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Best Crystal Shops in Sydney

If you are a Crystal lover and are searching for them in Sydney, you have landed in the right place. This article lists the top 8 best crystal shops in Sydney that offer you the best quality crystals. Sydney is a city that never stops and is vibrant with its amazing beaches, yacht studded harbors, and the world-renowned Opera house. It has become Australia’s cosmopolitan city with diverse cultures. It offers amazing delicacies, entertainment, and various arts. You can look at the following options as they provide you with the highest quality of Crystals.

The Argyle Oracle

39 George St
The Rocks New South Wales 2000

The Argyle Oracle has been providing personal psychic readings and also conducting psychic events since 1993. They are present at a very convenient location that is the Rocks. A lot of talented psychics are present there.

You can get your personal readings done and get the crystal best suited for you. They provide you with an accurate reading via various methods like Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, etc. Your reading is held in a private room with a very supportive and restful environment.

This shop is not like any other crystal store as it has a lot of things to offer. You can reach them through their online website and get to know about everything they have to offer.

crystal shops sydney The Argyle Oracle the green crystal

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31 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe New South Wales 2037

Mineralism is a crystal store that will mesmerize you when you step in. They have a variety of things to offer. They provide you with an array of minerals, gemstones, jewelry and fossils collected from all across the globe.

From huge collector pieces and small tumble stones that are your first step in creating a mineral kit. The store also has hand-made one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. They have direct access to gemstones straight from the miners. They take extra pains to find crystals, fossils and beads. The owners also conduct exhibitions.

You have many options to choose from. They even provide you with home cleansing supplies such as candles, cleansing wands, essential oils and much more. You won’t get enough of this shop.

healing crystal shops sydney Mineralism the green crystal

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Awakening Lotus

Market Street
Paddy’s Markets
Sydney New South Wales 2000

You will get tired of reading about everything that Awakening Lotus has to offer, but the list will go on and on. If you are not about to find the crystal of your liking, say color, shape, or size, you can contact them and request the kind you want.

The crystal store aims to provide you with products that help in empowering your journey towards love, self-fulfillment, joy, and peace. They have it all, from house aura cleansing to providing you with the right crystal.

crystal healing shops sydney Awakening Lotus the green crystal

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The Crystal Gallery

Shop 14
The Rocks New South Wales 2000

Crystal Gallery is a place where you will find the best quality natural minerals and crystals. From specimens of crystals to getting customized jewellery, they have it all. Besides having high-quality crystals, they also offer self-development books, meditation music, and aromatherapy.

You won’t be able to come out of the store once you step in. They provide you with an environment that helps you in your journey, and you will be able to reset. The owner and the staff are very supportive and listen to all of your needs.

rock and crystal shop sydney The Crystal Gallery the green crystal

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Sacred Space

74-78 The Corso
Sydney New South Wales 2095

Sacred space is one of the best crystal shops in Sydney. The shop owner is a highly skilled psychic who has trained for more than 30 years. They help you in unlocking your greatest potential. The store helps in channelizing the energy of each individual into the right direction, so their life goes upwards. They have an amazing assortment of crystals to offer. They are very supportive throughout every phase of your spiritual journey.

crystal shop sydney Sacred Space the green crystal

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The Rock Crystal Shop

Their stores are available at 3 different locations. They have a deep passion for crystals and rocks and strive to provide the best quality to their customers. For customers that do not have a clear idea about the crystal or rock they are looking for, the store provides intuitive and practical help.

The Rock Crystal Shop

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The Enchanted Rock Garden

Established to give wings to the collector in every individual, from a collector to a beginner, the store has everything to offer from zaratite to agates. You will get everything here like beginner pieces, fossils, advanced collector specimens, fluorescents, decor pieces, crystals, rare species, pocket stones, metaphysical stones, jewelry, beads, rock-related gifts, books, etc.

crystal shops The Enchanted Rock Garden

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Living Energies

This store has been serving Crystal lovers since 1994. If you are looking for spiritual enlightenment, this is the place for you. They have an assortment of crystals that you can choose from. The shop offers crystals, gifts, books, psychic reading, and aromatherapy to its customers.

Living Energies

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These are the 8 best crystal shops in Sydney that are like heaven on earth for all the crystals lovers out there. You can read about all of them in detail by visiting their websites and visiting the one you think is the best suited for you.  Learn how to find more crystal shops near you, see here.

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