and the opal are stunningly beautiful, offering an entrancing play of light that enchants the viewer and provides a mesmerizing experience.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Hardness

Both stones are hard enough to withstand the test of time, but the opal is a tad more vulnerable. The moonstone has a Mohs hardness rating of 6-6.5, while the opal can range from 5.5-6.5.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Location

Believed to have been first discovered in the ancient Roman Empire, the opal is Australia’s official national gemstone, renowned for its kaleidoscopic flashes of color. 

On the other hand, the moonstone has been found worldwide, from the United States to India, Sri Lanka, and southern India.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Popularity

The opal is a popular gemstone because of its iridescent colors and shimmering beauty. It comes in many colors and patterns, including cream, blue, green, red, and black.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Price

Opals fetch up to $15,000 per carat, while moonstone’s value can range from $20 to $1,000 per carat.

Moonstone Vs Opal: Birthstones

The celestial sparkle of the moonstone birthstone sets it apart from other stones, as it is a tantalizing sign of the zodiac’s most daring and sly sign, Gemini. Holding a splendid array of blues, grays, and whites, it encapsulates the ever-changing and multifarious way of life that the Gemini possesses.

The opalescent hues of the opal birthstone radiate majesty and charm, befitting Libra’s romantic and mysteriously alluring sign. 

Opal Vs Moonstone: Engagement Ring

Opal’s vibrant, captivating aura stands out from the other stones, glimmering in the bright night sky brighter than the twinkling moonstone. Its swirling colors, from rainbow hues to the colors of a dream, give it an unmatched distinction that confirms its credibility as the stone of passionate adoration. 

Although moonstone may be cheaper, many who have beheld opal’s unparalleled beauty understand the romantic gift true love can offer.


And what a showdown we have here, folks! The moonstone and opal have put on a show like none other. Versatile moonstone is endowed with magical healing powers and the alluring play of light, while opal endures with its unique kaleidoscope of color and enchanting flashes of light. 

We’ve seen them battle over origin, chemistry, color, properties, benefits, value, and treatment. We’ve seen the moonstone captivate hearts and wallets, becoming the Gemini lucky charm and a cheaper choice for an engagement ring.

Ultimately, opal emerged as the victor, deservedly so, with its rare and captivating range of brilliant hues. From fiery oranges to vibrant blues, it is a stone of passionate adoration that ensures true love is on the rise.


What Does A Moonstone Look Like?

Here stands the fair and opalescent moonstone, a gem of captivating beauty, shimmering and shimmering in the light. Its Adam’s Alexandrite effect captivates the eye, and its clear, crystalline surface brings an ephemeral elegance. Its ghostly, white-blue hue hints at the mysteries of the night sky and the secrets of the cosmos.

Moonstone Mohs Scale

On hardness, moonstone is a 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Is Opal Or Moonstone Better?

Opal and moonstone are precious stones, each with unique beauty. It is akin to asking which wine is best for you: both can be exquisite, but depending on your taste and preference, one may be better.

Is Moonstone Cheaper Than Opal?

Although similar in luster, moonstones and opals offer adverse costs! Though moonstones fair better in the wallet than their opalescent brethren ($20 to $1000 per carat), unlike the $1000-$15000 carat.

Is Moonstone The Same As Opal?

No, moonstone and opal are not the same things. These enigmatic gems offer an unforgettable display of sheer brilliance, but only if you know their distinct properties you can know more about moonstone vs opal. Moonstone has a smooth and diffused gleam, whereas opal has an intense prism of psychedelic magnificence.

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