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Purple Crystal 101: Meanings, Properties, Benefits

All that’s natural bears some traces of energy. Whether it’s a leaf of grass, the sound of a river overflowing the meadows, or the sight of a mother bird feeding its young ones, all contain energy that reverberates through other elements of Mother Earth. If you have ever been with someone with temper issues, you may be immersed in that negative energy as well. If you want spiritual bliss, you may find it in the soft violet and purple crystal and gemstones.

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What Is The Purple Crystal

Purple crystals remain deeply rooted in their chakra’s light and bring along magic and mysticism. Moreover, regular use of these crystals helps you connect to the crown and third eye chakra.

Purple crystal is a representation of the royal or imperial color. Thus, these stones are imbued with healing properties and symbolic of spiritual vitality. Let’s explore more about these elements of sublime spiritual healing.

Purple Crystal Meaning

Purple crystal meanings are always connected to spiritual energy. These crystals can be used to link with our mystical aura by making intuition stronger while letting us achieve a higher sense of self.

Purple crystal is highly functional if you yearn to tap into the divine realm of dreams to gain divine inspiration along with spiritual guidance on your way. You should use a purple crystal if you intend to go into the deeper levels of the meditative state. While a light purple crystal is connected to our spiritual enlightenment, a darker purple stone aids in relieving stress and welcoming a positive vibration in our lives.

What Are The Properties Of Purple Crystal?

From crystal healers to Ayurvedic medicine practitioners to reiki experts, all may recommend using a purple crystal for holistic benefits of the mind and body.

Purple crystal Physical Healing Properties

Purple crystal can help improve the immune system and function of the endocrine glands, boosting our digestive health, monitoring hormones, and enhancing skin appearance. Though there is no scientific research to back up its effectiveness, most users have agreed on the physical healing benefits of purple crystal.

Purple crystal Emotional Healing Properties

A purple crystal is used for proffering spiritual health and calmness of mind. Users of purple crystals have opined that these gemstones can be used as a tool for bringing down worry, anxiety, and perception of pain.

Purple crystal Metaphysical Healing Properties

A purple crystal is known for opening an individual’s third eye, which is the source of mental vitality and wisdom. Crystal practitioners dealing with metaphysical healing recommend the use of these crystals. It helps in whetting spiritual enlightenment. Purple stones like amethysts block all electromagnetic frequencies that can bring negativity.

Purple Crystal Therapies

The therapies concerning purple crystals center on mental and physical well-being, including feelings of positivity, tranquility, and improved focus. It also works as an effective therapy against pain and drooping immunity. Individual purple crystals are used for specialized energies that work in close liaison with various arenas of our lives.

Purple Crystal And Chakras

There are several natural purple crystals around us. Each of them works on our chakras to offer us a wide array of benefits.

For instance, amethyst works on spirituality, protection, and concentration. Lolita is a purple crystal known for eating addiction, organizing thought processes, and improving psychic abilities. Likewise, charoite gives us clarity and helps in overcoming unnecessary fear. The soft-hued purple stones are commonly used for cleansing the third eye chakra, throat chakra, and crown chakra of our body.

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Purple Gemstone Benefits

Healing And Health

Purple crystal functions as a natural tranquilizer, and it assists in removing anger and fear. It also calms anxiety and irrational fear.

Purple crystals can alleviate grief by dispelling negativity. The color purple is associated with spiritual awareness. This further assists in bringing in the intuitive energies of our mind and body.


Purple crystal is widely used in self-reflection. This is used to attract positive vibes while nullifying the negative effects.

Purple gemstone is used to attract wealth in the home and the workplace. You can invest in purple crystals for increased fortune and fame.

Love And Relationships

Purple crystal is equipped with a high vibration that clears out negative energies. Moreover, it creates an environment of peace and harmony. Purple crystal brings strength to communication and helps in revitalizing love and relationships.

14 Purple Crystal Names For You

If you are drawn to the healing and spiritual strength of purple crystals, there are hordes of options to choose from. These purple stones have the power to take you to the highest pinnacle of success. And the best part is that you can never go wrong with any of these crystals. So feel free to nominate the one that persuades you the most.

1) Amethyst Crystal


Amethyst is a purple crystal that resonates with the royal purple power. These purple gems may vary in their hues ranging from pale lavender to bright wine colors. It’s a loved crystal that can bring peace and divinity to the user’s life. Amethyst can deepen sleep quality and help you achieve good dreams. It can keep the user balanced and prevents emotional overwhelm.

2) Grape Agate

Grape Agate

This one is a gentle purple stone used for its tranquilizing effects. These purple stones’ warm and protective qualities endow one with self-confidence and stability. Further, grape agate promotes maturity, security, and a higher level of self-consciousness.

3) Charoite


This purple stone projects an immensely powerful vibration, and with regular use, this purple stone can help you climb the ladder of success.

Charoite protects the boundaries of the individual while allowing them to reach a zone of selflessness. Spiritual healers prefer working with this stone. This is because it offers many rare resources for spiritual guidance and helps one become a higher being.

4) Lepidolite

purple crystal Lepidolite

Lepidolite is yet another purple crystal loaded with nurturing properties that have earned it the title of peace stone. In the metaphysical zone, this stone helps overcome mental and emotional bindings.

For those who are not able to overcome addictions and other health conditions, the use of lepidolite can be particularly useful. It can also reduce stress and other nervous ailments and help calm the mind.

5) Purple Fluorite

purple crystal Purple Fluorite

Known as the stone of sublime protection, purple fluorite is used for cleansing the throat, eye, and crown chakra. As a result, this purple gemstone syncs every element of nature with the individual to help him connect with the universe.

Purple fluorite is also associated with maintaining balance. For our creative energy to run through both sides of the brain, purple fluorite helps in making informed decisions.

6) Ametrine

purple gemstone Ametrine

Ametrine is a purple crystal that combines the outstanding energies of citrine and amethyst. It has the beautiful warmth of summer lilac wine.

Ametrine coagulates the elements of air and water and helps in strengthening the connection with pleasure, spiritual growth, and creativity. These purple gemstones ease energies and improve compatibility with friends and family.

7) Purple Beryl(Morganite)

purple gemstone Purple Beryl

Morganite is a variant of purple beryl, which falls under the hexagonal crystal system used for manifestation and deep healing. The soft pink or lilac hue is a distinctive feature of this crystal.

Morganite is linked with sweetness, love, and romance. This purple gemstone is universally used as a tool for healing, promise, and compassion.

8) Purple Fluorapatite

purple gemstone Purple Fluorapatite

If you are working on solar plexus and heart chakras, then purple fluorapatite can take you a little farther in your journey. Regardless of how difficult is the situation in your life, this purple gemstone can help you overcome the hostilities with flying colors.

9) Kunzite

purple gemstone Kunzite

Often referred to as the purple crystal for the heart chakra, kunzite’s pretty and vibrant vibes are sure to sweep you off your feet. This purple gemstone is also known by the name mothers stone due to its healing and nurturing properties. If you are yearning for peace of mind and a deeper level of concentration, you can always wear kunzite or conserve it with you.

10) Smithsonite

purple gemstone Smithsonite

Smithsonite is widely used in healing the issues of the reproductive organs, boosting physical energy, and cleansing the immune system. In the earlier days, smithsonite was used by midwives to ease the process of childbirth. Further, this purple gemstone reduces body aches, clears the sinuses, and activates the thymus gland.

11) Sugilite

purple stone Sugilite

Sugilite is endowed with shamanic energy and helps improve the psychic connection. With regular use of this purple crystal, you can nurture the critical skills of forgiveness, wisdom, and love that dives deeper into the spirit. Sugilite helps heal every part of your mind and body so that you can achieve your most authentic self.

12) Tanzanite


Ranging from the shades of deep violet-blue to bright hints of ultramarine and sapphire, tanzanite is the gem of the royals. This purple gemstone is imbued with higher levels of healing and loftier divinity, supporting you to come to terms with psychic revelations. If you are suffering from the ill effects of nervous tension, then tanzanite is the purple crystal meant for you.

13) Purple Jasper

Purple Jasper

Jasper stones are known for being the storehouse of energy. So be it green, yellow, blue, or deep red, these crystals offer warmth and protection alongside absorbing negative energies. Purple jasper also balances the realm of yin and yang and helps us remain true to ourselves.

14) Purple Topaz

Purple Topaz

Last but not least, purple topaz is one of the most underrated purple gemstones used for stimulating, healing, recharging, and motivating our mind and body. This purple crystal helps in directing our vital energies to where it is most required. You can experience joy, peace, and abundance with the regular use of purple topaz.

How To Use Purple Crystal

At Home

Keeping these light-colored crystals in your home can clear the mind and improve sleep quality. If you are prone to having nightmares, purple crystals can give you more pleasant dreams.

At Work

Placing a purple crystal in your office space can relieve tension and aid you in slowing the pace of work so that you can better concentrate on the work at hand.

Meditation With Purple Crystal

One of the best ways of using purple stones is trying to meditate with them. As these crystals can help you achieve clarity of mind, they open up your third eye during meditation.

Purple Stones For Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, purple is the color of royalty that correlates with abundance and prosperity. Using purple crystal can bring good luck and protect against all kinds of negative energies.

Wearing Purple Crystal

If you feel swept by negativity, you can wear purple crystals in the form of lockets, bracelets, or rings. If you don’t want to wear a purple crystal, you may carry it in your purse or pocket to reap the benefits.

What Other Gemstones Work Well With Purple Crystal?

You can use the power of purple elements with any stone that contains similar chakra color. Any purple stone can be used to elevate an individual’s sense of purpose. You can also pair these with other crystals to achieve extra power.

For instance, you can combine purple gemstone with any black stone to solidify your level of protection. On the other hand, you can also use clear quartz to amplify the power of purple crystals. Using rose quartz with purple crystal can maintain the levels of energy that traverse from your heart to the crown.

Final Thoughts

Natural crystals have an important role in our spiritual journey. These crystals areclosely associated with earth and its healing energies. Using these healing crystals can help us ward off negative or stagnant energy.

Purple crystal is long revered for working with our chakra systems, mind, and body to help us achieve the calm and desired state of mind. So welcome these little elements of nature today and see how things start falling into place in no time.

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