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Crystals For Libra

I’m Susan, a reiki master. I’m super excited to continue with my crystals for the Zodiac series. I’ll be diving into some amazing crystals for libra. I had a lot of fun diving into the energy of Libra and picking out these crystals that I thought would benefit the sign and enhance the overall energy. 

I’m going to dive into a brief introduction to the energy of Libra, and go over the characteristics. Then I’ll dive into five best crystals for libra and work with the energy of Libra.

Introduction To The Energy Of Libra

Libra brings the energy of equality, love, and a fresh perspective of thinking about old ways. If you are currently facing a dilemma and looking for guidance, look no further than Libra in your life. 

You may be wondering why. The energy of Libra is represented by the scales of the zodiac. The scales signify a point of balance. Libras intuitively empower others to find harmony through all the relationships that we juggle in life. 

Libras are a sign known for love. They are like the love bugs of the zodiac, and they’re very romantic and thoughtful. Libras make wonderful partners and love to feel connected with those around them. 

Something Libras must allow themselves is alone time. This is not only super beneficial for a Libra to understand who they are, but what they are offering to the lucky suitor they are committing to. Again balance is key for Libra. 

With their innate talent of an aesthetically pleasing eye, Libra’s best service is in a career or hobby where they can be free-flowing with their creativity. They do not like to be drained.

Ultimately Libra teaches us to look at and adjust our expectations on how we choose to live our lives, to really remind us that there is power in us committing to make a change in our life and then following through with it. 

To truly connect with the energy of Libra, one must understand how partnerships serve you and then ask yourself how you can use your energy on them wisely.

I’m lucky enough to have a few Libras in my life. I love connecting with Libras. They’re a fellow air sign, and you can feel the refreshing energy when you’re around a Libra, they’re just awesome.

Best Crystals For Libra

What crystals are good for Libras? I have listed 5 best crystals for Libra.

Rose Quartz

The beautiful rose quartz is the first crystal on this list of crystals for libra. Rose quartz calms the mind and relieves worry, fear, anxiety, and past emotional trauma. It helps one feel more open to receiving and sharing love, compassion, and kindness. This may be the most obvious choice for Libras. Libras are like the love bugs of the zodiac, and they want a piece of anything that has to do with love. 

Libras want to go out wine and dine, and have a cute moment with their friends and family, they want to feel the connection, and that’s really what happens when you start working with rose quartz consistently. You feel all bubbly inside, and you feel this inner love that is expressed outwardly, and you feel it inside as well. 

crystals for libra crystals for libras libra crystals

Aura rose quartz pyramid. →SHOP HERE.

If you can grab some angel aura rose quartz, that’s another bonus besides the traditional rose quartz. Angel aura rose quartz is wonderful for a Libra as well. 

Rose quartz connects with the energy of Libra, and Libras wear their heart on their sleeves, express themselves, and do this with no fear. It’s just like they’re unapologetically themselves. So I recommend rose quartz for a Libra. 

Desert Rose

The next crystal on this list of crystals for libra is the desert rose. Desert rose is a mixture of barite and selenite formed on a windy sandy terrain. The elements come together to form desert rose clusters, and they resemble the look of a beautiful rose. This crystal activates the higher chakras and brings a feeling of Ascension to higher realms. 

So whenever I connect with desert rose, I feel spiritual hygiene, a kind of cleanse. It has this feeling of really pampering, the cleanliness of my aura, and also connects me to the energy of Venus. That’s what I feel like when I’m connecting with this stone. 

Libras can get desert roses and place them around the house or strategically place them in their homes where they want to feel connected to the spirit, having this refreshed energy and spiritual download. 

I love that desert rose is formed from windy terrain, there’s a lot of air element with this stone, and Libras are an air sign. So if you are looking to have this pampered, squeaky clean feeling, and this lovely beautiful when you look at a rose, you feel like this certain type of vibe. I definitely recommend getting some desert rose.

Flower Agate 

The next crystal on this list of crystals for libra is flower agate. Flower agate is a stone of new beginnings and personal growth. Having flower agate with you while establishing new habits can greatly affect your progress and push you towards your fullest potential. 

Flower agate is a stone of limitless possibilities. Whatever you call forth in your life, whatever you’re trying to manifest, working with flower agate and being consistent with it, is key in watching your manifestations come to fruition. 

Libras are quick to make decisions that manifest in their lives in a steady growth type of way because they are persistent in achieving their goals. Realizing our dream is the first part, and acting on our dreams to get towards that goal is the next part, and that’s where Libras are so talented in putting in the work. 

If you are a Libra and are trying to consistently work on a project or manifest something in your life, I definitely recommend getting some flower agate and consistently working with it on the new moons. Every new moon, grab your flower agate, set your intentions, and watch them blossom.

Blue Chalcedony 

This next libra crystal is blue chalcedony. There is a need for softness in the auric field at times when stresses mount, and once the center begins to wobble, blue chalcedony can restore calm and balance. 

The activation in our throat and third eye chakra assists us in speaking the deepest knowledge and guidance with ease. This is such a good crystal for Libra energy. 

This crystal is here to help you if you are emotionally going through a challenging time. Blue chalcedony has this very soothing energy. It brings us back to our center and gives us loads of clarity, depending on the situation that you may be going through. 

If you are a Libra that needs more relaxation, you want to spend more time alone because it is important for Libras to have that time to restore their batteries and get energetically charged, I do recommend sitting with blue chalcedony, having it in your hands. Work with this energy to help calm your nervous system, and feel connected with the earth.

Green Jade-Crystals For Libra

The last crystal on this list of crystals for libra is a green jade. Green jade can harmonize and balance the heart chakra, aiding emotional and physical well-being. It can attract abundance and prosperity and broadcast peace and loving-kindness to all those in one’s surroundings. It reminds one to smell the roses, touch someone you love, and share your abundance with others. 

Jade is a great crystal to work with to connect with your heart chakra, providing prosperous, abundant energy to your flow. Connecting with jade for a Libra is awesome because it brings this flow of abundance and hits many traits for Libras. 

We have our heart chakra activated and feel an outward feeling of love. It brings balance into lives and this kind of energy that is like this stillness but yet we’re everywhere at once. 

If you were a Libra, I recommend getting a piece of jade jewelry. If you can get a bracelet and necklace, it would benefit you because it connects with your vibe. So if you don’t have jade, you need to get some.

Conclusion On Crystals For Libra 

That is it for today’s post about crystals for libra. I hope that you enjoyed this libra crystals list, I hope that these crystals can act as a crystal energy pack for anyone with Libra in their birth chart, so they can harness their unique gifts talents and qualities that they share with the world and the ones around you. 

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