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how to tell quartz from glass

How To Tell Quartz From Glass?

Have you ever wondered if your favorite piece is quartz or glass? Let me show you how to tell quartz from glass.

6 Tips On How To Tell Quartz From Glass

1. Price

Honestly, the first thing is the price. If you’re looking to buy a perfectly clear sphere and it’s solid clear quartz. It’s not going to be twenty dollars.

2. Bubbles

Your other first red flag is bubbles. So think of vintage glass. What you’re going to see is things like little imperfections, these are little bubbles. You’ll see swirls in the glass, possibly where they’ve blended in some colors to make it look like something.

3. Temperature

The other thing is temperature. Glass is a little cold but still mildly warm. Stone is ice cold unless you’ve been holding it a while.

4. Cone Shape

So more subtle characteristic is when glass breaks, you’re going to see what’s called spalling. You can see a cone shape in the glass. When quartz breaks, it’s all over, you’re not going to get these nice, almost polished faces on it.

5. Blades Or Sheets

When you’re looking inside a piece of quartz, you’re going to get rainbows sometimes, you’re going to get almost kind of like blades or sheets. There are minor fractures inside the stone that create these points of refraction that reflect light and rainbows through the stone.

In clear quartz, you’re going to get spots where they’re more cloudy,  you can also see nice bands.

6. Scratch

Quick last point to do is a hardness test. If you’re desperate to know because if you scratch it, you could damage it . So quartz is a hardness seven, glass is a hardness of five. If you take a piece of quartz, usually like a point, and you know that that’s quartz, try and scratch that piece with it, quartz will not scratch itself. If it’s glass, it will leave a mark.

Conclusions On How To Tell Quartz From Glass

Hope these tips on how to tell quartz from glass can help you.

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