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Why Hello Kitty Crystal Is Famous?

I thought that was nice, it was carved in the shape of a Hello Kitty, which I think helps me with inner child work and inner child healing. So I had to get that one hello kitty crystal, and it’s my absolute favorite crystal.


Who Invented Hello Kitty?

hello kitty crystal
hello kitty crystal

Hello Kitty is a white anthropomorphic cat with no mouth. It is one of the most famous characters and franchises of all time. She was designed by Yuko Shimizu and was produced by the Japanese company Sanrio.

Sanrio is a Japanese company with kawaii characters that they license out, and they make a lot of money doing this. Sanrio was founded August 10th, 1960. They started as a Soap Company and expanded two years later to sandals, and they put cute designs on them, and that’s what made them sell.

Over the years, they’ve gathered a whole rogues gallery of characters, and you can find tons of merchandise for every character.

The very first Hello Kitty product was a coin purse where she was depicted between a milk bottle and the goldfish bowl. This is a very sought-after piece for Hello Kitty collectors.

How Much Is Hello Kitty Worth?

Hello Kitty makes at least eight billion dollars a year.

As of 2014, which is outdated, there are more than 50,000 Hello Kitty products in over 130 countries. There are so many food places that use Hello Kitty in their advertising and marketing. And to end the stats time, we’ll mention three theme parks based only on Hello Kitty.

It first debuting in the U.S. in 1976. Hello Kitty is actually British if you didn’t know. This is because foreign countries were very popular in Japan at the time of her inception. Also, this is important, but Yuko Shimizu made her.

The number of times Hello Kitty has been on products is ridiculous. She’s been on many high-end items.

She’s featured on Fender Stratocasters, guitars, and an Airbus A330-200 (and she’s featured on two of them), and she’s also been on more planes. Anyway, she had a $300 to $5000 jewelry line and a line of wines.

Hello Kitty Video Games And TV Show

There are nine Hello Kitty video games, and there have been 10 TV shows. We’ll list the main media she’s been featured in: TV, comics, video games, and movies. Hello Kitty has crossed over with a lot of really strange media franchises. There was a little bit of a line where she dressed up as Chucky, which was actually cute.

Now, I’m gonna get my sister in here to mention every video game and every Hello Kitty TV show:

    • Fairytale Theater (1987)

    • Hello Kitty and Friends (1991 through 1995)

    • Hello Kitty’s Paradise (1999 through 2011)

    • Hello Kitty’s Animation Theatre (2004)

    • Hello Kitty’s Stump Village (2004)

    • Hello Kitty Ringo no Mori (2006 through 2007)

    • The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends (2008 through 2009)

    • Oh Monday Hello Kitty (2016 through 2019)

    • Hello Kitty Fun (2019)

Hello Kitty video games:

    • Apron of Magic

    • Balloon Kit

    • Hello Kitty’s Big-City Dreams

    • Hello Kitty’s Cube Frenzy

    • Hello Kitty Cruisers

    • Hello Kitty no Hannah Body-kun

    • Sorry for pronunciation

    • Hello Kitty Online

    • Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

    • Sanrio Cup Pom-Pom Volley

Conclusion On Hello Kitty Crystal

It’s needless to say that Hello Kitty is one of those media giants that everyone knows. There’s Ronald McDonald, there’s Santa Claus, and then there’s Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Crystal FAQ

What Is Hello Kitty’s Real Name?

Kitty White, that’s a real name. She’s the second highest-grossing media franchise of all time, behind the other Japanese franchise Pokemon.

How Old Is Hello Kitty 2023?

Hello Kitty was actually made early up in the lineup for the Sanrio rogues gallery, made in 1974. It’s 49 years old in 2023.