Red Jasper Pyramid


△ Handmade
△ Red Jasper
△ Size: approx. 4cm/1.57″
△ Gemstones are 100% genuine

Red Jasper has many healing properties. It is a great stone for warding off negative energy and EMFs. It can be used to keep the body strong and detoxed. It is also a crystal associated with the root (or first) chakra, which deals with stability, security, and groundedness.

Red Jasper Pyramid crystal pyramid
Red Jasper Pyramid $37.00
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Benefits Of Red Jasper

  • Increase emotional focus and balance
  • Remove negative energy, worry, emotional stress, anxiety and confusion.
  • Great for anxious mood, emotional frustrations, thought clarity
  • Increase emotional stamina, self-confidence, and self-trust

Red Jasper Pyramid crystal pyramid Red Jasper Pyramid crystal pyramid


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