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Sakura Agate Bowl

Original price was: $29.90.Current price is: $19.90.


Bring the beauty of nature and the power of healing crystals with our sakura agate bowl. It is a powerful symbol of tranquility, abundance, and prosperity.

  • Handmade
  • Sakura agate
  • Weight: 60g
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sakura agate bowl
Sakura Agate Bowl $29.90 Original price was: $29.90.$19.90Current price is: $19.90.
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Sakura agate healing properties

  • Growth
  • Comfort
  • Calming
  • Balance
  • Help guide you along the right path
  • Remove procrastination
  • Help balance and center energies in the body
sakura agate stone bowl
sakura agate stone bowl

How to use a sakura agate bowl?

Hold the bowl in your lap or place it near you during meditation. Focus on the bowl’s soft hues and imagine its soothing energy enveloping you, promoting a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Home Decor
Display the bowl in your living room, bedroom, or workspace. Its calming presence can help reduce stress and anxiety while creating a peaceful atmosphere. Shop mroe sakura agate here.

Wealth Corner
Place the bowl in your designated wealth corner (ideally the southeast corner) according to Feng Shui principles. Fill it with other lucky symbols like pyrite or citrine crystals to enhance the manifestation of abundance.

sakura agate crystal bowl
sakura agate crystal bowl

1 review for Sakura Agate Bowl

  1. Brenda

    This sakura agate bowl is a beautiful addition to my nightstand. It holds my jewelry and keeps everything organized while adding a touch of natural elegance to my room.

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