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healing crystals shops in chicago

Best Crystal Shops in Chicago

Many people believe that positive energy can make pleasant changes in your life. There are many ways to get positive energy in your life. Some people design their homes in a pattern to harvest energy. Some keep crystals in their homes to reflect the positive energy toward the residents. We have arranged a list of the best crystal shops in Chicago to help you get the crystals you need without any struggle.

Crystal Earth Rock Shop

1125 S Main St Ste J Lombard, IL 60148

A family has been running this business for fifteen years. It is an excellent place to buy special gifts. They have more than 157 types of minerals and crystals in their shop. They offer an online shopping facility to the customers also.

You can also get geodes and fossils from them. Most customers give positive reviews about the shop as they found the crystals they wanted from this shop. They host many events to teach beginners about the positive aspects of crystals. They offer a 10 percent discount on your first order.

rock and crystal shop Chicago Crystal Earth Rock Shop the green crystal

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Infiniteus Rocks & Juice

1644 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60622

This crystal shop has one of the most unusual combinations of products. They sell different types of juices in addition to the crystals. They also offer many products to enhance your spiritual, mental, and physical abilities. You can order the supplements, juices, and crystals from this shop.

They have a wide range of crystals for everybody’s needs. You can get raw crystals from them to decorate your home. They can also make custom jewelry for you. You can order crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other types of jewelry from them.

crystal shops Chicago Infiniteus Rocks & Juice the green crystal

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 Alchemy Arts

1203 W Bryn Mawr Ave Chicago, IL 60660

Alchemy Arts is one of the best crystal shops in chicago to satisfy all your spiritual needs. If you need more information about the crystals, you can ask the experts in the shop. They also offer classes to beginners to help them with spirituality.

They have been running the business since 1989, it is a place to get guidance before buying the products for your spirituality. Alchemy arts also arrange events to teach people about crystals and spirituality.

crystal shop Chicago Alchemy Arts the green crystal

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3327 S Halsted St Chicago, IL 60608

Augustines is a crystal shop for all types of spirituality products. They have crystals, essential oils, pendulums, tarot cards, and herbs. You can ask them to make custom products from the crystals you need. You can get crystal decoration products or jewelry also.

The shop has a point reward system. You can buy something worth 10 dollars to get 200 points. You can use these points later to get the products. It is only possible to earn points when you signup on their website. They also offer native spiritual tools.

crystals shops Chicago Augustine the green crystal

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Luna Llena Apothecary

1708 W 21st St Chicago, IL 60608

This crystal shop is open seven days a week. Only a few shops in this category open for the full week. You can go to them if you need a crystal urgently and buy spiritual gifts from this shop. Luna Llena Apothecary has a wide range of crystals, gems, detox baths, and teas. Most other shops do not offer spiritual teas.

You can join their spirit-enhancing events if you want to improve your spirituality. As spirituality is linked to physical health, your physical health will also improve when you join their session. They offer fragrances and volatile oils also.

crystals shops Chicago Luna Llena Apothecary the green crystal

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The Lotus Den

18 E Cullerton St Unit C1 Chicago, IL 60616

The Lotus Den is one of the best crystal shops in Chicago because of its cleanliness and better display. You can get bigger crystals from this shop. They also have candles, tarot cards, and books.

Their books specialize in teaching about spirituality. Some people remain sad even after they achieve their goals. It is usually due to spiritual weakness. Professionals at the Lotus Den will help you get rid of this weakness by using crystals. They will guide you about the use of the crystals. It is a place to go when you want to buy a dream catcher or other handmade items.

crystals shops Chicago The Lotus Den the green crystal

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Spiritual Candle Shop

3466 S Archer Ave Chicago, IL 60608

It is one of the best spiritual stores in Chicago. This shop is perfect for people who want to buy the crystals on a budget. Bigger crystals can be expensive. You can buy crystal chips to get the benefits of the crystals without spending more money.

You can join their training sessions for a few dollars. It is less expensive compared to the other options in Chicago. You can give details about the needs of your spirituality. They will send you an invitation so you can join their full moon healing session to get the benefits of many crystals.

Spiritual Candle Shop

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The Chakra Shopee

5034 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60625

This shop uses special words to explain the spiritual energy. They greet every customer warmly and answer all questions about spirituality. They can provide crystals to fix the chakra. It is a form of energy around the body that can repel negative energy. The Chakra Shopee offers classes to heal the chakra.

You can get the best quality crystals from this shop. They also provide materials for aromatherapy. They use aromatic oils to heal the body chakra. There is a combination of volatile oil and crystal therapy.

You can also learn about aromatherapy and crystals from their seminars. They are operating the business since 2005. They have a lot of experience in the domain of crystals and spirituality.

The Chakra Shopee

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People believe that some crystals can stop the entrance of negative energy into the home. Even if you do not believe in these concepts, having a crystal in your home can be an excellent decorative addition. We have made this list of the top eight crystal shops in Chicago to help you get all types of crystals for your spiritual needs. 

Learn how to find crystal stores near you here.

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