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How To Break Free Of The Past

How To Break Free Of The Past With Chlorite

How to break free of the past? I recommend chlorite. It is considered to be one of the most healing minerals on the planet. I’m here to give it some attention because we don’t give it enough.

Chlorite Formation

You pretty much always find chlorite with other minerals, mainly quartz. For example, the chlorite is on the surface, and here it’s included inside of the quartz. Lots of times, it gets assumed that this is landscape quartz.

While chlorite can be an addition to landscape quartz, it is not exclusive to landscape quartz. It is very much its own mineral, and it is very important.

Why Chlorite Can Help You Break Free Of The Past

In fact, chlorite is so healing. But why is it so healing? As it turns out, chlorite has this amazing energetic effect that metaphorically turns the dead and decaying parts of the soul into something incredibly useful and valuable. It is a stone of deep metamorphosis and transformation.

How To Break Free Of The Past With Chlorite
How To Break Free Of The Past With Chlorite

The way it works energetically can best be compared to something like peat moss, coal, or petroleum. It’s a lengthy process that takes time, pressure, and patience.

How Long Does It Take For Chlorite To Work?

Chlorite breaks down slow, old organic processes over an extended period of time. Think terrible traumas from other lifetimes trapped inside of your soul and still haunting you today. Scars on the soul that were so chaotic, they still live in the mind’s shadows, consciously or unconsciously wreaking havoc on your current life.

Chlorite also extends the time. What that means for healing is that you can understand how traumas from a thousand years ago can still live inside of your soul, mind, and existence now.

For anyone who has ever had the privilege of doing any past life work, you may have had the experience in real-time of these old traumas being alive and incredibly unhealed in the present. It’s almost like it’s happening somewhere inside of you as current as this present moment.

How Does Chlorite Help You Break Free Of The Past?

Chlorite helps you break free and pull that soul fragment, that shard that’s still reliving that traumatic experience over and over again. It breaks it free and pulls it forward into now, helping that trauma move into the past. It lessens the intensity and enhances the process of releasing and transcending.

How To Break Free Of The Past Vy Using Chlorite?

You can use it for events in this current life, although the more current the event, sometimes it takes quite a while to move past it.

Once you begin to let go and bring all these parts of yourself back and transcend these traumas, you can then begin to understand why these events took place in the karmic cycle. You can see the bigger picture of why it happened and how it made you who you are today.

There is always an evolution between past lives and current lives. We are constantly moving forward, and while traumas can be terrible, the best we can hope for is eventually getting some sort of understanding about why that happened and how it could have possibly made even the smallest bit of our life better. Hope this article about how to break free of the past may help you.

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