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crazy lace agate benefits

Crazy Lace Agate Benefits

In this article, I’m going to talk about the crazy lace agate benefits.

Crazy lace agate is a beautiful stone to have in your crystal collection. It’s relatively easy to find in online crystal stores as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

Crazy lace agate colors

What people love about crazy lace agate is that it has all of these beautiful swirls of color. It does come in different colors and shades of yellows, golds, reds, also peachy kind of colors, white, grays, and browns

Crazy lace agate benefits you should know

Relieve anxiety and stress

Speaking of crazy lace agate benefits, it has a beautiful, bright, high vibration. It radiates a lot of happiness and joy in this stone.

This is a really good gemstone to help you release stress, helping to release uptight energy if you’re feeling wound up, uptight, or stressed out.

Also, if you have anxiety, especially social anxiety, this stone helps to release that from you. It enhances your ability to relax, to unwind, to enjoy, and have fun.

So, being able to enjoy life, enjoying the company of others, enjoying social situations.

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Reviving your emotional spark

If you have been feeling emotionally flat, and apathetic, and have lost interest in things in life, working with crazy lace agate will help to heal that.

As for crazy lace agate benefits, it will help to brighten you up, infuse you with joyful energies to relax, connect to joy, express joy and happiness, engage in fun activities so that you can enjoy them on a deeper level, also be nourished by the wonders of life.

For instance, if you went to a party and it was a really great party, really fun, and you went to the party and thought, “Yeah, it was okay” but you’re not enjoying that beautiful energy of the party.

Or you could be eating a delicious meal someone cooks you a delicious meal or you go to a restaurant and order your favorite meal that you love and then you eat it and you’re like, “Yeah, it’s okay,” but you’re not tapping into that zest for life.

In terms of crazy lace agate benefits, it will help to heal that pattern, helping you to connect to the deeper joys of life, wonders of life, and drinking in the nectar of life, the beautiful life experiences, relax, enjoy, to feel more inspired by life as well.

So, when life feels dull, kind of flat, crazy lace agate helps you to open up to really embrace the sparkle of life once again.

Embracing life’s adventure with crazy lace agate

Working with crazy lace agate is great because it helps to open up your perceptions that life is an adventure and, open up the expressions that you are an explorer on this wonderful adventure of life—to explore new places, new people, new cultures, new foods, learning something new.

crazy lace agate
crazy lace agate

So, working with the stone helps to stimulate wonder, enthusiasm, and curiosity, helping you to connect to all of life’s riches.

People love crazy lace agate for that so much. It also helps to boost inspiration, excitement, motivation, and drive as well.

Crazy lace agate protective quality

When it comes to crazy lace agate benefits, it does have a protective quality to help you let go of what other people think of you so that you can sparkle and shine.

It’s protective in the sense that it protects you from other people’s negative thoughts or negative beliefs or opinions so that you can just let go of what other people think of you, especially if you have a people-pleaser tendency, to just let go so that you can tap into your authentic self, you can sparkle and shine in everything that you do, as well as social interactions with others

Crazy lace agate chakra

Working with crazy lace agate helps to balance and strengthen three chakras:

  • heart chakra
  • sacral chakra
  • throat chakra

Heart chakra

For the heart chakra, crazy lace agate helps to strengthen and open the heart chakra to open up acceptance and expression of joy, helping you to accept joy, to bring joy into your life, to bring more happiness into your life, and to express it in a really good way.

It also helps to open up the heart chakra to receive what I like to call the sweet nectar of life, to be nourished by all of the beautiful things that life has to offer.

With regard to crazy lace agate benefits, it also helps to open up the heart chakra to receive the goodness of life, also the goodness of other people when you’re engaging in social interactions, engaging with other people, to open up to the goodness of those good social interactions, to enjoy them, to enjoy the company of other people, and to really open up and express that joy on a deeper level to be nourished by life.

Sacral chakra

Crazy lace agate works on the sacral chakra to strengthen creativity, creative expression, and joy, as well as strengthen the joie de vivre as well, to relax, to enjoy, to connect to life, to connect to good activities, to be nourished by the beauty of life, to be able to see life as beautiful once again, to enhance that for you, especially if you’ve been feeling kind of dull and flat lately, and also to strengthen your ability to tap into the sensuality of life.

For instance, if you were eating a delicious meal, to tap into the sensual flavors of that meal, the exotic spices, to fully enjoy it, or if you were wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket, to connect to the sensuality there, of how soft the blanket feels, how cozy you feel wrapped up in that blanket.

If you’re listening to music, to be able to tap into the sensuality of the beautiful music, beautiful instruments, the melody, to embrace that and enjoy it, so really opening up to that enjoyment factor, so really opening up to the beauty of life in a good way.

Throat chakra

For the throat chakra, crazy lace agate helps to strengthen communication, to strengthen deeper communication, to be able to open up to others, especially when you’re interacting with them at social events or even one-on-one if you’re hanging out with someone, to open up conversations, to have those deep, rich, nourishing conversations with other people, to create a deeper connection.

Crazy lace agate is a really good stone to take with you when you’re going to hang out with a friend or family member or you’re going to a social event of some kind, to relax, to open up to people, to have those deep, beautiful conversations that create wonderful heart-to-heart connections, to then also create wonderful relationships and friendships.

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