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blue rose quartz meaning properties

Blue Rose Quartz Meaning And Properties

I want to talk to you about blue rose quartz meaning and properties, and sometimes blue rose quartz ranges into the family of lavender rose quartz. It is very exciting.

If you’re old school, I already know what you’re thinking. It’s low-grade rose quartz, and yes, I thought that too for a very long time. But this is the year that has changed for me, and if you’re into crystal energy, blue rose quartz should change for you too.

Blue Rose Quartz Color

blue rose quartz sphere
blue rose quartz sphere

The color of blue rose quartz ranges from a pale Periwinkle into various shades of lavender and then into a Dusky pale pink. I went on a deep dive about how it gets this color, and it is fascinating, but I will write about that in another article. I want to specifically talk about blue rose quartz meaning and properties here.

Blue Rose Quartz Properties

As I said, I didn’t pay any attention to this mineral for years, and then one day it called to me. The blue, in my opinion, is softer, more nurturing, and harmonizes quicker straight away.

  • Dream Enhancement
  • Sleep Aid
  • Astral Travel Support
  • Emotional Healing Properties
  • Karmic Healing Properties
  • Communication and Intuition

Dream Enhancement

Blue rose quartz is an excellent dream stone. If you’re looking for stronger, more vivid dreams, lucid dreams, better dream recall, or even just happier dreams, this mineral can deliver.

Sleep Aid

In addition, it can help you relax and fall asleep easier and induce a deeper, more restful sleep. It helps calm pre-sleep anxiety by gently opening deeper brainwave states.

Astral Travel Support

Blue rose quartz also makes the blue great for astral travel. I think it could make your astral travel more articulated and easier to understand.

Emotional Healing Properties

In addition to being the stone of patience, understanding, and compassion, as with all rose quartz, there is a connection to self-worth, self-love, and self-respect. Blue rose quartz can be used to soften an inner angry voice and is excellent for people who are working with profound forgiveness. It is for those learning to show remorse and needing to let go of things they did in the past out of ignorance and misunderstanding.

Karmic Healing Properties

Speaking of blue rose quartz meaning and properties, this stone can also be used to heal soul karma between you and another person or you and a group of people. It will also teach you about karma in general, how it works, why it exists, and the cyclical nature of things.

Communication and Intuition

Blue rose quartz is also great for peaceful communication. It gently stimulates intuition and brings you in touch with your unconscious.

All in all, blue rose quartz is a fabulous stone. Hope this article about blue rose quartz meaning and properties may help you.

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