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list of best crystal shop in Seattle

Best Crystal Shops In Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city that has fully earned the name Emerald city because of its beautiful scenery filled with lush evergreen vegetation. This eco-friendly city is home to many hardworking citizens and oncoming guests from all around the world. In this article, we will list the best crystal shops in Seattle.

The citizens of Seattle are known for their coffee culture, maybe it’s because of Starbucks, a Fortune 500 company and among some of the big corporations located in Seattle. 

Coffee is what gets most of us ready to seize the day. However, we rely on more than physical energy to work at our best level. Spiritual energy and emotional balance are part of the overall well-being cycle. The latter can be achieved in many ways, one of them being the use of crystals. 

The use of crystals is believed to boost mental balance and a way to garner spiritual healing. But where can you find some of the best crystals while you are frolicking the streets of Seattle? Don’t worry, we have compiled a wonderful list of the best crystal shops in Seattle for commoners and visitors alike.

Jerry’s Rock & Gem

804 W Valley Hwy
Kent, WA 98032

Jerry’s Rock & Gem is a jack of all trades when it comes to all things mystical. They sell, appraise and identify minerals, gemstones, diamonds, fossils and rocks. The store was established in 1956 by Jerry Appleton with the aim of bringing supplies and equipment to local stone cutters and rock hounds. 

The business grew over time, and currently, they offer its goods and services worldwide. The store has more than what meets the eye. They also deal in finely finished jewelry, from diamond rings to gold necklaces. They also have all the required tools for silversmithing, copper, and goldsmithing, including many more valuable alloys.

list of crystal shops in Seattle Jerry's Rock & Gem

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The Vajra

518 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
Republican St & Mercer St
Capitol Hill

This independent retail store deals in new-age items, incense, crystals, tarot readings, cards, and many more magical wonders. You will be pleased to know that all staff members of The Vajra are Vetted. They also offer in-store parties for the interested customer that can be booked upon appointment. 

They remain one of the best crystal shops in Seattle, offering a funky shopping experience 20 years down the line. The store was founded by Julia Dobos, who later sold it to Rachel Townsend and then resold it to Linda Savage. However, the primary aim of addressing the needs of nature lovers, seekers, and beauties remains the same.

list of crystal shops in Seattle The Vajra

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Crystallography Gems

650 S Orcas St
Ste 218
Seattle, WA 98108
S 6th Ave & S Maynard Ave

Crystallography Gems are specialists in finding a needle in a haystack. The store is uniquely known for sourcing rare crystals, stones and minerals. However, if you are an ordinary guy searching for common crystals like citrine, carnelian, rose quartz, and more, they have you covered.

The store’s history clearly defines how hard work, faith, and balance can be the tools for success. All these virtues are displayed in how they conduct their business and relate to customers. 

Crystallography Gems started as a simple vendor shop and grew into a big store that reaches a global market. They offer online services and sales like Live streaming Sales on social media apps, and recently they launched an online shop on their website.

list of crystals shops in Seattle Crystallography Gems

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Agate Designs

120 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
Pioneer Square

Agate Designs deals in fossils, petrified wood logs, crystals, and minerals, and it also dabbles in the whimsy. Their name also suggests that they sell agate designs, including large-piece decors. 

The store is open to all Seattle members and visitors seven days a week, making it flexible for access to anyone with a tight schedule. They have a vast collection of unique items, including spares, marbles, and eggs, which are rare in ordinary stores.

It’s a family-run business located in Pioneer Square, founded by James Kullberg and his wife, Martha. Currently, it’s run by their son-in-law Terry Derosier and their biological son Mark Kullberg.

list of healing crystal shop in Seattle Agate Designs

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Earthlight Rocks, Gems and Minerals

46 Lakeshore Plz
Kirkland, WA 98033

Like most stores on this, they deal in mineral specimens, crystals, jewelry, tumblers and more. This store is all-inclusive regardless of age or gender. They have something for everyone. They offer rare, unique and common specimens from a long-life collection of crystals, gems and minerals. You can also find something for that special person from their custom-made jewelry.

The store was established in 1988 by the owner, who unfortunately passed away, but his passion for rocks, gems and crystals still lives on in his daughter, who is now in charge of the business. If you are angling for a piece of what the store has to offer, don’t be afraid to pop in and look, you might just be surprised by all they have to offer.

Earthlight Rocks, Gems and Minerals

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Moore Than Rocks

315 W Meeker St
Kent, WA 98032
S 4th Ave & S 2nd Ave

Moore Than Rocks deal in more than just rocks from crystals, quartz, amethyst himalayan salt lamps, candles, etc. If you still need more, they still have more to offer by providing modalities like chakra healing, metaphysical, spiritual balance and more. 

Moore Than Rocks were initially called Black market Minerals, and currently, it’s a family-owned business. Apart from their in-house store, they offer online services to the global community.

list of healing crystal shop in Seattle Moore Than Rocks

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NW Rockhounds

2720 NE 115th St
Seattle, WA 98125
N Lake City Way & N 28th Ave

Rocks, gems, marquetry equipment, and publications are available at discounted prices at NW Rockhounds. They have a non-profit teaching facility where you can discover how to carve and polish gemstones and attend jewelry classes like cable weaving and metalworking.

They are extremely knowledgeable whenever it concerns rockhounding locations, rock classification, carving and refining, historical background, etc.

This all began as an attempt to maintain the rockhounding history by providing a site where individuals could receive all of the equipment and guidance they needed to venture outside and discover their unique specimens. Then it was just a matter of time before they opened an instruction center where anybody could learn how to produce something with the materials they collected.

crystal and rock shops NW Rockhounds

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Starseed Crystals

1201 S Union Ave
Ste 3
Tacoma, WA 98405

Starseed Crystall might be new in the market as it was established in 2022, but they offer a wide variety of all things mystical. You can also find them on Instagram. They are a tiny, local company that specializes in crystals and jewels. 

In addition to fragrances, candles, burnable herbs, cards, and a range of oracle decks, they also sell their services in physics, readers, astronomical sign readers and healers. The owners and staff are passionate about the industry, and they take pride in their store. Most of their crystals are chosen by hand for their clarity and strong vibrations.

Starseed Crystals

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There is no better place than the emerald city to find your connection to nature and the universe through the use of crystals. Whether you are visiting or staying in Seattle, if you have a passion for crystals, hope this list of best crystal shops in Seattle can help you to have a wonderful shopping experience.

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