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how to make a crystal grid

How To Make A Crystal Grid

My name is Annie, and I am a crystal lover. In today’s post, I will explain what a crystal grid is and how to make a crystal grid. I love creating crystal grids. I’ve been practicing making crystal grids for quite some time. 

What the heck is a crystal grid? What does it do? And I’m excited to give you the download on this amazing process. 

What Are Crystal Grids?

I have an amazing book by Judy Hall, The Crystal Companion, where she perfectly defines crystal grids. So here is a little snippet from the book.

Crystal grids are energy transmitters laid out according to the principles of sacred geometry. Ranging from the simplest shapes to the most complex forms, they harness fundamental forces of the universe, synergizing them with crystal vibrations into a vast energetic net. They fill the space with beneficial energy.

A crystal grid is like a supermassive magnifier of the intentions and manifestations you are programming into the grid. The crystals in your grid combine their energies to send that intention to the universe. 

When To Start A Crystal Grid?

crystal gridding crystal grids Pisces zodiac crystal grid

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I love to make a crystal grid at the beginning of each month. I’ll usually make my crystal grid on the first or second of the month. And I want to set my intention for what the month will bring. That’s just my spiritual ritual, you can say. 

But you can make a crystal grid for anything. If you want to make a crystal grid for the full moon, the new moon, and a certain cosmic season, you can do whatever. 

It’s beneficial if you make a crystal grid on a special day for yourself. It harnesses that energy, and it feels beneficial.

Crystal Grid Styles

If you want to dabble in making a crystal grid, there are a few options when it comes to making a crystal grid. 

Sacred Geometry Pattern Crystal Grid

You can either purchase a crystal grid cloth or get a crystal grid board that has printed a sacred geometry pattern on it. According to sacred geometry, these patterns are a blueprint of how integral life is. 

If you’re new to creating crystal grids, I recommend getting a board or cloth with a sacred geometry pattern to help you get the hang of how to make a crystal grid. 

Free Style Crystal Grid

Now, there is another method of making a crystal grid. You can also do a freehand, free-style crystal grid where you only need a flat surface and some crystals.

Both methods work wonderfully, but there is more of a heightened presence when you use a sacred geometry pattern because asymmetric designs aren’t as potent as metrical designs. So that’s why sacred geometry works well when building a crystal grid.

Okay, so back to freestyling. This is my personal choice of how I like to make a crystal grid. So I’m just going to go ahead and explain how I create crystal grids and how you can as well. 

How To Make A Crystal Grid-Step By Step

zodiac crystal grids

Step 1: Choose The Time

I like to do a day or two or three before the beginning of the month because that’s when I like to make my crystal grids. I will already think about what intention I want to set. 

So what do you want to bring in this month? What crystals do you want to use? I get the idea in my head before I start even making my crystal grid. I think about what intention I want to set.

Step 2: Choose The Center Stone

Next, you’ll think: what do I want my center stone to be? 

Your center stone is important in your crystal grid because it’s the life force of all the crystal energy. So it’s really good to think of your intention and then find a crystal that is going to mesh well with that intention.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want your center stone to be, you can always default to clear quartz because clear quartz is perfect for programming, so you can really set any intention to clear quartz.

It’s always going to work beautifully. That’s a little tip. You can always default to clear quartz if you can’t think of a center stone.

Step 3: Find An Area In Your Home

Before you start building your grid, it’s crucial that you find an area in your home that will not be disrupted for the amount of time you have your crystal grid out.

For example, if you have any pets or children, or it’s in an area with high traffic, that’s probably not the best place to put it. You want to have it in a safe spot in your home. 

I keep my crystal grids in my living room. I have a shadow box coffee table, and I like to build my crystal grids on top of a book so it is portable. If I need to move it or anything like that, it’s just helpful. 

So it’s key that you have your crystal grid in a safe spot where it will not be disrupted. And I also advise keeping it out for at least a week undisturbed.

Step 4: Create A Soothing Environment

My next tip is to create a nice, soothing environment while making your crystal grid. 

So before I start making my crystal grid, I’ll ensure I have nice music playing. I’ll play my singing bowl in the room to break up any stagnant energy in the air. I like to smudge the area where I will be creating. And most importantly, I make sure that I smudge all of the crystals I will be using in my grid.

Step 5: Cleanse Crystals

You must get them all cleared and cleansed before building your grid. And I like to use sage. 

Step 6: Start With The Center Stone

So after you get your space, feeling good, you’re cleansed, your crystals are cleansed, and now the fun begins. 

You can start making your crystal grid. It’s really important to start with that center stone and then start working and letting your intuition guide you in creating your grid.

I like to think positively, and I also like to envision the intention or manifestation that I’m programming into my grid while I’m making it.

When you feel like you’re done building your grid, it feels good, looks good, and you’ve set your intention. 

Step 7: Active Your Crystal Grid

It’s really important to activate your grid when you’re done. Activation is done with a clear quartz point. You can use any different variety of clear quartz.

Conclusion On how to make a crystal grid

I shared my tips about how to make a crystal grid. I hope this post can help you out.

FAQ About How to make a crystal grid

What Is A Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the underlining and organizing principle of creation.

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