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Best Crystal Shops in Ottawa

A fantastic shopping experience is a thing to consider when buying crystals. Where you decide to shop is an important decision. We have listed some of the best crystal shops in Ottawa. Whether you are buying for investment, decoration, or personal healing benefits. The shopping experience is not just walking into a beautiful store in a highly defined street, getting high-quality crystals worth your money is necessary.

Crystals are solid crystalline materials naturally arranged in a highly microscopic structure forming in Il direction in a lattice structure. Crystals have been mentioned from the Roman era and have gained popularity for their healing properties. Most crystals are used in the jewelry industry.

Coming in various shapes, textures, and colors, the most common crystals include selenite, black tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst citrine, jade, rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli, and chrysocolla. Diamond is the rarest, most expensive, and toughest crystal.

All of these crystals have different features and shapes, and colors. With believers, they hold different meanings which address different needs.

For example, the best crystal for love manifestation is the pink rose quartz, whereas amethyst is popularly known for emotional and physical tranquillity. It is also believed to relieve headaches.

There are many crystal shops in Ottawa, Canada, but we sampled the best.

Rainbow Minerals

2255 Gladwin Cresent Ottawa,
ON K1B 4K9 Canada

Established in 1983, rainbow minerals has stayed at the top rank in the jewelry business for three generations. Focusing on stone and gem grading, it has got lucrative deals with fashion industries that use its products in embroideries and jewelry. They have a variety of minerals. Each with a product description to ease the shopper’s experience.

Rainbow minerals have the best quality minerals in stores. Professional miners handpicked their jewelry, making it high-quality and safe for sale. They offer wholesale with good pricing for people in business.

crystal shops ottawa Rainbow Minerals

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Green Spirit

It offers a variety of crystal and crystalline products. Their main goal is to provide healing tools to their clients to aid in their healing journey. They sell jewelry, oracle cards, incense, books, essential oils, greeting cards, and tarot.

They have a well-trained team of professional employees and are sure you will love your shopping experience. Their jewelry pieces are of amazing quality and are highly recommended with lots of positive reviews online.

Green Spirit crystals


17-B York Street Suite 100 Ottawa,
ON K1N 5S7 Canada

Masala is ranked one of Canada’s best crystal shops. It has been a reputable jewelry and crystal store for over 20 years. They offer gorgeous gemstones, birthstones, and healing stones.

The products are displayed on glass wall shelves, each with a price tag and description for easy viewing by customers. They have a variety of crystals, from tiny crystals to massive, each with fair pricing. Their stones are neatly arranged and displayed in different designs creating a top-notch ambiance worth shopping for all day.

The entire store can be seen from any direction to get ready for shopping by providing an aerial view of their products online.

crystal shop ottawa Masala

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Planet Botanix

301 Bank Street Ottawa,
ON K2P 1X7 Canada

For over ten years, planet botanix has been offering its clients natural health and wellness solutions. They have a wide variety of crystals and gemstones. Planet botanic, pocket stones, stone crystals, and other gemstones are stocked in their stores.

Planet botanix also offers natural care products like essential oils, organic kinds of butter and waxes, and other soap and body care products. If you wish to make your skincare products, then they got you.

These products are safe for use on any environmental condition and skin. Besides crystals and jewelry, planet botanix offers clinical services and energy therapies to everyone from all races and religions.

crystal shops ottawa Planet Botanix

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202 Main Street Ottawa,
ON K1S 1C6 Canada

Coming out of the store fully satisfied and gratified is an excellent feeling .3tree presents clients with the best crystal in the market. They have other pieces of jewelry like silver and stores to broaden your shopping experience. Some of these products can be personally owned or gifted to your loved ones due to their incredibly high quality.

3Trees healing crystal shops Ottawa

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Beaded Dreams

426 Bank Street Ottawa,
ON K2P 1Y8 Canada

Are you looking for a memorable shopping location or experience? Are you looking forward to gifting someone special to you? The legendary beaded dreams have the best shop craft crystal supplies to make your dream come true. Opened in 1994, this store serves its customers seven days a week.

Beaded dreams are one of a kind. Offering sponsorships and donations to the less fortunate in the community, including the annual aboriginal day parade, Odawa friendship center, and Minwaashin lodge.

Shopping here gives you wonderful memories and satisfaction in your heart for having to contribute directly or indirectly to the community.

healing crystals shops Beaded Dreams

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1299 Wellington Street West Ottawa,
ON K1Y 3B1 Canada

Kulu crystals is located in wellington St. W Ottawa and have been operating for 27 years. This is a spot for jewelry lovers. Its gorgeous collection comprises locally designed and imported crystal jewelry, stones, and pearls for every taste and budget.


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Otherworld Treasures

29 Marier Avenue Ottawa,
ON K1L 5S6 Canada

It stores consciously prepared and divinely inspired pieces for mind and body wellness. Their materials are handpicked with the best intentions and best materials for each individual that they are made for. Their prices are moderated to accommodate all budgets.

Otherworld Treasures

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East Wind

361 Richmond Road Ottawa,
ON K2A 0E7 Canada

East Wind is one of the best crystal shops in Ottawa, it believes in natural interactions and ecosystem friendliness between people and earth. From stone ornaments to gold jewelry, the east wind provides a huge variety of exclusive jewelry.

If you are obsessed with decors, then this place is for you. Crystals bring a unique and expensive touch to your countertops and tables. The store is very spacious and can accommodate many people at once.

crystals shop East Wind

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Whether you believe in crystal healing properties or not, it is no doubt owning these colorful crystal pieces around your space makes it more beautiful. Gem hunting is a common hobby.

You can bring your friends and bet on who gets the unique crystals around the store. Some crystals can be curved into adorable shapes. These unique pieces, and that’s why they make the best decors. Throwing these pieces around the house elevates your space.

Like art, owning pieces of some of these rare tones can be a good investment now that crystals are gaining popularity. Hope the list of best crystal shops in Ottawa will help you find a trustworthy place to purchase crystals. Learn more about how to find crystal shops here.

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