Lose Weight Bracelet


This lose weight bracelet enhances metabolism, regulates appetite, boosts energy levels, and promotes hormonal balance. It comprises three crystals with specific properties:

  • Blue apatite: resolves stomach problems and supports balanced metabolism.
  • Sodalite: strengthens bones and muscles.
  • Sunstone: combats fatigue and increases vitality.

Lose Weight Bracelet Details

  • Handmade
  • Unisex
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Stretchable (elastic cord)
  • Gemstones are 100% genuine
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lose weight bracelet
Lose Weight Bracelet $49.90
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How Does Lose Weight Bracelet Help You?

This is the weight loss combination of crystals that helps expedite metabolism, leading to healthier weight loss.

The crystals used in this particular combination: We have used blue appetite, sunstone, and sodalite in this particular combination.

lose weight bracelet
lose weight bracelet

Blue Appetite

Blue Appetite is known to expedite one’s metabolism. It is associated with one’s digestion and helps to assimilate nutrition from the food. It also helps to regulate the pH level of the body.


Sodalite is something that balances the hormonal health of the body. Also, it’s known to strengthen the muscles and the bone. It is a beautiful crystal that brings balance on the physical level.


Sunstone is a powerful fiery energy that brings a lot of vitality to the body. It strengthens the body. It makes me feel very energetic. So, if one has to pick up some workout regime, it helps one, and it removes lethargy.

Lava Stones

This energy is balanced with lava stones. Lava stones are known for their grounding and protecting properties. Also, it’s a fiery energy that energizes the body physically and makes one feel very active.

This particular combination of crystals helps boost the body’s metabolism and balance hormonal imbalances.

In addition to this combination, taking care of your eating habits, dietary habits, and lifestyle is crucial. Regular exercise is essential and doesn’t necessarily require going to a gym. Exercise can be as simple as taking a disciplined walk, eating on time, and having a proper workout. All of these things are crucially important.

The biggest reason behind weight gain is stress. If you’re stressed, your body has a catastrophic hormone imbalance, which later impacts your metabolic rate.

Many people these days complain about PCOD, any gynecological imbalances. A lot of people have thyroid. Stress is the biggest reason why people tend to put on excess weight.

Once you take coffees in charge of all the aspects which are impacting your health and work with crystal therapy, you will get beautiful results falling in through. Try our lose weight bracelet.

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4 reviews for Lose Weight Bracelet

  1. Gladys

    I love this bracelet! It’s a constant reminder to stay focused on my weight loss journey and make healthy choices.

  2. Malika

    If you’re looking for a simple yet effective weight loss tool, this bracelet is definitely worth a try!

  3. Zack

    It reminds me to make healthy choices throughout the day and keeps me motivated to stick to my weight loss goals. The quality is great and it looks stylish too. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  4. Caiden

    I would definitely recommend this bracelet to anyone looking to lose weight!

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