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Best Crystal Shops in Liverpool

Searching for the best crystal shops can be exasperating, especially when several hundred shops are jammed together in one location. We make a list of the best crystal shops in Liverpool. There are many reasons you should buy your crystals from the best crystal shop, and one of them is the ethics surrounding the crystals.

For instance, you can’t expect a healing crystal to radiate healing energy if it is mined and polished unethically. We have researched many crystal shops in Liverpool and come up with 8 of the best crystal shops you should buy from. Our research was influenced by customer satisfaction, reviews, and the shop’s ethical standards.

Magic Willow

8 Mathew Street Liverpool
L2 6RE United Kingdom

Magic Willow welcomes all magic beings searching for their internal spark with the wish to look at their world as they did when they were children. The Shop is located at 5-7 Button Street. It is also available on various social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and website. What does Magic Willow sell?

Magic willow sells various crystals, including Golden Sheen Obsidian, Malachite, Azurite, Yellow Carnelian, etc. It has a huge social media presence and has received lots of positive reviews, making it one of the best crystal shops in Liverpool.

crystal shops liverpool Magic Willow

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The Olive Tree

61 Renshaw Street Liverpool
L1 2SJ United Kingdom

The Olive Tree is the second most rated crystal shop in Liverpool. It is an independent body, mind, and spirit shop with a calming scent and a wonderful, general experience. The Olive Tree is highly rated by its customers and has received many positive reviews.

The lovely Shop is located at 61 Renshaw Street, Liverpool. You can find it on various social media platforms and through its website. They provide high-quality products with impressive and reliable ultra-fast services. Visit them through their website and different social media platforms to get more information on their products and services.

crystals shops liverpool The Olive Tree

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Gemstone and Tarot

Unit 34 Elliot Street St John’s Market Liverpool
L1 1LR United Kingdom

Located on St. John’s Market, Unit 34, Elliot Street, Gemstone and Tarot is a highly rated, mystical shop with many spiritual and magical items, including crystals. You can access the Shop for an extensive category of spiritual items through various avenues, including their website.

Although the current state of Covid-19 has forced the Shop to move most of its services online, they are still dedicated to providing you with the best services, including delivery. The shop ensures that its crystals and other products are sourced from ethical suppliers and provide the best customer service, ensuring its customers are satisfied.

healing crystal shops liverpool Gemstone and Tarot

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Firefly Shiny Shop

18 Central Arcade Wrexham
LL11 1AG United Kingdom

Firefly Shiny Shop is located in Central Arcade Wrexham opposite New Look. Firefly Shiny Shop has some of the best selection of items, Wiccan, hippy, and Pagan, with several other bits, including crystals. The Shop aims to add a personal touch coupled with integrity and honesty. As such, it is highly rated by clients on various online platforms.

Firefly Shiny Shop has grown its reputation and provided high-quality products over the years. They supply unique crystals at competitive prices and go above and beyond to ensure their clients get everything they need. The small and independent local business provides the best products and ensures that they are sourced ethically.

healing crystals shops liverpool Firefly Shiny Shop

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Moonstone Mind Body Spirit Shop

2b Greenbridge Lane Greenfield Oldham Manchester
OL3 7JR United Kingdom

Moonstone Mind Body Spirit Shop is located in Greenfield, Saddleworth. It produces some of the best new-age gifts, including angels, buddhas, fairies, jewelry, and crystals. The Shop has been running for 15 years and has some of the best spiritual products, ethically sourced from reputable entities.

The crystal shop has a good reputation for selling high-quality products and has excellent customer service. It also offers a unique one-hour Heiki healing experience to improve your mind, body, and spirit.

Moonstone Mind Body Spirit Shop

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The Magic Wand Factory

311 Dickson Road North Shore Blackpool
FY1 2JL United Kingdom

The Magic Wand Factory is considered one of the most beautiful magical shops in Blackpool. The Shop is located at 311 Dickson Road in North Shore, Blackpool, and sells individual, creative, handmade products. Depending on your geolocation, you can visit the Shop or purchase their products online.

The Magic Wand Factory’s products include friendship boots, wall plaques, tiles, incense burners, crystals, etc. It’s the perfect place to buy some of the best gifts for you and your friends.

The Magic Wand Factory

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Angel Wings Art

3 Oak Terrace Keighley Road Laneshawbridge
BB8 7HT United Kingdom

Angel Wings Art is a spiritual shop open Tuesday through Saturday and has various amenities, including street parking and Debit Cards. It opens at 09:30 hours and closes at 15:00 hours except for Saturday when it closes at 01:00 hours.

The spiritual Shop has some of the best and most unique crystals to help you connect and bring spirits and angels closer to you. It also offers various other gifts and specializes in special events like birthdays and anniversaries. You can access their products online or go to their store if you are in or around Lancashire.

healing crystal shop liverpool

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Himalayan Holistic Traders

116 Cheethamhill Road Manchester
M4 4FG United Kingdom

Himalayan Holistic traders are located at 116 Cheethamhill Road in Manchester and offer various products, including crystals. The Himalayan Holistic Traders is a retail/warehouse shop that sells selenite, salt lamps, onyx, and crystals.

The company has been running for four years and has gathered enough reputation in the industry. Himalayan Holistic Traders offers great customer service and amazing products at competitive prices. The company also has great reviews on major online platforms and can be relied on for the best products.

Himalayan Holistic Traders

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Buying energy crystals is a rather delicate matter since they interfere with your energy and help shape your spirit, body, and mind. Thus, it’s only proper to buy the best crystals from the most reliable shops. To do this, you need access to some of the best shops. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

The list provided above showcases some of the best crystal shops in Liverpool. The list places major importance on customer reviews and the Shop’s reputation. This directly indicates quality products and great customer service. We hope you have a great time shopping for crystals. Have fun!

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