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Engraving Methods And Spectacular Crystal Carving

Engraving Methods And Spectacular Crystal Carving

What better way to celebrate the natural beauty of a gemstone than by carving it up? Our history of engraving gemstones goes as far back as our history with gemstones themselves. Today, we’re going to look at some ancient engraving methods and how they differ from today’s techniques, as well as some of the coolest […]

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Crystals-The Best 13 Stones For Pisces

Are you looking for Pisces crystals for your friends or yourself? You’ve come to the right place. We make a list of the best 13 crystals for Pisces. Pisces is an emotional sign, as are all the other water signs. They are pleasant and kind people that share similar energy. Pisces have strong empathy and […]

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